Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eagles Rest RV Park

Eagles Rest RV Park

I promised the owners of this park, Ken & Donna Williams, that I would definitely put a blog up for them. A shout out so to speak!

I was tired.

Dead tired.

As ya'll that have read my blog of late, you know about the transmission problems I had.

Finally, I found the right shop & they ordered me a new heavy duty transmission cooler.

It got installed Thursday morning, Aug 02, 2012.

Finally, all is good again!

Yay & Yipee!!

So we thank everyone profusely.

17 days on the road, well, not exactly on the road.

17 days from leaving Pa to Arkadelphia, AR, to Marshall, TX was a bit much.

But again, I'm very grateful that all mechanics let me plug in so I could run the a/c for the dogs.


So on Thursday, Aug 02-2012, I finally hit the road towards home!

I'm beat.

I'm exhausted.

I stopped by Walmart on the way out of Marshall to get some food & a few supplies so I'd not have to stop once home.

So that deed done, but I did keep the engine running with the a/c on. It had been running awhile, it was 107 outside. Another totally freaking hot day!

I go down 59, but the RV is soooo hot. Not overheating hot, but inside hot due to the outside heat beating upon us. So I pull over where I find a place. Crank on the generator & roof air & decided to just sit a spell. Carolyn of amigoingsomeplace texted me. She was trying to find me a COE park. I was done driving. I just wanted to find an RV park & pull over.

So I drive & drive & drive. But I'm tired. I'm near nodding off. Finally, I find a park! I passed quite a few before I wanted to stop. Go figure. I actually pulled into one park. It was rather large. With several buildings all over the place. I could not figure out which was the office. I had no clue on the cost of this park. I had just previously passed one that was $30 a night. No thanks. I just wanted a place to plug in, run the a/c & sleep.

Finally, I found this park!


The owners live on the property in a brick & stick house. They used to be fulltime RVers, but gave it up once they got older & didn't enjoy the traveling anymore. He told me that he still wanted to travel some, so he'd go to cities around Texas & his wife would stay home. Then he quit traveling & they opened up their own RV park.
Very nice people. He even gave me a discount! Yipee!!! And a free appointment book.
So I promised that I'd put a shout out for their park.

The park is located a little north of Livingston, Texas.

Their rates as of the date of 8-02-12 are as stated:
Daily  $25.00
Weekly  $140.00
Monthly  $230.00

My site. Electric, water & sewer!

50amp, 30amp & regular 110 plugs.  

Although not really very functional, I liked the cute little picnic table.

The brick house is their house. The white building is the shower/bathroom building. But it's not in use at the moment, so be ready to use your own shower in your own rig.

Click on below photos for larger images. These are photos of sites in the park.

I took liberty of taking pics of the flowers. After all, there were some busy bees working. Look at the pollen all over the bee. ;-)

And a nice pond at the rear of the property. He told me I could walk my dogs back there & not have to pick up after them. But it's ingrained into me to pick up after my dogs. I still out of respect, did walk them back there though. Actually, it was so hot that I ended up walking back there where I could find shade in which to walk the dogs.  

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I don't blame you for being worn out with those temperatures. Egad!

  2. I really want to find a place I want to stay WITH electricity for a week or so and work out all my bugs and such... bought some more stuff today...

    Nice review of that park! but oh, man.... it'll be a while before temperatures get okay for me an ol Homer

  3. I know what you mean about picking up. Yesterday I forgot to reload the bags and walked Fred. Luckily there are some weeds with really big leaves so I used them to pick up. I sure filled up as soon as I got home. :(P

    Looked like a nice park. Rates aren't to bad either.

  4. I am putting this place in my book. Thanks for posting all the photos. Sounds like a nice place to stop.


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