Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today only -- $5.00 Snuggies! And Pretty in Pink

First of all, I just have to tell ya'll about this great find!! Snuggies for $5 each. Yep, that's right, $5 each at the Dollar General Store!! Today is the last day, so if you are reading this in time, rush off & get one, two or three! Or more! I bought 5 ;-)    To think I paid $19.99 for ONE at WalMart last week - grrrumble. I'll have to keep it, I've already washed & used it. However, the material is different on the two, so I won't complain much.
The snuggie I bought last week because it had cute puppy dawgs on it. It is plusher though, but sheds! Yep, it sheds! Washed & dried it, but stuff is still sloughing off it.

Today's bargains! Only $5.00 each! Wow, so these will be Christmas gifteys!

This is the one that started it! I went to the Dollar General to get some toiletries, but I have this thing for gadgets, so that always leads me to the "as seen on tv" aisle!

But look a bonus! A cool little booklight came with this one. Hmmm, buy the $5.00 Snuggie, keep the book light & give the Snuggie away for Christmas - yes, that's a deal!

Book light unboxed. Cute little gizmo, it's going into my sofa side remote control pouch.

Another cool gadget that comes in handy that I bought at the DG last summer. They were clearing them out for like a buck, so I bought one. It has two razor blades on it. One in the mouth part & one where that blue tab is. You push the blue tab out & you can slice through packages with that. I use this gizmo often!

Too bad I couldn't report this find sooner on the Snuggies, but I hope someone reads this today & if they want one, they can find one at the DG. But otherwise, they are still cheaper than WM's by $10. Their regular price is $10.00

OK, so an update on my wankle surgery. Went back to the doctor today (Dr Bryan Lee in Houston) & he took off the surgery bandages. The stitches look good! No problem there. A nice straight suture area, but the stitches shall stay in till next week. No one could take me, so I drove myself there. I had only started walking again (with the aid of the big fat boot) last Saturday, so was concerned about trying to drive today. It was not a comfortable thing to do. My foot tingled & kind of hurt when I got there & of course, I can't drive with the boot on, so I put my brace on instead. Once he took off the fat compression bandage, it almost instantly felt better. So I think it was actually the bandage restricting my foot that caused it to feel so weird when driving. The drive back was much better with the lighter, less restrictive bandage on it. Next week, I go back, he will remove the sutures & fit my feet for orthodics. I am guessing that will mean once they come in, then I'll be able to wear tennis shoes again instead of the boot and/or the brace. I can live with that!! I've been in the boot & brace off & on through an entire year + a few more months, so this will feel like freedom! (Oh, a bluebird just landed in front of me. Darn, they take off to fast for a photo!  )

Last weeks surgery bandages

This weeks new lighter bandage - pink! Last time I had ankle surgery, I had to be in cast twice! One was purple & the other was orange - fiesta time!

My foot still somewhat swollen, but not as bad as it was last week.

So I'll get there, I'll recover & gain my life & freedom back again!! :-)

OH, I almost for the most important thing of this week!! The insurance company approved the repairs to the overhead cab on my RV! YAY!!! He didn't even blink an eye! He said he's seen everything & believes something hit my cab area to make it pop & rip like it did  -- so YAY!!
This means I'll have to drive the RV to a RV repair shop to get an estimate, so that's doable. He gave me 3 weeks to get that done, so that's a generous time frame. He knows my driving is limited right now, so I hope to be able to drive the RV next week to get it in for an estimate, then hopefully, all will be agreed upon & I can get Ellie's forehead fixed!

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.


  1. glad things are looking up for you! Soon you'll be free as a bird ..... then where do you plan to go?

  2. Looking better already and I'm glad they are going to fix your RV.
    Happy Thanksgiving.


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