Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy T Day!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

What do I have to be grateful for? Wellll..not sure now after THIS photo session with Feather! So I will give ya'll a lesson on how to photograph your dog on a whim trying to make a headress & getting the perfect photo..

1. Take a snood (I make dog snoods for long eared dogs to help keep their ears cleaner & prevent them from getting eaten with their dinners) & go out & find some feathers on the ground. OK, no feathers to be found, but oh, pretty little leaves! Wow, we DO have fall colors in Texas...although the tree is still green & the only color are the leaves that have already fallen to the ground. No matter, they will work for my project.

2. Get your model dog  & place snood on her head. Take leaves & arrange them into the snood to make it look like a head dress.

3. Get dog to sit up so she can look into camera lens & pose.

4. Get dog to sit up so she can look into the camera lens & pose.

5. Perfect

6. Do not let dog shake head! You will have to replace the leaves if she does...
7. Now give her a cookie, that might help!

8. Now try to get her to pose again since the cookie thing didn't work.

9. Perfect.
10. Fix head dress again.

11. Give up & let the dog think she's done a marvelous job.

OK, really, I am grateful for friends, family & life it'self! And...Feather...& to think I was going to try this with one of the cats.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. That poor puppy dog! y'ought to be ashamed! and damn straight your thinking of snooding a cat is suicidal...


    snoods... I never

  2. Awe, it's just Feather. She never poses for photos! Even when she'd win big at dog shows, the phots shoots were always a challenge. But she sure had fun jumping all over the couch. She's used to wearing a snood, all my salukis get snooded at mealtime anyhow. :-)

  3. I guess her dream was never about being a model. LOL I can understand the snood thing with her ears.

    Glad you had a very Thankfull Thanksgiving

  4. Sooo Funny! You have entirely too much time on your hands! Guess you have to do something while recuperating...Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

  5. Hysterical! Loved this post! As one who continually tries to photograph dogs (and fails miserably) I feel your pain. And yet - the photos are still awesome. Feather is gorgeous!


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