Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mommy Mirror & Recovery

Hi, hope all is well with everyone here. I've not posted in a few days, honestly, nothing much is going on. Just still recovering. Still doing minimal walking in an orthopedic boot. And a tallish tennis shoe on the left foot to help balance myself out, but at least I can do some walking! Foot swells if I do too much or if it's not elevated for very long. Biggest problem has been nausea! I do not do pills well, even with the help of taking prevacid, I still get nauseated. But maybe this is a good weight loss plan? I can eat ice cream with no ill side effects though, but I'm out of that now.

Feather has decided to test my foot today, Mommy, I want to go outside! OK, get up, put boot on, put shoe on, take her out. Oh I can't potty out here, it's too cold! Well you have to! Oh, ok, let me find the right Feather, it's cold out here! Hurry up! Oh oh, I'd better go, Mommy has that look in her eyes. OK, here's a spot, OK, I'm done, lets go in!! You have to do #2! OK, let me, it aint' gonna happen right now. We're going back in! Half hour later, Mommy, I have to go potty. Ok, here we go again!! Same scenario, finally, poo,,er sorry, #2. 
This afternoon: Mommy!! OK, you are going out to the dog run this time! Several screams later, she's back in the RV, all snuggled into her mat.

Last night, we had a gorgeous sunset! Of course, who was I walking when I noticed it? Feather of course! So I hurry her up so I can hobble as quickly as I can to grab camera & make it to the pasture. Made it back there, most of the sun was already gone! Sunsets happen really fast here, don't blink! So I got what I could of it, but it was glorious a few mins before I got these shots. Click on the photos for bigger images.

So a few weeks ago, I picked up this cool gizmo. I have a gadget addiction, I love gadgets!
I have a smaller mirror that is attached to my rear view mirror, but unless one uses a magnifying glass, it's pretty worthless. This mirror mounts onto your window, much like a gps mount does. The mirror itself is 4"long by 2.5 " tall. Glass image that is. Cool deal. I like being able to get a quick view of what's going on in the interior of the RV while we're moving down the road, so this will help. Sometimes things fall & it would be nice to see if it's something that I need to pull over for or not. Click on images for a larger image.

While I'm at it, I might as well share my recovery area too.
This is my living area, with the jacknife sofa folded up. Note that I have a canvas organizer on the wall. That's been discussed in an earlier post, but it's really handy! Between my seats is a two step stool. The top step used to have my portable a/c on it, but that's packed away now. So I have a lamp on it, I love the soft lighting of lamps vs the bright 12volt lights of the RV in the evenings when watching tv. On the bottom step is an electric heater/fan. I really like this heater & found this is the most efficient space to place it. Last several years, I've used it in the kitchen area, but have found that the cab area really stays cold. Now that's helping to battle that problem area. Last year, I closed off the cab area - big mistake. That only aided in producing condensation in that space, so I won't be making that mistake again. It took several shampoos to get rid of mildew!
My space isn't very girly. I'm going to have to eventually get a better cover for the sofa. I don't like the sofa pattern, so I keep it covered. Plus when the dogs are hanging out on it, then it's an easy cover to wash. Oh & if you look real hard, you can see where my passenger seat turns around for extra seating in the RV. I really like that. The drivers seat turns too, but then, you are turning it into the sofa, so doesn't make much sense. Right now, it's piled with blankets & pillows until I can make it back up to my overhead bed to sleep in again. I do miss sleeping up there. I prefer sleeping up there on my memory foam mattress, but the air mattress on the sofa isn't too bad either. Kind of feels like those old water beds though. Remember those? I never had one, but slept on a few as a guest on other people's homes.
Sofa folded down with air mattress on top of it. The white thing in the corner is an air filter, the other thing my walker, which can now be removed from the RV :-)

And one more thing, I thought I'd share my fold up table that I got at WalMart last year. It really works well for my computer as I still like using a mouse & there's efficient space for a mouse pad, a drink, the remote control & a cell phone. So when it's in use, I just keep it beside the sofa.
I just placed it in front of my door so I could take a photo of it. I also love that round top stool that folds up too! It comes in handy for things as well & stores really well.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. sorry to hear the pills make you so nauseous - I can relate. Can you take them with some bread or crackers? Hope you are feeling better soon and all healed up.

    I wanted to email you after your comment on my blog but no email address. Thanks for the thoughts about Poppy. We have actually considered a lion clip and will probably do that next summer - NOT down to the skin again lol! That's what happens when Russ gets hold of the clippers.

  2. Thanks Donna, I think you can leave me a message via the dashboard. I get so many spams that I'm afraid to leave my email on my blog. I've been taking prevacid, but I think partly, it's my weird system. I get nauseated when I'm hurt & I guess surgery qualifies in that dept ;-)
    I think Poppy will be cute in a lion clip!

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  4. being nauseous is just the pits.... worse stuff there is, I think so.

    You sure do have everything organized well...

    get better! that's an order...

  5. Thanks Carolyn, I'll try. I'm afraid that on some days, my rig looks cluttered. It feels like that right now, but I've also not really been able to clean it well lately. Now it's full of pills!!

  6. Wow! You've got lots going on with that recovery of yours. Don't you just love those little furry creatures of ours?! Take care...

  7. Our furry little creatures are the best! :-) I have one hogging up the couch with me right now while I catch up on blogs..


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