Monday, November 21, 2011

Judging people

Judge not, lest be judged....several years on the internet seems to have soured some people. I don't know quite why, but some folks get a reaction to hurt others by mentally abusing them. Some take it to the level of cyber bullying. This goes from children, to adults, even to our senior citizens. I don't understand this kind of mentality. Nothing has personally happened to me lately to want to write this post, it's just observation from reading forums. I'm on many dog & RV forums. It seems some folks just have to kick people before they are down & once knocked down, the kicking continues. I am on one wonderful list of women that have come out to tell their stories. The list is amazing because I just never see anyone sitting in judgement of them. Yet, I've seen some of these women reflect their problems on the other lists, only to get smacked with a baseball bat (so to speak). Why is human nature like this? Why is there a need to hurt others or just simply shrug someone off because one can't be bothered to offer a kind word? You know what? Someone's father had passed away recently, in her blog, she asked for in lieu of flowers, please do a kind deed in her father's name instead. I'd like to look at this as my kind deed in her father's name. I'd like to see the world view other people's problems with an open heart & a kind word, rather than a shrug & an it's your problem attitude. Even if no one can reach out & help another, a kind word can still go a long way. Where is our compassion to mankind here?

So today's blog isn't about myself, my RV lifestyle, nor my recent surgery. I want it to be about mankind & to remind others to be kind. To offer a helping hand or a kind word when it's needed. To be a better person for it. You will be rewarded within yourownself if you do so. (although the old saying of "no good deed goes unpunished" seems to have just screamed at me ;-}  )  

Hugs to you Sheryl, I'm thinking of you.
(ain't for city gals blog)

OK, post over, I'm going back to my normal life now -- have a great day everyone!!

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your traavels & respect your neighbor.


  1. Doesn't Sheryl have a wonderful attitude! ....

    yeah and well as I posted to the group... if you give these small minded, two faced, judgmental people validation... it makes them feel important.

    One of the hardest things for me is to keep my mouth shut... really? Hahaaa

    ignoring them is hard but it is necessary. Sometimes I can't and HAVE to say something but that's what they want... they get their kicks from jumping on other's dreams or lifestyle...

    silly pitiful people but only dangerous and hurtful if we think they are important.

    I've always said... and I'ma saying it again! I always consider the source of any such opinion or badmouthing.... pfffft on 'em

    I've known a zillion in m'day... always been in jobs that dealt with the public. amazing

    I think the trick is to call the inconsiderate no nothings on what they just said... f'instance....

    My brother - a staunch Catholic - said homosexuals ruined a cute little resort city that we all frequented... I said... can't believe you think that....

    He does the ... the Bible says love the sinner but hate the sin ... we must try to rid the homosexuals of their affliction and so on and so freakin forth!!!!

    That is the last time I saw him and left him with my saying... well? I'm not a Christian so I love everyone.

    I am done with that mindset... I am done with my family and any one who is judgmental or mean spirited. done ... do not and will not have them in my world.

    Another of my favorite responses to these morons... is and?

    HAHAAa.... back in high school we used to say... my Mama didn't raise me to please you!

    right on

  2. that no up there? no nothings? that's a know nothing... HAhaaaaa... however they are no nothings... I like that better... dipshits

  3. Just passing through here, pay no never mind...

    It's worth repeating (and this thought crosses my mind more often than I repeat it)

    "An internet connection" + "a keyboard" does NOT equal "intelligence".

    Sorry, doesn't work that way.

    This may be the "digital age" replacement for that old expression, "You can't fix stupid"? Not 100% sure, but it works for me.

    Thanks for letting me add my two cents.

  4. Put another way maybe: "Does blowing out someone else's candle make your own shine brighter?" Obvious answer is sure doesn't, but in the secular world I think it's an ill conceived belief.


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