Friday, November 18, 2011

More Post Surgery RV Recovery/RV TV/Cleaning Mini Blinds

So there's not much for me to do right now. Can't walk yet, tried to go out with the walker. Managed to get out the door, take a few steps, realized I wasn't strong enough to go far, so came back in & crawled back into bed. The doc said I could walk a little bit with my boot, gave that a try & puked when I tried to get it on. So I guess I'm not ready for that yet either. Feeling nauseated off & on, that could be the meds though. Plus I get that way when I get hurt anyhow. But again, the RV is a nice place to recover! It dropped into the 40's last night, & I prepared ahead of time by placing my electric heater inbetween my cab seats. So it was easy to reach over & turn it on. The heater keeps the RV in the 60's. So that along with the electric blanket, I was pretty comfortable last night. I miss my babies though....they did some talking this morning & I do know their voices of each one.  No one sounded stressed while they were being tended to by my friends, so that's good. In the meantime, while I'm not drifting off to sleep, I've decided to work on some photos that I have stored in the computer. And I thought I'd share my views with ya'll today too. No mountains or river beds. No beaches, just good old fashioned country land with cross fencing. Too bad the horses aren't over in the field. I do like watching them, they must be in a different pasture.
The view outside of my big picture window. You can see how badly the drought has scortched the land. Not much mowing to be done this summer!

My view of the kitchen from the jacknife sofa. I chose to decorate my kitchen with red items & red peppers. I just love looking at my cute little kitchen! I also like the soft lighting that the lamp gives it in the evenings.

Ice bag on my foot again to keep the swelling down. And a view of too many messy blankets!

My TV set up. I got lucky, found this TV at WalMart about a year ago. Could not resist it. It was on a clearance sale, they had sold all the boxed models, so they sold me the shelf model for $100. Good deal! I think it's a 21", not sure, but I don't think I should get out of bed to measure it ;-)
Has a great picture. Of course, that didn't show up in the photo against the camera's flash. I had to hook a DTV box up to it & have a DVD player under it as well. I am a TV person & generally have it on even when not watching it for the background noise. I bought an extension arm for it & my brother in law installed that for me. That way when I travel, I can simply pull the tv back into the cabinet & close the door.

OK, so I cleaned my mini blinds the other day & took a picture while cleaning them. I've never found a good way of doing this, then found these wipes & thought I'd give them a try. Good deal! Was way easier than the way I used to clean them. And I've been told that the orange wipes help keep the dust off of them longer. I keep my windows open a lot & there's construction next door, which creates tons of dust.

Look to the side of the blinds by the toaster oven where I cleaned. Big difference! I do recommend these wipes. Sure made this job easier.

OK, now back to some photo editing...this happened the other day. This bird is insane. Plus the owner has to remember to start locking his cage while they have boarders in the house! Sweet Stanley, the Borzoi didn't even care. Nor did the two Afghan Hounds that were sprawled out on the other sofa. Amazing that they left Nikki alone! He's a lucky bird.

His tail feathers were even resting on Stanley's back! Yikes! Glad that the dogs simply ignored him. I think Nikki is grinning too....crazy bird.

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.


  1. You got a birdie??? I didn't know that... did I? beautiful picture with the bird and dog... awwww

  2. No Carolyn, he's not my bird. He belongs to my friends that I'm staying at right now. I love watching him, talking to him & such. He's quite the character, he sings, yells, talks, but stops most talking the moment I turn on the video camera!

  3. The birdsure has pretty coloring. Hoping you mend quickly. I just got my surgery date confirmation today of Dec 13th. I saw another posting about television in RV's today. I'm glad you gals post on this stuff. Great learning posts for me :)

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  5. Glad you got your surgery date Sunny. Hope it all goes well - you are just having one knee done, right? I hope all goes well & you get to make it to Az when you are ready.

  6. I hope your recovery is quick!

    Those dogs are smart not to mess with that macaw! They can do some serious damage!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  7. Glad you are recovering so well, Cyn. I imagine a lot of that has to do with your great attitude! (I love looking at your little kitchen too - your rig just looks so cozy).

  8. Girl...I am so just catching up with everyone! Tarsel me laugh!..and your snuggie...yay! feel better..I agree your rv looks like a nice place to recover!...

  9. I just was catching up on some blogs. I did see you leave a comment about your surgery so hurried over. Glad you are able to stay at your friends in there driveway.
    I am not very good at changing the blog setting but hope I found the right thing so you can comment on my blog.

    Best wishes for speedy recovery. Be careful getting around.

  10. I think I fixed it so you could blog. I am not very good at this stuff. Hope it works. And hope your feeling better.

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