Thursday, November 17, 2011

I wet the bed...adventure in wankle surgery

First of all, welcome to M. Farnsworth! You don't appear to have a blog, if so, please state so & I'll add your url here. Glad to have you along!
An view of some amazing clouds over my RV the other night.

OK, so for the subject line...well, I kinda wet the hospital bed..but not really...but yes. My IV dripped all over it & the bed & I were soaked! I thought it was just getting colder & colder! I have small veins, they can't hook up an IV in the normal place in my arm, so they have to go into my hands. That HURTS! Ouch. The nurse promised it wouldn't, but I knew that would be a lie. I've had it done once before & it hurt then too! My last Wankle surgery, they did ligament repair, but a different podiatrist & a different location. That location, they knocked me out before they took me to the surgery room. I'd prefer it that way in the future! Yesterday, they started me off on an IV drip behind the curtains on a bed, then once the specialist arrived, they added an antibiotic to my drip. Came in, explained things to me, I visited with the doc for a little bit, then off we went into the surgery room. Scary place, very, very bright! Now I know why people see angels, it might be the lights! A big intimidating in there. They rolled me onto the surgery bed & intubated me, then I went bye bye. I remember waking up on a bed back behind the curtains again, a nurse trying to dress me & my friend Judy standing there waiting on me.
They were giving Judy instructions as I could not comprehend a darn thing. On the drive home, I slipped in & out of conciousness. It felt like a roller coaster ride--weeeeeeeeeeee, wait, we're gonna get killed..weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....are we sliding sideways? It sure feels like it..zzzz...weeeeeeeeee. Yea, lots of that going on with my groggy head. Then I got sick, grabbed the pukeo bag, it was clear. OK, that won't do! I'll only get sicker, so I opted not to get sick after all. :-p
Got back, Judy got my walker, I got to the RV door, crawled up the steps while she laughed at me, crawled into bed & zonked out. Was in & out of sleep all night last night & more of that today. This is one heck of a way to get some much needed rest huh? But again, I sure love my RV! What a great place to recoup in! A few hops with the aid of the walker to the bathroom or kitchen, then back to the bed. My RV is a ClassC & I usually sleep in the overhead bed, but for now, the sofa is laid out with an air mattress on it. a cloud...zzzzzzzzzz  Lots of blankies, I can open the big window beside me for fresh air, I bought a recovery snuggie. OK, bought it because it has pics of little puppy dawgs on it. My first snuggie
;-)  Bought recovery jammie bottoms & I must say they are quite comfy!
Doc said I could do a little walking in my boot, but I quickly found that I can't quite do that yet. I bought a walker a few weeks ago in preparation for the surgery as I had a death wish with the crutches last time around. So today is the day after my surgery & in about 4 weeks, the doc said I should be well on my way to my normal life again...whatever that is?

Don't blame me, one of my friends made me do this!!

My puppy snuggie since my real puppy dogs can't be with me right now. I'll probably be using it later this evening. Beautiful day today. 66 degrees inside the RV & temps will drop tonight. I also have an electric blankie that I love this time of year. Perfect weather to be stuck in bed at least!
btw, the check out clerk kept petting my snuggie. I almost told him he could have it if he wanted it & I'd go get another one! hmmmmmm methinks he has a snuggie fetish

My recovery jammie bottoms. I have the other pair on that I bought. So warm & comfy! I think I'll just wear jammies all the time now.

My pillow props. The neck pillow is a memory foam pillow. I've found this pillow invaluable for placing my foot on top of!

Big fat wankle. There's a big incision from my heel to me wankle bone - or so I'm told. I put a big fat sock over my tootsies because they got cold.

My hospital sock on my left (or other right) foot. Funny that they have treads on both sides of the booties. I guess if you walk & your foot flips upside down, you still won't slip! Wonder if that happens a lot?

And lastly, me ice pack.

Nite all, thanks for reading & thanks for your concerns. TexZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzyn
Oh & it just dawned on me that some of ya'll probably don't know what the heck I'm talking about with this surgery stuff. I got Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome from a work related accident in my right ankle. This would be comparable to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the wrist. So my friend Pam accused me of typing too much with my toes...which would also explain my typing.

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.
(I miss being with my babies right now, in a few days, I can walk again & go see them though)

Oh & a couple more cloud photos:


  1. Glad the surgery is behind you, Cyn! Thinking about you ....

  2. What be a wankle, Woman? I know cankles, but I can see from the pictures you don't have any.

    I laughed OL at your puke story. I did colonoscopy prep this week, and talked myself down from the pukes. It worked until it didn't. I'm very glad you were more successful.

  3. Thanks Kim :)
    Roxanne, I fell out of my van one day when stepping out of it. I called my husband at the time that I think I hurt my wankle, he laughed so hard, he cried...hmmmm...but he thought the word wankle was funny, so it stuck. And why-o-why would them make those bags clear?? Oh man, no way. I'd never stop once I started! Are you ok?

  4. Glad to hear you made it through surgery, Cyn. Puppy Snuggie? No, no, no. You must have a red Texas Tech Snuggie (TTS). Nothing compares to a TTS, especially when it is coveted fiercely by your cat and has to accompany you whenever the c-a-t comes along.

  5. Haha Dee, well, I don't have a TTS snuggie...have a few kitties though. But the one I thought about bringing in here would probably pee on me! Plus I'd be afraid the air mattress would go :::woosh::: & I'd get slung through the air just like a cartoon with little evil kittie claws.

  6. Well? your sense of humor will see you through f'sure... ;)

    ouch though.. looks awfully painful

    Wish you were here!!!!! and I know you do too... rats

  7. You clouds are beautiful!!!

    I'm so glad your surgery is over. (I've been following you guys on womengosolo.) I don't know why they release patients before they're conscious. They did that with my daughter after pulling wisdom teeth. She was so out of it, it was awful. I was almost afraid to put her in my car.

    Well, now it's over and you just need to baby your wankle and let it heal. You look pretty comfortable with all your snugglies. Take care of yourself. :)

  8. Hi (again) Texcyn. I'm a bit new to blogging publicly though do have one. Here it is. I'm sorry to learn of your foot surgery and hope you're recovering well. I'm up here in the Waco area on a 5th wheel. We're almost neighbors. Perhaps on your travels you can drop in on me. V E R Y quiet out here among the cornfields, cows & horses but some neat things to do in Waco without much effort. If I can figure things out, I'll follow your blog. Doesn't take much to confuse me these days!

  9. Actually, I'm not sure you can get to my updates from clicking on that. My blog address is

    Inasmuch as I've been able to follow a few blogs, I've been following yours. I found you on Sunny's blog who was the first person to join mine and she seemed Godsent. My husband just passed the 8th of February and I've been in the process of 'changing lanes' for the past few years with his long term disease. Point I wanted to make is that I love your insight. Comments seem to cut to the chase and get to the meat of the matter. :]

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