Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting the boot - more recovery in the RV

Welcome to Tanya & Jool! Tanya doesn't appear to have a blog, but if you do, I'd love to read it & share your url. Jool does have a blog - she's a Texas Gal & is checking into getting a Casita. I like those, they are really cute & easy to tow. Here is her url  Good luck Jool & I like your little Boston Terrier, Gracie. Am looking forward to reading more of your blog in a bit.

So I got the boot today! Really. I did. Yep, really....

What? Not quite what you thought? ;-)  I was finally able to put this thing on & do a little walking today! Yipee! Since last Wednesday, 11-16, I've been using a walker in the RV. That was not working out very well since I don't have a slide, then I used a stool by placing a pillow on it, then placing my right knee on that & shuffling around so I'd not walk on my right foot. First day I tried the boot, it hurt. 2nd day I tried it, I puked. 3rd day I tried it, I could feel a pull on the stitches, so I quit trying. This morning, I finally felt like my old self again! Got up, took a sponge bath, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair (with a different kind of brush in case anyone was wondering), got dressed in real clothes instead of jammies (yay). Got my air mattress off of the jacknife sofa & lifted it to the overhead bed area. Folded the sofa back up & then put the boot on & was scared, but took my first few steps since the surgery! Went outside & walked a little bit too, then took Feather out to potty her. Then walked in the house & visited with my friends dogs & the rest of my dogs :-)  Yay, I can walk again! But must be careful not to over do it or I'll be back in pain again. Foot still swells twice it's size, so I had a friend take me to Walmart to get a real ice pack instead of the temporary hospital one. I got an ice pack bag kind of thing & it works way better. Had some words with a WM employee. He was gathering the shopping carts. I started to move a cart that was full of rugs, was irritated that they blocked off the electric carts as I needed one. His comment was, none of those work. I said, well I need one. I asked him if he could find me one. His comment, no. I said I just had surgery & can't walk, I need one. Again, he denied my request & walked off. So I told him I was reporting him then! And I did! They have people greeters at the door. She went off to get the manager, she was not happy about the cart guy either. The manager located me an electric cart & apologized profusely. I hope the cart boy gets in big trouble for this! I got my meds & other things & left. Thanking the people greeter lady as I left. I'm still grateful for my RV to recover in! It's the best place to be :-)) I can't wait till I recover & get my life back. I don't know what's in the future for me yet. I will have to find a job to save some money with & maybe I'll head to Pa next spring/summer to be with family up there for the warmer months. I may save money towards getting a bigger RV, selling Ellie ( :-{  ) because a bigger one would simplify my life a bit more.
In the meantime, I will be expecting an adjuster to come assess the damages I recently incurred on the exterior part of the over head cab. I sure hope it can be covered & fixed by them. For now, it's pretty protected by the elements, but not driveable. But then, I can't quite drive yet anyhow!

Take care everyone & I hope ya'll are having a great day!

A photo of Feather.
PS, ya'll would have been laughing at me yesterday as I crawled on my hands & knees fixing the darn carpet runners if you could have seen me! Hate those things, but dislike dirty carpets even more.

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.


  1. Glad to hear you are getting around a bit. You have beautiful dogs.

  2. Good for you reporting the rude cart getterer.... ! no sense in his being that way...

    crawling on the floor? Cyn? you have a not get well wish? take it easy...

    I'll be in Port A, hopefully, for a month... rented a place until 12/20... so dunno... unless something weird happens, I'll be here.

  3. Thanks Teri, I've got to go read your blog to see how things are going for you! Time hasn't been in my favor lately, but I'll definintely drop by!

    Carolyn, it's great that you've done that!! I think this is the medicine you've needed :-) I probably won't be able to make it there to meet up, but I'm still very happy that you've decided to take some time for yourself. Maybe we can meet somewhere when you start your journey back to Ark. I'll have several weeks of therapy to do after I get the bandages off.

  4. Got the boot on good for you. I know you said you need to take it slow, but did you hear yourself say that? Take it from someone who never listens.Take it slow.
    It must be hard getting around the motor home. There isn't much room when there isn't a slide, so be careful.

  5. JoJo, you'd laugh if you saw my RV right now. Easy to get around the sofa since I have things to grab there & I can steady myself with my knee on the sofa. Now I have a folding stool with a round pillow on it to steady my leg on between the kitchen & sofa & my walker set up in the kitchen to grab next. Can't walk without the boot on, so had to figure out how to hobble to the kitchen & bathroom. Good thing it's only a 22'RV. But a big one with a slide would allow me to use a wheelchair huh? Darn, I should plan better. I think on my next doc appointment, I should steal their stool on wheels & put it in my purse to use in the RV.

  6. Glad to hear you are recovering, Bet it seems good to be able to move around! Sounds like you are using wisdom and know your limits. Just got my clearance today for my knee surgery. It is scheduled for Dec 13.
    If you go to PA next year let me know for sure when cuz I am planning to be there about then also! Be fun to meet up with you!

  7. Good for you Sunny, I truly hope it helps you. Meeting in Pa would be fun. I don't think your family lives too far from mine either?


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