Monday, September 19, 2011

Wet Bed..but not bed wetter...

OK, so I went to bed last night, closed vents, windows because it was just too humid. Temps were ok, but the humidity was just too high. Turned on the a/c. Soooo around 5ish am, I'm soaking WET as a storm rolled in! I'm like thinking my ceiling has fallen in & I slept through it??!! Then I open my eyes & think, OH, it's coming through my overhead vent. I had stuffed a vent cover into it last night & did NOT CLOSE the vent like I thought!! Soooo, the vent cover was soaked & water was pouring out of it! I jumped out of bed, clustered the comforter around the area, grabbed the vent cover, ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off <G> trying to figure out where to put that cover. Could put it in the tub, but then, I'd have to take the vacuum & stuff out of the tub. Thought about tossing it on the floor where my entry mat is, dumb idea, so didn't do that. Then I put it in my bathroom sink - ok that works. Now to check out the bed after I put on dry jammies. I go back up to the bed, fortunately, the pillows were not effected, only a very small area of the memory foam mattress got wet. The comforter & top sheet took the brunt of the water - thank goodness!! So I rolled that all up & put it on the floor. Put a towel over the wet spot & went back to sleep for awhile. Glad it did NOT soak the mattress!! Could you imagine a totally soaked memory foam topper? Would it ever even dry?? Yuk. And for some reason, I guess I must have tossed the cover that I had on it. Had one of those water proof covers on it just in case I'd forget to close that vent sometime....but if I remember correctly, I think it got torn, so I threw it away. Time to get another one!

Shortly after that, the storm surged the power & I lost the a/c & tv. The portable a/c is plugged into the house on a gfci plug, which tripped & the tv has the DTV box, (which I think stands for damn tv box). I wasn't up to going into the house to trip the switch back on for the a/c, plus it was still cool enough. And I was not going to climb back down the ladder to reset the *D* TV box. Sometimes, when I'm awakened during the night, I'll turn the tv on low & fall back asleep to it..

But thank goodness my comforter took the brunt of water AND that the ceiling did NOT actually fall in!! ;-)

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