Monday, September 26, 2011

Scary man! Remote controlled & handy hand

What is he doing there? What should I do? This is what I saw through my curtain one night!!!
OK, don't be alarmed, it turned out to be a coat! '-D

And Good Morning everyone!
Today's post contains a solution for my remote control issues. Since I don't use my dinette area & use the sofa instead, I was tired of sitting by/on top of/ picking up off floor/ or digging out of places to find the remotes. I have too many remotes! One for the TV, one for the DVD, one for the A/C, one for a fan, then there's the cell phone I keep losing too. Sooo, I found this lovely (ok, not really pretty, but functional) canvas office pocket at WalMart in the office supply section. This works! They come in teal, dark blue, olive green, black & hot pink. I chose the olive because it matches my decor (not, far from matching). I almost took it back because I don't know what I was thinking (?) buying olive? But I did & I think my first thought was because it would not stand out as much as the other colors would as I really don't want it to be the first thing I see coming in through the door as in an ugh reaction. Oh who knows, I would have bought a red one had they had red. I have a ClassC, so had the advantage of finding some kind of hook/hanger type of things to hook over the wall of the ClassC bunk. WM didn't have what I needed, so I went to the Dollar General Store & found what I needed in their ironing board section. They had metal hooks that I could bend the hook over part to fit over the wall of the bunk area. Yes, it's a padded wall...would you expect less of me? 
Straight jackets fit perfectly inside of the canvas pocket too.
And the best thing is this thing is right beside me on the sofa!
And now I have a place to hang my hat. I wear this hat when I ride my bicycle because I have long hair & will get blinded if I don't wear a hat, even when I tie my hair back. And it keeps the sun out of me eyeballs.

***Click on photos to view larger for details***

So note the hooks that the bag hangs on. The remotes fit well in the smaller pockets. DVD's fit inside of the pocket. I get DVD's from the library to watch, so those do not go into my media cabinet. Now I can keep them there till I return them & I no longer sit on them either! Click on the photo to get a bigger view of the details. I left the tag on the bag so one could see what to look for if they want one too.

OK, so in this photo, you get a small view of the sofa. Isn't the cover lovely? I keep the sofa covered, but need a prettier cover! I had a nice faux suede cover that I used to use, but it was a daily fight with it, so I switched to the mexican throw till I can come up with a better cover. Suggestions anyone? If I could, I'd have the sofa restuffed & covered with leather! If I don't cover the sofa, then stuff likes to venture into the opened section of the jacknife part & drop down onto the water tank, the water heater, the water pump & it's not much fun digging items out from under there. I don't like scary places. Then I'd have to go find that scary old man to dig that stuff out for me. Plus I lost the DVD remote for a year back there...
Click on the photo, the pillows are actually blankets that are cleverly folded & zipped into a pillow form. The fan is under my memory foam mattress pad, I have mine hooked up with a grooming arm because I'm goofy that way. But one could use an old broom handle that has a hook on the end to hook a fan onto. It's a great little fan! It's an O2Cool fan that runs on power or battery. It gets a lot of use in that area. My other fan is a tower fan that blows cool air that I set on the other side of the sofa when I'm not using the a/c. But it's electrical, so can only be used when plugged into power or using the genny.
Above the sofa is a lovely power outlet. Such a nice location don't you think? I have a power surge strip protector thingy plugged into that. But the cord loved bopping me on the head, strangling my neck...etc. so after a few months of that (sometimes I'm a bit slow) I decided to put that strip in an area that actually has a little space between my mattress &, padded wall. So now I won't get killed by the cord.
My Sprint aircard hangs from that area as well, connected to a usb cord. I get better reception if it's located in that area, but I found the laptop a bit hard to suspend from the ceiling, so a longer cord was necessary.

OK, now onto another tip! This one I am proud of. This one is a great idea. This one doesn't involve having to open a drawer that only opens a little but, is deep & digging is involved finding items. Even with little baskets in that drawer to contain items.
I have my pot holders hanging by the stove, but not close enough to flame up because they are already hot! OK, chili pepper hot. Anyhow, the glove one has the kitchen shears, a regular set of shears AND a butane lighter for lighting the stove with! Clever huh? I kind of pushed the shears upwards so you could see how it works. But they fit snugly & deeper inside the oven glove.
Also, did you know that you can actually start your stove with an empty lighter? All it takes is a spark! Probably won't work for the oven though that way. It's just not a good idea to stick your head in a gas oven (or so I've been told)...So keep a full lighter anyhow.

OK, have a great day everyone! I will also post the humming bird photos...can you find him?

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor


  1. Clever idea to keep stuff handy in the mitt!

    Oh, hey, would you ever consider doing away with word verification, or putting it on the same page as the comment box? It doesn't matter so much when we have great connectivity, but in some boondocking spots, an extra load can be a big deal.

    Bossy Duck

  2. Great solution for the proliferating remotes! The Scary Old Man is hilarious! And scary at the same time! Reminds me of the character in the Tell Tale Heart.

  3. Ok Bossy Duck, consider it done! I didn't realize I had that, so am glad to get rid of it.
    Questions - Still learning my way around Blogger. How do I add a counter, a map that you color in the states you've traveled & other blogger's names/links?

    Kim, the remote control thing is great. Actually, I originally thought it could hold mail & my remotes, but somehow, it ended up holding movies & a hat too. No mail ;-)

  4. Finding something that solves a nagging problem always makes me feel good. Looks like you are getting the remotes under control!

  5. Hello, Some people greet new followers as part of their blog post. I like to send an email, but for some reason Friend Connect wouldn't let me today. So I'm saying Hi here and have also become one of your followers. I'm looking forward to learning more about your RV experiences and dog Shows.

  6. Thanks for joining my site. I just found yours and read through from the beginning. You have some great ideas and your blog is interesting. Seriously, you have 9 dogs living in your RV or do they stay outside at your friends? It does not look that big and you definitely won't be staying in RV parks if you plan to move around any in your fulltiming.

  7. Hi Merikay, nice to meet you here. And thanks for joining up! Seems like lots of people are having blogger issues, including me. Sometimes I can't comment on other's blogs. And to even comment on my own, I have to use the name/url profile!

  8. Hi Longdog2, thanks for joining mine too! My life's situation is temporary right now. I live in my RV & my dogs are living in my friends kennel. I had some of them in the RV still until I ran into power issues & triple temps, so felt they were not safe in the RV. My friends are extremely generous! So far, I've not had any issues with any RV parks, although I don't frequent them often. My dogs are generally quiet, but they do like to "sing" which can get us in trouble if it bothered anyone! I always ask to be parked away from everyone when I do stay in the parks. I have always been asked to come back. My last time, one of the parks had loose dogs & one of the loose dogs attacked another person's little Papillion. The little dog survived, but the lady that owned the Lab would NOT own up to it. So I won't be going back to a place like that. The other one, a family got caught tying their dog out. It barked at 5am, which set my dogs off singing. The park guy asked me why my dogs sang like that I said the little dog barked & set them off. He didn't mind my dogs because I quickly stopped them, but that family got in trouble for breaking the rules of tying their dog out, which is against the rules.
    They were fascinated by my dogs & asked me to please come back next time in town. They'd put me in a better spot that I had too, which was nice. They wanted me to let my dogs run in the baseball field next door, but I declined. I try to keep a low profile with my guys. They draw enough attention as it is just with their looks.

  9. Love all your tips! Very useful...

  10. Thanks Sunny! I've been thinking of the things I've done to my RV & have been logging them down for future blogs for sharing. :)

  11. Thanks so much for following A Camp Host's Meanderings. I look forward to following you too!


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