Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mornings & a couple of RV ideas

I love mornings, there's such a beauty of nature around them if you open yourself to it. The birds, the sunshine on the grasses, trees, nature. The coolness, it's just nice to wake up to morning! But then, I also love the late shades of the day's end as well. This is the view I wake up with each morning.

A mockingbird sitting on a wild berry bush.
Same mockingbird

One day, I was feeling rather disconnected from friends & family. Everyone I called upon were not available. One friend wanted to watch her favorite tv program when I called her. I was just needing someone to talk to that day, so I sat down & wrote my first poem instead. Just a reminder to keep this in mind when a loved one needs to reach out to you..

OK, now for a more upbeat, not so serious note. I was traveling to our breed's national, which is about 1100 miles away. There was a very long stretch of road, with no where to stop. I missed the rest area as was cut off by big trucks & could not get into the lane. So I went on, the next stop was an adult entertainment, no thanks. I didn't realize it till I pulled off the highway, then looked up! Oops! Got out of there asap! Definitely not my kinda hangout! So I find a pretty decent rest area about 60 miles up the road, I'm too tired to care if it's even decent or not at this point. It's a place to pull over & grab a few hours of sleep! But in the morn, it was not a bad place...however, I never noticed this sign when I pulled in! ;-)

Hee hee, that's me along the curb there!

Now for another RV resolution of needing space. If your RV can handle the weight, which mine can, an idea would be to get a cargo carrier to carry things that would take up too much space inside of your rig. Or things you'd not want to carry inside. I carry my expens, a plastic bin for extra dog blankets & a bin for my little bbq grill. I also have a bike carrier rack that attaches to my ladder.

I usually have my pens covered with a tarp that is secured down. Also make sure each time you stop to check on your straps to be sure that they are still tight. The bouncing on the road can make them loose. I use two kinds, the regular pull kind & ratchet kind. I just want to be extra secure!

OK & now one of the things I love in my RV. I love quiet lighting in the evenings. I find the 12 volt lights to be a bit harsh unless you need them for better sight as for reading & such. But if watching TV or movies, I prefer the quiet lighting instead. So I bought two inexpensive lamps, found these two at the Family Dollar Store. They are made of basket materials, so can't be broken. I keep one in the kitchen, the other I had in the front of my living space, but had to take it down while the portable a/c is there. The lamp is too tall so set up top of the a/c unit. Otherwise, it would still be located there. Oh & I also have the luxury of being about to turn my drivers & passenger seats around. When the weather gets better & I can take the a/c unit out of it, then I'll turn the seat around again & use the space between for my computer station again.

OK, that's enough for today. I hope that ya'll are enjoying my posts :-)  Maybe tomorrow, I will add some photos of my dogs on my blog. Some folks have asked about them but so far, I've pretty much wanted to keep it all RV related. Course, they are RV related too as they are also my travel companions! Once again, be kind to your pets, pick up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor...toodles for now! 


  1. Love it! makes me want to GO.... great morning view and loved your poem ... ;)

    And... yes, mornings are my favorite time. You make me want to get in Homer and take off now ... !!

  2. Carolyn, go for it, winter will be here before you know it! Thanks on teh poem too. :-)


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