Friday, September 23, 2011

Hummingbird video, sunrise, planes & Salukis!

It's another new day, although I'm posting later today. Had chores & such this morning, then a video to create & photos to edit. These are things of interest to me & perhaps to others as well. Yesterday evening, I kept hearing planes flying over head, so had to get out to see why so much noise & what was going on. Apparantely, they were army planes flying over, probaby a practice run. But fascinating to watch! Then after that, I noticed activity at the hummingbird feeder. There were actually two hummingbirds having a spat! They kept zooming over my head & it's amazing how much noise they can create when zooming about! The chatter is pretty cute too. So I had to run inside the RV & grab my camera. One day, I will get a better camera. Mine had trouble zooming in with clarity. I could not get it clear. Then this morning, one of the dogs woke me up at sunrise, I had to tend to her, then was able to catch the beautiful pink hues of today's sunrise.
I also need to note that Teri, that I introduced yesterday, does indeed have a blog page --  Http://

I also promised to put some photos of my dogs up today, so will do that as well.

So to begin with, here is my hummingbird video:
I hope you enjoyed the bird!

Now to move onto this mornings beautiful sunrise. We get many sunrises like this here. Sunsets are quite lovely here as well.
Lovely isn't it?

And now for the plane photos. My camera did a splendid job of capturing them. It's not the same camera that does the video taping though.
Approaching overhead

Flying overhead

Flying off in an over exposed shot - bye bye planes

Then as the planes flew away, I was able to capture this shot!

Now for the Salukis, feel free to ask any questions you may have about them. They are show dogs, but not only show dogs, but my best friends & companions, which comes first!

This is Feather, my Saluki Club of American National winner in the year of 2006. She won the entire specialty, shown & bred by me! I am very proud of this special girl!SBIS  Ch ReignBeaus Feather In Her Cap, JC   Feather is now 9 years old.

This is Bravo - SBIS Ch Hajji-ReignBeau Int'l Reign, JC
Bravo is a very fun loving dog! He lives life to it's fullest, loves people, loves travel, loves the show ring! He is also a specialty winner & has aquired a merit award at the SCOA Nationals as well.
He is now retired from the show ring at the age of 12 years old.

This is Bandera, aka Bad Dawg. Ch ReignBeaus Texas Pride. Bandera finished his Championship in only 7 shows! He is a litter mate to Feather.

This is Zeus. Not a really great photo of him though. Ch ReignBeau Shahtani TexBless'd, JC
Zeus also has a SCOA national merit award! He is Bravo's buddy, they play & run together.
Zeus is now 7 years old.

This is Houston pretending to be snooty, but he is anything but snooty!
Ch Z'Bee Reignbeau True To Texas, JC. Houston finished his Championship very early on at the age of 13 months. Winning WD at specialties & best puppy at the SCOA nationals over 100 puppies!
He is the sire to Feather & Bandera bred to Ch ReignBeaus Texas MiVida Loca, JC
Houston is now 11 years old.

This is Birdie. ReignBeaus Bird of a Feather. Birdie is the daughter of Bravo & Feather. She is halfway through her championship. I've not shown her much the past two years due to my injury & lifes circumstances. She will gain her Ch once I get her back out into the ring again though.
Birdie is now 3 years old, so we have lots of time still.

This is Roper, ReignBeaus Rope The Moon. Roper has only been shown once, I quickly realized he needed a lot of time to grow up & mature. So he's not been in the show ring since then. Perhaps once I finish Birdie, I'll start to show Roper. He is a littermate to Birdie & a big goofy, happy dog!

Now that my blog reads like a webpage instead of a blog, I will say buh bye for the day!
Happy RVing to all!

And as always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels, respect your neighbor!


  1. I swear there were not any typos when I created this page! OK, guess I just missed them....oh well, it is what it is ;-)

  2. You can go back and edit out the typos. Beautiful dogs, do you take them all in the RV at one time?

  3. Thanks Teri. Yes, I know, but I'd probably make more while fixing them ;-) I'm a typo idiot, can make them sooo easily! And yes, when I travel, all dogs go along with me. I took out the dinette area & it's a wall of crates for their security.


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