Thursday, September 22, 2011

A couple of RV improvements & my dogs

Another beautiful morning! Btw, my font always looks big when drafting, but it never looks that big once posted, so if it's too small, please let me know & I'll upsize it in future posts. I now have 6 followers :-)  Welcome all! This is fun!
So welcome personally to Carolyn who has a blog & has helped me out with mine, thanks Carolyn! To Teri who I can't find a blog on, if you have a blog, please let me know; To Me & My Dog who has a blog & is a fulltimer with her cute little dog, Katie (btw Katie, scroll down to my dogs & you'll find our little foster, Carlos); To The Good Luck Duck,  another fulltimer couple whos blog is a hoot!...wait, make that a quack because otherwise, then they'd be the good luck owl; To Sunny who seems to be a nice warm person with some beautiful paintings on her blog site that she does, she's inspiring; and To Kimbopolo who's blogs I've just started to follow and am enjoying.
~Life is grand, live it to it's fullest & enjoy what's around you~
Mexican petunias growing out of a opening of concrete

So before I start on the dogs, I want to show you a couple of improvements on Ellie, my RV. Why did I name her Ellie? Because a friend asked me what I bought, a white elephant? My answer was, well yes & now I know what to name her!
My entry step area had to be rebuilt, so while a friend was over working on it, he had to take the steps off. I took that as an opportunity to repaint them. I chose a gray color & I think they turned out great!

I could have sworn I had a photo of the steps installed, but can't find it. Anyhow, this is what they looked like finished - use your imagination on how they look installed. They look really great! But I still found them a little difficult to use, so I have a metal one step, step stool that I use instead. It's pretty sturdy & easier for me to step up onto. The old color of the steps was your basic flat matt black color.

Now for my door catchers, which had rusted. I went out to buy new ones, but could not find the elbow kind that my RV has. So I took the old ones off & spray painted them! The same paint I used on the steps. Looks way better than the old rusted ones did! And this will preserve them, plus saved them from potential land fills. Recycyling is good.
 Top door holder.
Bottom door holder.

I did alot of restoration work on my RV while it's been sitting. I'll show you more of what I've done in future posts. I also have a bunch of video to edit of the restoration process too. And a few maintenance vids I'll share once done as well.

And now for my kids - the dogs! I also have some kitties too, but currently, no one is living in the RV till I get "both" feet back on the ground. My friends have graciously created quarters for my kids to live in for now. It's been good for us all. We all should be so lucky to have great friends like this! Again, I'm extremely grateful for my little RV that gave us housing after Hurricane Ike's damages.

So I'll start with the rescues. I'm currently fostering a little Chi-weenie (chihuahua X doxie cross). His name is Carlos, he's full of energy! Very much like a Jack Russell Terrier in temperament! Life is a party to this little dude. I'm fostering him for BCB Animal Rescue, Inc. They can be found on Facebook. We work by all fosters in the program.
Carlos trying to look sexy.
Carlos was found running on the streets with a new collar on, a chewed through rope tied onto it by myself. So I rescued him & have been fostering him since. There's more to the story, if anyone wants to know his story, just ask.

And here is my other rescue, which I decided to keep years ago as many folks were scared of her. She's gentle, soft & sweet in temperament. But her looks scare people. To me, she looks cartoonish though. I will say, I love taking her for walks! Very few people will approach me - much easier to walk then the pretty dogs. When I walk the salukis, everyone wants to pet the pretty dog, but when I walk Wrinkles, we get the real benefit of the exercise.
Wrinkles happened upon me when I was loading my van up for a dog show. I looked down & there she was, in my driveway, asking for help. She was about 5 months old, full of scars, collar that had grown into her neck. The collar was cut off, scars treated & healed, shots given, etc. I think she was being used for pit bull bait at the time. So I became very protective of her & went out looking for a good home for her. But she became a family member instead. She became a playmate for some of the salukis, who she didn't want to play with anymore because they played too rough with her! Currently, she's a playmate to Carlos. They play rough, but get along great! She has never had puppies, of course, she was never bred! But she had a false pregnancy (a hormone thing some female dogs go through) & she grew the dingles after that...oh well. No one is perfect!

OK, I really don't want this to be an extremely long post, so I'll share the salukis with you tomorrow. For now, here's a sneak preview of them:
Zeus on top, Bravo on bottom. Taken in my previous house.

As always, be kind to your pets, please clean up after them on your travels, respect your neighbors. 



  1. Um, need to clarify that I did not tie a chewed off rope onto Carlos' collar, I found him that way. But the way I wrote it, it sure sounded like I tied one onto him! ;-)

  2. Hi, here is my blog info


    I also use a stepstool instead of the retracting stairs on the RV.

  3. Good for you for saving those most worthy lives!!!

    Thanks for the mention of my blog (I'm a bit embarrased to have a travel blog when I have barely left my driveway but ....)

    Sorry, Blogger won't let me post except as "anonymous"


  4. Oh of course Teri, I even visited your site the other day - duh! I'll add the url into tomorrows post. Kim, my RV is pretty much parked in a driveway too. But I have a lot of old travel vids & have been working on the RV while it's parked. It's my little escape, I still sleep in it & have my breakfast in it as well. So what am I? A part time fulltimer that can't afford gas or what? ;-)

  5. Thanks for the howdy! Glad you're blogging.


  6. I’m pretty sure “Ellie” is ready for a new road adventure! Sometimes, camper vans tend to deteriorate a little since they are pretty much on the road often. Dust and other particles could take a toll on your RV. Good thing you were able to restore some of the parts. Job well done with the renovations!


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