Sunday, September 25, 2011

RV cutting board/stove topper, flat cable & helping a dog in need

Hi all, I hope everyone is having a good day. I've had a low key type of day, which sometimes we all need. A friend came over early this morning to get some items. I'm dog sitting this weekend & then got a call to help someone with a Rhodesian Ridgeback that gained an eye infection while in boarding. She was not able to adminsiter his eye ointment, so I drove over there to help her. His eye looks bad, she will be taking him to an eye specialist tomorrow. I hope his eye will be treatable & ok. Needless to say, she's very upset over her baby! Too bad while in boarding, the necessary attention was not given there & then.
I also got pics of the little hummingbird sitting on a tree branch! Will have to edit that later & get pics up if they turned out. He was so tiny & it was hard to find in the viewfinder of my camera as he was the same size & color of the tree leaves.

I also wanted to share my RV cutting board that I got for my stove top a few years back. When I went to an RV place to get one, I was astonished how expensive they are & the ones I saw had the rubber back matting glued down to them. So I went to WalMart & bought a nice sized cutting board & bought the non slip matting & I just put that under the board, then I place the board on the stove top. It has never shifted off during my travels! I really do not use it for a cutting board though as I want it to always look nice. I could use it if I baked to roll cookie dough or something like that though...that's an "if" mind you ;-)

My RV does not have a stove top cover, so most folks that don't have one of those use the cutting boards for extra counter space. My lamp & items look nice sitting on it.

Another thing that some may not know about is a flat cable that you can use in a window if you use satellite. When DirectTV installed my satellite a few years back (I no longer have cable, but still kept the cables & flat cable), I was concerned about them cutting a hole in the RV to add a cable connection as mine does not have one! I was really worried about that! So I googled & learned about flat cables that could be ran through windows. I was set out to buy one, but the cable folks showed up early. Fortunately, they already knew how to work with RV's & they had flat cables! BUT they were going to cut a small hole in my screen to run it through! I stopped them & told them my screens move like my sliding windows do, so they did not have to do any cutting - whew! Where I am parked now, satellite can't reach me due to too many trees. But that's really ok because I don't need that much tv anyhow right now. Lifes been too busy for that.

Oh & I watched a movie this after noon. The Green Mile with Tom Hanks. Wow, what a movie & what a tear jerker it was. Good movie, but a little tough to get through...

Have a good evening everyone & as always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.  Toodles! 



  1. Hey, thanks. I didn't know about that flat cable thing. I have a small TV/monitor but I don't have a cable outlet in my RV so I wasn't going to take the TV with me. I don't watch a lot of TV, but may take it anyway since a lot of RV parks offer cable.

  2. How does cable work at an RV park? Do you pay & they supply you with a cable box? I've never done it, but am curious how that works.

  3. Poor pooch. No wonder people are reluctant to leave their babies in boarding.

  4. The cutting board look fabulous!


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