Monday, September 19, 2011

New Blogger

OK, so I've had my blogger account since 2008, it's now 2011. No need to hurry huh? Anyhow, I hope to organize & offer up RV solutions, fix it's & such. Also will add videos of travels along the way as well. I've done some traveling, but not tons. I show dogs, (Salukis), but it's been a slow year for me due to an injury that I'm still awaiting surgery on. (ankle surgery).
I lost my house about a year after Hurricane Ike, so I pretty much am living in my RV in a friends driveway for now. My friends have been extremely gracious to me! And I try to help out daily, with helping to care for their dogs, cooking, etc.  The waiting for the surgery has pretty much put a hold on my life - I sure hope it happens soon so I can get on with my life!
My RV is a 22' Coachmen ClassC with a rear kitchen. It's a small comfortable RV & I've done several upgrades on it over the years I've owned it. I bought it outright, it's sooo nice to have it! Bought it for dog shows & emergency evacuations. At the time, little did I know that I'd be eventually living in it. I would have bought one that's a bit bigger had I known that at the time as I share it with my dogs & cats. But in time, we will upgrade to a bigger rig. Still want to stay with the ClassC, but one with a bedroom & more room for all of us.
In the meantime, I do have a youtube account under the name of ReignBeauHounds, which I have a few RV travel vids, vids of my dogs & a few fixit it vids. Feel free to visit youtube & put the name ReignBeauHounds in your search & you will find my channel there.
I'm also a member of many RV forums. They are the best - I encourage anyone that has an RV to become a member of at least one forum. They are generally full of very helpful knowledgable folks.
Thanks for reading & I hope to keep contributing to our little RV community!

And remember, take good care of your pets, respect others around you, keep your nose clean. :-)


  1. Cyn... glad to see you take the plunge... HAhaa only four years from conception to a post! ....

    I started mine three months ago and I'm enjoying it. It's a place to put stuff... ;)

  2. Pretty Paw-thetic huh Carolyn? ;-)
    Thanks for your help, I now have blogger running right on comments...I think...

  3. Hi Cyn...haven't met you yet but hopefully soon! I don't blog but love to read others' blogs...keep up the good work! Great start!
    Donna at Aransas NWR

  4. A puppy paw to Blogger? Holding my breath ...

    Glad to see you blogging!


  5. Hi Donna, what is NWR?
    Thanks Roxanne :-) Yes, blogger still gets the puppy paw till my comment problems with it are resolved...mlm

  6. Look forward to following along on your adventures!


  7. Thanks Kim, when I get caught up, I'll share some old adventures as there are no new ones planned for the immediate future. I'm dying to go somewhere, but have been dog sitting on most weekends. Plus the weather will be cooler soon anyhow! :-)


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