Saturday, September 24, 2011

RV window shopping

Hi all, hope everyone is having a great day! Thought I'd share this gorgeous photo with ya'll of a magnolia bloom that I took from last year.

Today, I met my friends, Terri & her husband David at PPL motorhomes. They want to eventually get a motorhome & I love looking at them! it was Taco day at PPL, vendors from different campgrounds were there, you took a card around, got it stamped by each vendor, then put it in a tub for door prize drawings. None of us got a door prize, but we still had fun. I probably won't be camping at any of the campgrounds that I picked brochures from either as they are more resort type of places & I like state campground type of places better. So their tacos actually ended up being nachos instead as that was much easier for them to deal with. But of course, I dropped a chip on my t'shirt that was covered in chili..the chip that is, but then, after I dropped it, I was covered in chili too! So I went to the bathroom & spot washed my t'shirt. When I came out, I met Terri & David while they were looking at ClassA's. David asked me what happened to my shirt, so I said I entered the wet t'shirt contest! He asked if I won & I said yes, I was the only entry! Then he called me the PPL Hoochie! Um...yikes!  But it was funny. So we looked at ClassA's, then a couple of TT's, then moved onto the ClassC's, which is what Terri really wants. She's fascinated with Airstreams too, but the only one on the lot had a jammed door & we could not open it. Oh & saw a Hi-Lo with a slide AND a generator - really cool! So we were looking at the ClassC's & got a little ride in one as one of the employees jumped in, started it up & moved it while we were in there! Terri & David loved it. It was one that Terri put on her wish list anyhow. But when we got out, I noticed some delaminating on the exterior & pointed that out to her to beware of that. The ClassC that I really wanted to see was locked. It was probably sold since it was locked? Oh well. I wanted them to see that floorplan, but we could not.

After a few hours of looking around, we left & had lunch at Gringo's, a mexican place. Food was good, but the frozen rita was better! Then we seperated ways, I went grocery shopping, then came home to tend to the dogs.

It was a nice day out & I enjoyed looking a the different RV's & floorplans. I always like doing that!

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.

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