Monday, July 23, 2012

Still in Ar-Kansas

Still here.

Spent the entire morning & afternoon on the phone trying to get a tow truck.

They aren't easy to get for motorhomes.

They finally found one, but it was too$$$

They said they'd $plit the co$t.

I told them I'd try to find a closer mechanic instead.

I did. :-)

He even came to me!!


But Ellie pretended not to be sick!! ARGH! Blasted Motorhome, acts just like a sick dog going to a vet!!


So Mr Mechanic tells me that he'll come out at 7:30am, loaded with transmission fluids. We'll fill Ellie up & drive her to his shop. He'll follow me. He says it's weird what she's doing, but he thinks it's a gasket, which entails taking out the $#$$ Transmission. Grrrrrumble. But I'm really glad I found him!!! Well actually, he was one of the guys that the park suggested. He said it won't leak unless the transmission gets hot, so it should be ok to drive it there to get it to heat up for better assessing.

So when he left, I hiked down to the lake to sit on a bench to enjoy the lake for a little while.

Then I came back, ate dinner, fed the dogs. And had a wonderful frozen sangria from my freezer. Yum!

I'm sitting outside trying to compose this, but must move indoors. I'm being attacked.

Ahhhh, Rving in the south!

Bye ya'll.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Mosquito bait as soon as the sun sets. I'm rooting for the problem to be solved at a minimum fuss level.

  2. What pictures! HAhaaaa... oh, man what a predicament... bummer. Got any Citronella? I always burn those candles when camping there... the smell gets to me after a bit but then I really really really hate mosquitoes and I really really really hate gnats --- have you seen the battery swatter things?

    Big ol tennis racket looking thing with a battery that is supposed to zap em

    I would say hang in there but then that's what we do... without being told but hang in there

  3. Hope you can get it fixed on the cheap. But that rarely happens. but I still wish you luck on the cheap.

  4. Why do we think RVing is cost effective anyway? Seems to me every trip costs much more than it should. We are having big estimates to right now.


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