Monday, July 9, 2012


Shhhhh, it's quite time.

No one is here.


Dogs are snoozing.


I'm reading blogs...



I have a good internet connection for a change. So I'm having a nice quiet time to myself reading & trying to catch up with ya'll.


Downside, my Mom bought candy bars.

Not Nice!

And ice cream.


Here are some non-fattening things:

Posies - probably not edible. Thus, not fattening.

Controlled burns - not edible.

Planes - not edible.
The plane & controlled burns were somewhere in Arkansas...I think. I got lost that day.

Fuel Efficient Parking - not edible. Not usable for motorhomes either...

And they said I couldn't do it.

I proved them wrong.

Who are they?

My family.

What could I not do?

Add wifi to my Mom's desktop computer.

HA I say to them!

Done & working.

I almost died the other day. Died, yes, died. Of boredom. Or lets say, my life almost timed out. I tried to use my Mom's dial up to get to a website to print out a form. Yes, I was too lazy to go out to the RV & dig out my printer. Actually, it has two printers. They sit side by side. Buried. Not easy to access, so why not use my mom's computer instead? Oh. OY! Death to those that wait! Almost. I did survive. But barely.

So we went to the store & got this:

Now she's wifi ready! wifi usable! And it's faster than mine...grrrr. I'm gonna take it back! Humpf!
OK. I'm not really gonna take it back because then I'd have to die again. Because my mom would kill me.
Did I mention how long it took just to get to that website via dial up to print out the form I needed? Oh about an hour & half...
Mom is tickled pink! Now she can once again use her computer rather than leaving it sitting in the room as yet, another antiquated ornament.
And I did it. Yes, I WILL take the credit! HA! Take that you fambilly nay sayers! HA!

Bye -- I'm going to try to stop by ya'll's sites for a visit now. :-)

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I am getting to old and impatient to wait on slow Internet connections. But, you showed 'em how it is done. You go girl!!!

    1. Oh, that slow connection. ACK! Me too!

  2. Yep! You go girl!!
    PS. Sent you an email..... with INFO..... shhh

  3. Glad you got your mom up to speed, now if you can just get her off the computer so you can use it all would be well.

    1. Ah, I have my own laptop, so no problem there! Cept my IE keeps crashing -- grrrrr. I'm stubborn. I don't want to download another browser! Grrrr

  4. Good job with the internet connection.

  5. You show em Cyn. I hate slow makes me crazy. Oh wait thats a really short trip.

    1. Thanks Teri & JoJo. I hope it continues to work well for her. Dial up is PAINFUL!!

  6. OK, wait. Parking for "fuel efficient vehicles"? Huh? Isn't that kind of relative? I mean, if you're "handy capped", you have the badge. You stick it on your dash. Black and White. But "fuel efficient"?
    That's like having parking for "parents with children" I always park there. Mind you, my "children" are 35 and 40 respectively, but there's no sign saying where the "children" might be or how old.
    I'm pretty sure your motorhome is "fuel efficient" compared to most. Yes?

    1. I know Bob. I kept re-reading those signs. It's perplexing isn't it?? Hahaha, I love that you park in those spaces!!!


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