Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bored in Arkadelphia

Welcome to Campers4Lifex2  - glad to have ya'll along! They are a full timing couple that moved so much that they got smart & found that the RV lifestyle fit the bill better! 

So for an update on my Transmission dilema. I'm still living in the parking lot of the auto place. Hurst on the Hill. The transmission has been taken to a transmission place for a rebuild. I could have opted for a used transmission, but it made more sense to have the old one rebuilt like new rather than take a chance on a used & have it go faulty as well. The cost difference isn't big enough to justify taking the risk,  nor are the labor fees. 

I got bored this morning & thought, OK, I'll go take a walk...well, it was hot, hot & hot. Plus this is in a really old side of town. So nothing was really special. I'm just not into all the trash along the sides of old worn out roads & such. So I came back. Plus my foot asked me if I was crazy as it's hurting today. There is a railroad museum across the road, maybe I'll do that later. It's just too hot! 

Sooo, I'm sitting here, nothing to do. Could clean the RV more, but that's boring too. Watched two movies. 
Ah well, guess it could be worse. And I look silly. My a/c runs so cold that I am wearing a hoodie. It's around 100 outside, but cold inside. Not complaining though as I know many RV folks have trouble getting their a/c's to cool their rigs off. 

Hopefully by tomorrow, they'll get the transmission back & put back into the motorhome so we can leave. I think I'll go back to the Iron Mountain park & hang around for a couple more days. Do a bit of driving around just to be sure that all is ok with the moho. 

In the meantime, I'm just kind of penned up inside of it since it's too hot outside. Wow, this sure makes for a loooooooooooong day! 

In the meantime, Ellie wants attention. She MADE me take these corny pix of her! But she must not have liked them because they seemed to have made her sick!?

Wow, it's really quiet here today. Yesterday, this auto shop was full of folks, noise, distractions, etc. Today, I keep peeking out the windows to be sure they didn't close up & leave! But then, that would not happen because David, the owner, would pop around to let me know they were leaving. Although I'm pretty independent & can take care of myself. I'm pretty self contained with all I need in here, he still is worried that I might need something. I went in to visit with his wife & daughter in their office, but they were reading books, so I came back out. I didn't want to become an intruder. Their son & girlfriend really like the dogs though & come running out to see them when I get one out to walk. The dogs kind of like it too! They love the attention. 
This is my new chair that I bought when I was in Pa. Then I bought the little stool thing, one of those "as seen on tv" gizmos. I figured it would make a great foot stool for my chair & it does! 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~ 


  1. Well, I guess things could be worse so just hang in there the best you can!

  2. When it's so hot you really don't want to do anything. At least I don't. Hopefully this will be your last day of imprisonment.

  3. You have my empathy, sitting around waiting for repairs is pretty boring. Here in New Mexico it's even worse because there isn't even any grass to watch grow.

  4. Glad you have good A/C while you wait.

  5. What a pain. But yes at least you have good A/C.
    Hope you get going tomorrow. Wise choice to hang around to make sure all is well.

  6. I am just getting caught up on your blog posts..... wow! What can I say? Wow! Glad you are safe and cool, though...... and the DOGS!!! oh yes, cool is important.... I remember! Hopefully you'll be on your way soon. (I think I may have found out my blogger problems so should be posting soon.) Boredom ... hmmmmm .... jewelry maybe? I would go nuts in that situation if I didn't have a zillion things to keep me occupied.

  7. I just saw & read your blog. I apologize for the hot weather & the trash (no excuse for garbage), in our sleepy little town, but not for the quietness. If you had walked down main street and over one to Caddo St. There were some interesting shops and eateries.

    1. Oh anon, please don't apologize! I was in an old part of town, so didn't really know where to walk. When I went out, it was 100 degrees, so I turned back. But on Friday morn, it was 75, so I took another walk (in a different direction) & found main street! Being that I'm not from there, I had no clue where to go of course. I wanted to spend more time out walking around main street. You'll find this funny, I went into a resale shop, was looking around, then noticed a man sticking a key in the lock! OH no, he was locking me into the store! He didn't know anyone was in there ;-)
      I also visited the amtrak museum, that was nice to go through.
      When I get a better internet connection, I plan to put the museum up on my blog. They got me finished yesterday, so I came back up to Iron Mountain. BUT still having issues, so will be back in town on Monday.


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