Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bottoms Up!

Hi everyone, hope all is fine. I've had horrible internet connections lately. I try to read other blogs, but I've not been able to get very many to load. Bummer. So I thought I'd just update mine today & hopefully, I'll be able to read others later today. I really enjoy reading about ya'll, keeping up with everyone & commenting! Blasted anyhows!

So a little of where I am now..

I'm still at Wolfs Campgrounds parked at my Mom's house. I've stayed here rather than drifted to other family members homes because I can get 30amp power, thus run my a/c for the 4 leggers in the RV. And of course, Ellie isn't complaining about me keeping her nice & cool too! In fact, it's too cold in there for me ;-)  I love moderate temps, but in this heat, a/c is very necessary!

Gads, I can see my connection bleeping off & on while writing this post & I'm using my air card. Grrrrr. Wifi today is moot.

We had a family reunion last weekend on Saturday. It was a fun day full of food & family. Yesterday, we drove to Erie (we meaning my sister <G>) & spent the day there....getting lost. Nice. Oh well, the country side was beautiful! I was hoping to see my great aunt Betty, but we didn't make it to her. So we drove where my Mother grew up instead. Only ONE house is left standing! Sad. All the family homes, friends & relatives of her's are all gone now. Homes that is & well, yes, some of the people too. We could not find the church she attended when she was a kid, so not sure if that's still standing or not. Industry has taken over most of the area that she resided in as a child.
So then we left there & got losted. ;-)

So back to the campground. It's been to hot to do much walking, plus my back is twisted right now! Ouch. Hope this passes soon because it's not fun!

Oh yea.

Back to the campground:

(internet off, internet on, internet off, internet on..this is driving me crazy)

OK, back to the campground:
Here is the Wolfs Den. It has been used as a restrauant in the past. In fact, my Mom managed it. But they closed it this year. It's pretty expensive to run. They rent out the den for occassional things, such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, etc.  What's REALLY COOL about this place is that my ancestors built the barn years back when!
How cool is that??!!
I'm betting the temps weren't in the 90's back then either...

And here is the pond that the patio area of the den faces. It's around 9 - 14 acres.  There are canadian geese & mallards in it. It's stocked & the campers fish from it. As do the birds. ::quack quack - honk::
And there's a Parson Russell Terrier that swims in the pond too, when his owner releases him to there. I don't think I've taken any pics of that though.

The landscaping here is beautiful. Full of flower beds & the landscape is always perfectly mowed.

Now for the birdies: (Oh & I finally saw a pair of goldfinches the other day -- no camera in hand though-- so just envision them in your heads instead)

The canadian geese. I've been told that the white goose is a male. He lost his mate awhile back (she died), so he took over two of her females & guards over them. When the others try to eat before they do, he runs them off! What a cool story huh?
Sorry about the not so great photo though.

3 of the Mallards hoping for a piece of bread!

Instead of "the end", I shall just say "Bottoms UP!"

~As alway, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. The story about the goose is sad but he did find something else to watch over and have purpose.

    So glad you are having a great time with your with your family.

  2. I love the bottoms up. And it's hot everywhere. I am going to miss the air conditioned house when we leave in the morning. But I'm so ready to get out of Billings. Just not my favorite place.

  3. Glad all is well. Our internet is a frustration too!

  4. Have you tried composing your blog in Live Writer? You can do it offline and then just upload the completed blog when you are finished. Less internet time. That looks like a lovely pond.

  5. Haha! Love the last photo ;-) Did you get to the penninsula at Erie? Its beautiful, but hot last week.

  6. I too have an air card. Some places it works great. There seems to be an inverse relationship between the beauty of the campsite and the quality of the connection. Lately I've been lots of places with horrible or non-existant connections, so I know the feeling. My blog only got published this morning because my son-in-law came and got me and took me to the land of high speed internet :)


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