Thursday, July 26, 2012

Desperately need techhie help please - IE vs Chrome


I have a big problem. I use Internet Explorer. But the last update with my antivirus (Avast), interrupted my IE & now it constantly crashes! All the time. Often upon opening.

So I reluctantly downloaded Chrome again. I don't like Chrome. It doesn't load right on my computer or else it's inadequate??

I can NOT comment on blogger or wordpress from Chrome. Buttons aren't lined up correctly & are missing. Profile options are missing on Chrome. It doesn't crash, but it's no good to me if I can't comment from it either.

Chrome also loads like bad typing with weak ink on a piece of paper.


I use Vista. Please no negative comments on Vista being trash. It's all I have. At the cost of a transmission rebuild, a new computer or a new version of windows is not in the picture. Plus Vista has always worked fine for me.
It stresses me when folks trash this or that. I just need my problem resolved. 

And Thank you for any comments & advice.

I'm still here, broken down. Transmission is still in shop. I'm getting restless.

You can see Ellie around the corner of the parking lot. The Travel Trailer belongs to the mechanic.


  1. I get none of that from Chrome. Works great for me. Your settings must be messed up. Of course I left Vista behind a long time ago. I'd download something like cclear to see if you have malware hiding. Nothing can find it all. Also, you might try firefox. If everything is a mess or you have a deeply rooted beast in there, you might have to start with a clean slate - wipe disk and reload the operating system. It's a horrible job and it seems like it takes a week to get everything back. Hard to fix it without being able to see it in real life.

  2. If I were in your situation and wanted to continue to use Internet Explorer then I would switch antivirus programs to Microsoft Security Essentials to avoid any antivirus software conflicts. In my opinion, it's a better antivirus program anyway and it's free.

    If you do decide to install Security Essentials be sure to go to add/remove programs to remove Avast as well.

    After doing this, you may/may not have to reinstall the version of IE that you are currently using. You can download IE8 or IE9 here.

  3. p.s. If you really get stuck, it's pretty easy to install TeamViewer on your computer and I could take a look and fix it up. I don't have your email address, so if that looks like an option just let me know and I'll show you what needs to be done, o.k.

    1. Another possible solution would be to 'restore your computer to an earlier date' - i.e. prior to the Avast update that caused the current problem. This option is available through Control Panel > System and Security settings.

  4. Agreed with Rick, also, if the computer is really hosed you could return the system to a previous time using a restore point. I also agree get rid of Avast and switch to Security Essentials, adding Malewarebytes can't hurt either as it picks up maleware better than MSE does. Both are free.

    I have never had issues with Vista except uptime, it doesn't like to be on for more than a few days. This is due to the horrible resource management built into Vista. Overall if rebooted often it works fine.

    I'm also available to help if needed.

    Good luck,


    1. I missed Rick's comment about restoring to an earlier date... doh...

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  6. Sorry about your transmission problems, mine on my truck was $3,500, guess I will keep it for a long time! I use Vista Home Edition also.I have a lot of computer troubles, but I think it is with the computer, not Vista. I just go back and start it from a date that I know it worked. I really should do better with maintenance.

  7. I like Firefox better than the other browsers. As said before a restore to a previous point in time would be a good option to try. I also use Microsoft Security Essentials, I used to use AVG and it is free also, but like MSE better.

    I hate computer problems. My hard drive at work crashed a couple weeks ago and it is the dickens to get a new PC setup like you want it.

    Hope you get the computer problem worked out to your liking!

  8. Know nothing about 'puters,.... 'cept I don't do chrome.... tried it. Nope, chrome and me don't mix.... no

  9. I don't run Vista, I run Windows 7 or I'm on my Mac. Chrome runs fine for me, which doesn't help you at all. However, you could try uninstalling IE and then reloading it. It sounds like it is corrupted, and reloading just might fix it.

  10. Sorry can't help I am no techy. I moved to chrome and it worked for me.

  11. Thanks everyone, I really truly appreciate your help!! I don't know why it didn't occur for me to do a system restore. Brain bubble I guess? So I went back & did one. Followed the history trail of when my troubles began with IE crashes & was able to get the exact date, so did the restore for about 3 days before that. IE is working again -- whew! When I get a better connecton, I'll check into MSE. Thanks again!

  12. I like Chrome, but Firefox is a close second. Hope you've gotten things back into order.

  13. Glad you got things running again. Rick is a big help. I have no problems with Chrome and I like the Microsoft Security Essentials as well.


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