Saturday, July 28, 2012

Iron Mountain Weekend

Iron Mountain Weekend.

I'm back at Iron Mountain. Came back yesterday evening when the motorhome was finished with her newly rebuilt transmission. But there's a problem. Ellie does not want to climb hills. She wants to bear down while climbing & won't relax into gear, so I have to let up on the gas, then push it again. She's eating gas like it was candy! So on Monday, we go back to the mechanics & we either will go over to the transmssion shop together or he'll come to us.

When I got here & parked into my campsite, I noticed that the dog house (console) was EXTREMELY hot. So I want to see if something went wrong or needs to be done that still needs attention. If I can't make it 12 miles without an issue, I'm pretty sure that I can't make it 400 miles.

At least I have food, the animals have food. We have power & water. We have a lake to view & walking to do when we feel like it. Rates are good too at $12 per night. And we have a/c!! I was told it was supposed to get to 105 today & 107 tomorrow. Is this normal for this part of country this time of year or is this global warming?

I think it's a little cooler in Texas. The August heat will be waiting for me though – soon!

Internet isn't strong up here, so I'll go now. Hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. How terrible! What a disappointment to have work done and then still have problems. I hope there will be a quick fix and a good explanation.

  2. Merikay, I've been in a bind here. None of the transmission places had a lift for an RV, so none of them would work on the tranny. A mechanic here took it out at his shop, then transported it to them. Then when done, he brought it back & put it back in. So the transmission shop has never even seen the rig. The bigger truck/rv shop was too far away for towing the rig. I would have had to pay an extra $200 for the towing! I swear, live & learn huh? My RV insurance pays up to 17 miles, the place was 24 miles away. AllState pays up to $250 & you pay the difference. So neither worked out for towing. The local mechanic (12 miles away) came out & put enough fluid in the tranny for me to be able to drive it to his shop. We made it, but it was not easy.

  3. Hope they get things right soon.

  4. Man, oh man, girl. I sure do hope you can get whatever is wrong figured out and fixed so you can get back on the road again. You have to be so frustrated and worried - at least I would be. Sending you lots of good wishes.

  5. So Sorry to learn of your dilema(s). Kick that "Murphy" guy out! Hope you can get underway soon.


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