Sunday, July 22, 2012

Drought & burned trees


It's dry here.

It's very, very dry here.

When at the state park in Tn, it had recently rained. In fact, it poured that evening while I was there & I was grateful that I chose the site I did & not the one next to me as it was under water!

The nice thing about that rain was it filled the creek behind my site, causing the water to run down stream over the rocks. That is such a relaxing sound!

Then I moved onto Arkansas. Wow, dry, dry, even drier. The first state park was dry, but it's even drier in east central Ark. I was at this park (Iron Mountain) at the end of May. The trees were so thick, you could barely see the lake. Now the leaves are so dry & dying, that I have a clear view of the lake in two directions from my campsite. But that's kind of sad.
How the trees looked in May 27, 2012,  when I was here.

How the trees look now, July 22, 2012
The leaves are now very, very dry & turning brown.

The park ranger told me they have had 3 fires here so far. One caused by a logging company from their equipment. The other two from fireworks. That was around the 4th of July.

Of the 3 fires, one burned 60 acres, the other 100 acres. I guess the 3rd was much smaller.

But it is a bit unnerving to be sitting here in a dry forest in a motorhome that is sick & could not leave if a fire sparked! Yikes!!

I saw a few trees around here today that had signs of being burned. And of course, there is a burn ban here. No campfires. Which for me, is ok since I don't do campfires anyhow. I like them, but my lungs don't.

I fear this is going (& already has been) to be a very bad fire season!

Stay safe everyone.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. TexCyn, yes we are having a very dry summer. We when to Branson earlier this week and I was so amazed at how brown all the pastures were especially in north central Arkansas and into Missouri...the animals may not have food for the rest of the summer let alone hay for the winter. I am worried about our farmers and cattlemen. They are having a rough year and last year was about the same. Two years in a row can be devastating for them.

    I hope you are able to get your transmission fixed quickly and with minimal expense. I know you are still dealing with your ankle and this just adds to the frustration.

    Sending good wishes for your safe travel home.

  2. If your RV is "sick" and not moving, be sure someone knows you cannot get out so if there is a fire you will have a ride to safety.

  3. Aw man! hate to see this.... My home! Arkansas usually has so much rain! I'm really getting to dislike the logging even more than I already did. I love wood stuff but we really need to start liking other materials.

    The area around here in Washington State and Montana --- the clear cutting -- even though they reseeded, takes too much time to get the forest back. The trees are the planet's breathers .... I just don't understand .. well, yes, I do.. money.


    So sorry about Ellie! damn girl!

  4. My home! ... so sad to see this! Arkansas usually has so much rain! I'm beginning to dislike logging more and more...

    so sorry about Ellie! I thought you were home. what have I missed.

    1. well now.. that's a hoot. wrote the first comment and when I clicked on Publish said the server was not available and error error error so redid and now you will have three comments from me... how lovely for you.


  5. It sure does look dry. This really has been a bad fire season. Hope you get some rain there soon.

  6. That's how it looked here last summer. Very scarey and un nerving. This year we have had lots of rain and its still raining. Last night we even had hail again.
    I sure hope they get rain soon and lots of it.


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