Monday, April 29, 2013

A cabinet a day & a missing cat poster

 The ad below is borrowed from Texas Yellow Rose, 
Phoenix Once Phoenix Once Again. Pass it around, perhaps we can reach the kitties owner? lost cat[40]

I need to purge items in this little Motorhome. 

I have too much stuff junk.

So I figured that even if I went at a snails pace of a cabinet a day, I'd get it done! 

So today, I attacked my pantry. I had to. I bought some new food & didn't have any place for it!

It appeared my food pantry grew other items. 

A microwave steamer pot thingy. 

Plastic utensils in different containers. 


A soup cup that I love to use, but it's the best place to store it. And a drink container that I can take with me where bottles aren't allowed. That's for future hiking. 

And other miscellaneous non food items that just seemed to have grown out of nowhere in there! 

And some outdated food as well. 

So I purged! Now everything is cleared out, fresh food in it's place. The other items fit nicely in their spots now too. 

Tomorrow, it's either the medicine cabinet in the bathroom + the sink cabinet. Not sure because that equals to TWO cabinets! But it's pretty bad when you open a door & quickly shove stuff junk  back so it doesn't fall out due to it all being overcrowded.

Then perhaps Wednesday, under the kitchen sink. I think I dread that one the most. I have no idea what lives under there anymore. It might be scary! 

So anyhow, that's the TexCyn life this week. Exciting huh??? OK, one of these days, we WILL leave the driveway...sometime in the future. Hopefully before I hit retirement age. Or before Ellie hits retirement age! She just may fall apart by sitting in this driveway for too long! Well, she kinda does, I just keep putting her back together again. Ahhh, the life of living in an RV! 

There's a storm approaching. Not sure if it's going to swing around us or hit us. But those black clouds out there are suggesting they'd like to pee on it's booming. I'd better hit publish & shut down.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Youtube Video on Blogger and Google+

Just saw this video on youtube.

Created by 3 folks of Google+ on the use of Google+ And Blogger:

Personally, I want to learn more about this before I take the dive. I just have to wonder how much of an invasion of privacy this might become? I don't like the way Facebook takes over & I kind of see Google+ taking the same route. 

Again, I need to educate myself more into this though before I can really express any strong opinions towards it. And it may just very well become our future for many things internet related anyhow... 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Vacuum

A friend gave me this!

Yay, a new-to-me vacuum!

Actually, I have an older version of this, but the belt needed replaced. The shipping cost twice as much as the belt did. So I never got around to ordering new belts.

Instead, I bought a Shark vacuum at a garage sale. I LOVE the Shark, but it is an upright. Which means I have to store it in my tub. Which means that I have to remove it from my tub when I want to shower. Then dry my shower to return it.

One more closet in this rig would be fabulous, but that ''ain't gonna happen".

So, here is what my friend gave me:

Downside though....I don't think it can save my life.

The Shark saved my life twice this week.

From spiders! On my ceiling! I hate spiders. One big black hairy one, one skinny tan one. The Shark ate 'em. : -)

It's going to rain today. This is the view out of my screen door. Too bad we have a BBQ to go to today. I feel like just being lazy today instead..

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grooming day for Sara

My friends have this cute medium sized dog named Sara. 

She's a shaggy thing sometimes, but I remedied that issue yesterday. 

We give her a hair cut about 3x's a year. 

The weather is getting warmer, ok Sara, time for your haircut! 

Her mama put her on the table while I took some photos of her before we started. Sara wants to share the rest of the story. I'll go away now so she can post her story.

You hoomans! You are always doing dumb things to us dogs. Leave me alone! I refuse to stand up, so there!You can't make me stand up! Nope, never. Nope.

Well dang -- my hooman Mama made me stand up anyhow! Well fine, I don't have to LIKE THIS!! 

My groomer & so-called friend, TexCyn did this to meeeee!! Horrible! She said it's the rough stage. I want off this table! Look, I look hideous!!! I'm embarassed. I'm going to hide...when they take me off this blasted table! What? Bath? Did I hear the words bath? BATH!! OH NO!!! I'm running away from home asap! When they aren't looking, I'll be packing up my food & leaving! Humpf! Hoomans. Humpf! 

And TexCyn was supposed to be a professional groomer at one time? She owned her own grooming business? AND I LOOK LIKE THIS???? Liar. 

OK, so I get my bath - hoomans are mean!

I am allowed to dry on my own...heh heh...I sneaked into my Mama's bedroom & rolled alllll over her bed, then settled down to dry in it! HA! Revenge is sweet. Plus she left the door open...sooooo....

And then, TexCyn came & got me! OH NO! The dreaded grooming table again! Now what? How can she make me look even more hideous??? I look rediculous enough as it is. 

OK, more photos of me....

 Ohhhhh, I feel sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood!! Hoomans are grrrrrrrrrrrreat!! Don't I look nice & fresh & clean & happy & cute! And I'm hungry. I think treats are in order! Oh wait, I'm not supposed to be happy about this. So note the look on my face. I'm gonna keep that look. Forever. Guilting hoomans is a good thing to do.

Ooooooo, I'm so not happy! I sneer at you! All you did to me was cut my nails & gave me a bath! I want a hair cut & a big fuss over too! Humpf. You stink - signed, Dolly.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~   Sara says, bah humbug

Wild Things

You don't have to travel to find amazing things. 

My friends live on 3 acres here. 

The other day, I decided to take the camera to the back pasture to see what I could shoot. 

Found some amazing wildflowers! 

A field of Primrose:

Stunning Prickly Poppy:

Wild Blackberries:

Virginia Creeper:

Now for the birds! While I had the camera in hand today, I noticed a batch of something fall from the sky. It was bedding for a birds nest. THEN I saw a big bird fight ensue! At first, I thought two cardinals were having a marital spat. It wasn't until I uploaded the photos, what the REAL issue was! 
Check out the photos below:

Pity that the camera could not catch the high speed of this shot -- it would have been an amazing shot had it been able to do that! But I still love the colors & subject of the above photo. 

In the meantime.....
...........................ihop the cat was a bit peeved that he wasn't invited to join in on the bird fight!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Humidity = Moisture = Resolution

Anyone that lives in a humid area, very well knows about moisture and molds.

It must be prevented if at all possible!

Especially if you dwell in a small space, such as my little ClassC Motorhome.

I have the dri-z-air units, which resemble some kind of space toy. A round open weave globe over it's own black bowl. Not the most attractive design for sure. It equals to the beauty of a toilet tanks  black ball thing.  Sorry Dri-z-air. A better asthetic design would make some of us a little more appreciative. However, your product works well.

Now having said that, I've ran out of the pellets needed for the unit. I could drive over to Camping World to pay the $20 or thereabouts price on this..and I was planning to actually. Cold weather, plus rain makes things really sweat in here.

But I was at the Dollar General and spotted this instead.

DampRid. At only $2.00 a container. Nothing to assemble, you simply take the seal off and set where needed.

So I thought, what the heck. Only $2.00 a container, I'll get two. They last up to 45 days. I think these are about two weeks old. I put one beside my mattress on my overhead cab, under the big window. The other by a kitchen window.

Check out the levels below. They've already collected a lot of moisture!
I can say I'm pleased with these units.

Looking from the bottom up, you can see the water that's been collected out of the air. These will not last me 45 days, but I expected that as it's so very humid here.

One of these days, I'll get my computer fixed so ya'll don't have to suffer with my cell phone posts and pics...

Mattress protector wrestling day

Since the Burro hadn't shown up yet, I HIGHLY suspect Linda did NOT go shopping for me! Humpf! So I went myself.

A list friend Linda is...oh never mind. Just let it be said she did not shop for me...

Now, I think the big bad grocery store put out extra groceries today, just to test my nausea levels. They are mean. Very, very mean. So I bought soups, veggies, bread & milk.

And a torture device.

A vinyl zippered mattress protector. For my memory foam pad. Did you know those things are actually dumb? I talked to the mattress pad & told it to put it' on. It could not remember how.

So I had to do it. And it hurt. There are times when sleeping in a chubby hole under your roof has it's inconveniences. That thing is heavy! And as big as an elephant.

Really. It's true.

But sleeping on an elephant would probably be rougher.

So after a wrestling match, that was nearly too much of a match for me (sure am glad my video camera is in it's bag), I won the contest. My reward will be in that of sleeping in a nice clean bed tonight....


I live....

I still have to put the sheets on the bed. And the oversized comforter (which I wish someone would sew shorter for me -- hint hint), which is still in the dryer.

In the house.

Which means I have to carry it to my RV! (& yes, a motor home is an RV too -- someone recently told me they aren't???)

Why do I use a mattress protector? In case of a leak. If I forget to close a window or top vent, (which I've done believe it or not. I know, VERY hard to believe!), then the pad would get destroyed.

And I do not want to wrestle with a new one. Ever try to unbox one of those things? They GROW right before your very own eyes! They are related to those blow up boats you see in movies & such.

Ever try to return one to the store?? Ha! Again, glad no video cameras were rolling back then either....they don't shrink back up. In spite of my best efforts.

So now on my much dirty floor, lies the remains of the shredded old mattress protector. It's lived it's life.

It too gave me a struggle. It did not go down easily...

Say goodbye. (Hey, I heard that smart remark [yes TexCyn, say goodbye. Stop wasting our time] )

Cyn Sent from my Sprint phone

Friday, April 19, 2013

I want my Mommy!

It's 2am. I just had a tornado dream! I want my Mommy!!

It's turned very windy outside & my antenna was rocking. I thought a big rat was eating my RV! I want my Mommy!! I had to roll down my antenna.

My dream was very weird...dogs, one of my brothers, a little girl I didn't know had latched onto me (kids do that with me), tornado rolled through. It was two small white clouds that turned sideways & started to spin like a circular saw. I went to grab my video camera, then realized it was a tornado formation. (Did I mention it was a sunny blue sky with only those two tiny clouds?). I ran inside of my RV, which had somehow became a big tent that we shared with other people & I told her to lay down, then I put myself on top of her to save her. Tornado didn't rip through though & the people in the tent wanted to know who we were....I want my Mommy!

Stop laughing. I ended up climbing into my bed with my electric blanket. Sleeping on that rock hard sofa is for the birds. And yes, electric blanket. What month is this again?? What state is this again?? Pennsylvania is warmer than us right now! & my Mommy is there....

Has anyone seen my Mommy???

TexCyn Sent from my Sprint phone ---
go figure, the 2 good sleeps I've had since I was sick.
First one, one of my dogs woke me. s
Second one, this stupid dream aand my stupid rocking antenna woke me...

Nitey nite...gonna try again...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I was sick, real sick

Monday, doc appointment.

Tuesday, doc appointment for something else.

I'm feeling fine, just fine. No problems outside of the usual pains from my foot.

BP was high though?? Very unusual for me!

I leave the doc on Tuesday, feeling ok. On the way home, I'm starting to feel a little funny. It's an hours drive.
I stop by my storage unit to pick up my portable air conditioner, struggle with it to get it in my van.

I manage, I leave.

I start feeling worse? What's wrong with me? what is hitting me so suddenly? I need to stop to get dog food as well.

I do that.

I check out and feel worse yet.

At this point, I'm only 4 miles away from my RV.

I pull in, change my clothes, exercise my dogs and drop.

Literally. By now, I have a fever, my everything hurts and I'm extremely nauseated.

And I can't close my teeth properly. Yep, I had an infected
molar that tried to kill me......ack.

I could not feed my dogs, had to ask for help to feed them.

My poor dogs still needed exed for the night. everyone went to bed...I had to force myself up to ex them, all the while, thinking I need to go to the ER. I was so sick, it took me 2 hours to ex my guys. I'd collapse on the couch, then it would take all my energy to get back up. Next morn, still hard. I had to ask for help again.

I started on some penicillian and that got me right again.
mouth swelling gone now. First night stayed in my overhead bed, I was too sick to set my sofa up. But with nausea, plus trying to drink as much water as possible, I was out of bed more than in bed.

So yesterday, I was able to lay down my sofa so I'd not have to climb the ladder again.

Today, I feel a lot better. Sofa is still jacknived, but sitting on a flat sofa pulled in bed position isn't that comfortable either. So I stuffed pillows against my wall by the sofa and placed my body pillow along the wall. Now that works quite well.

When I start to feel puny, I can simply slink back down again. When I want to sit up, I can rest my arm on the big body pillow. Pretty cool huh?

I'm not 100% yet, but I'm definitely better. Which is good because I'll be dog sitting again this weekend.

Doesn't this look cozy? My ladder is still up, I've not made  my bed since Monday morn. Tomorrow, I'll deal with that.
Need to wash my bedding after being so sick and feverish anyhow.

Hope all is well with ya'll...take care of yourselves...and why does tv suck when you are sick???  Well, that is when you aren't nauseated enough to actually watch it.

PS, It sure is sweet to have an RV to recoup in! I've said it before, I'll say it again, I LOVE My Little home on wheels :-)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oopseys - generator doesn't like electricity

OOpseys, yesterday, while I was preparing Ellie for a trip to the big RV toitey, I ALMOST made a colossal mistake!!

I had just a little over 1/4 a tank of gas. 

I thought I'd better exercise the generator before I left. 

Easy enough to do while I put things away - I'll run the a/c too while I'm at it so the genny will get a load to run on. 


And oops! 

My little RV doesn't have an over ride system to protect if if I stupidly turn on the generator without unplugging from shore power first! 


For the first time since I've owned this rig in '06, I made the mistake of hitting the inside button to crank on the genny before I unplugged!

Oh, my sensor didn't like that either. It screamed out in pain! 

Yikes! I let go of the button the very millisecond I realized what I had done! 

Fortunately, the genny didn't start, but it did try. 

I went out & unplugged. 

Came back in, hmmmm, now the genny hates me. It doesn't want to start now. 

First thought, oh, I must have also ticked off the coach battery. 

Sure enough, I did. 

So I started the engine to give the coach battery some juice & then the genny started right up! 

Man do I feel lucky that I didn't trash my electrical system! 


I feel lucky, but of course, there's no lottery yesterday to play on ;-) 

~ As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Ellie went on an RV trip!

It's true  -- IT'S TRUE!!

We went on a trip today!


We went a whole 28 miles!


Where did we go?


To the dump station.

Fortunately, this is a free dump station, but they don't provide water to clean up. The water on the ground is a little bit of gray water that escaped. At least it was gray water & not the other stuff! 

Ellie & I need a life. So do the dogs, they went with us.

I probably should have picked up that shredded plastic bag there. It didn't even register in my pee...oops, pea brain to do so. It wasn't my bag, but still. Oh well, I'll just let folks think it's TP instead!

I made a big mistake though. I forgot to put on my ankle brace! Dumb, dumb,dumb....

Pain, pain, pain....

Then I got out, dumped, got finished & drove away. 

Forgetting to put my brace on again!! 


Didn't feel too good once I got back. 

So I got the rig set back up, things back into place, fans turned on.

Took my pain pills. 

But still needed something to make myself feel better.

Well, see below -- I feel much better now! :-9 

PS, I envy ya'll that don't have to drive to dump stations! But then, I guess it gets to give Ellie & her shoes some exercise. 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~ 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Computer Crash

I was busy typing a blog post yesterday....


black screen!

Totally black. Uh oh. Did the cord come out? It's battery is now worthless, it's drained, so I have to use the power cord with it. Nope, it's still plugged in. 

So I closed the lid, well, that's stupid, shut the computer down, don't close the lid & wait for it to turn itself off! So I used the shut off button by holding it down till it cut off. 

Then I popped the battery out of it & used my blow dryer on it with cool air for a few mins. 

I left it sitting on top of my toilet all day after that -- not much space in a small ClassC! 

Problem was, when this happened, the computer was very hot! Then I realized that the fan wasn't running. 

Hopefully, the computer tried to shut itself off for protection. When I feel brave enough, I'll open it all up to try to access the fan to clean it. Why don't they make these things with easy fan access?? Those things get clogged with dust & well, if you live with pets, pet hair! 

So in the meantime, I got out my old model-t rebuilt laptop & updated it. Which hasn't been used or updated since 8/12/12! I even had to reset the date & time to get it to work again. Tried updating it via air card - it's so old, it doesn't have wifi. I have a wifi card for it. I also have an aircard for internet connection. But with the aircard I have, it was still taking too long, so I ended up taking it into my friends house & directly connecting it to their modem. It ONLY took 11 hours to update! I was considering sticking it IN the toilet at one point! 

So for now, I'm using the old laptop with my aircard to connect. Sure am glad I have that aircard! And that I've hanged onto the old laptop too. I've considered giving it away a few times, but knew I'd need it for a back up in case anything happened to the other laptop, which is probably aging out now too. 

If you hear any flushing sounds during the reading of today's blog...don't blame me ;-) 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Friday, April 12, 2013

Have we been dupped?

I added this to my blog post of the other day relating to the fellow RVer that needed help, please follow the link to read about it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Health Update

 Had a doc appointment today with the specialist.

Good news is, I get to keep my foot. 

Bad news is, I am definitely heading back to surgery. 

Well, that's actually good news too!

I have a ganglion cyst, which most likely brought back the problems with my foot. 
Or my foot problems caused the cyst? Who knows. 

So the surgery plans will be submitted for approval & I'll go to surgery. 

Bring it on! 

I'm really ready to get well again! 

One of the things I really want to get out there & do is -- GO HIKING! Take long walks! Ride my bike again! So in the future, I hope to be able to gain my life back again! 

Thank you all for your concerns of the past, present & future.  I truly appreciate it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Have we been dupped? Was: A fellow RVer could use some help

 I sent out this post the other day...although I feel bad that someone has lost their RV, I kind of think that his RV can be repaired....have we been duped?

I went back into his blog & found this:

Here's the post I found where he was asking for money in the past:
Not sure that link will work, it's from Oct 19, 2010
I'm sorry, but if someone has bought property, then asks for contributions to help pay for it, that's just plain wrong. 
I'm not a follower of his blog, so really did not know anything about him. 
Below was my original blog post:  

As many of ya'll probably know by now, Andy & Kathy of could use some help. 

Their motorhome was destroyed on Easter due to a devastating hail storm. As was their suburban. They are fulltimers.

Please check out their webpage & either make a donation or just give them some moral support. 

I'm paying this forward in my blog -- you may want to do that as well to draw more attention towards helping them. 

As ya'll know, I've had my own damages & repairs along the way with my little RV. You know my current health situation & that I can't work right now. So the best I could do was just mention them on my blog & loan them some moral support.

It all counts. 

Thank you.

Popcorn anyone?

I'm making my own popcorn!

Well, that's a lie because I've not made it yet. 

I plan on making my own popcorn! 

Now, that's more in the line of the truth...eventually. 

I don't eat popcorn often, but every once in awhile, I do want some. 

So it's kind of scary what's in the bag of microwave popcorn when you buy that. What are some of those ingredients anyhow? And with the fake butter scare in those bags, is it worth it? What about all that greasy oil in the bag? And the smell that lingers for days, months, years, decades in your microwave?

Nah, it's cheaper & probably more fun to make your own!

So I bought this the other day:

Course, I probably blew it with the seasoning ;-)  But how could I resist? It says cheesy jalapeno! YUM!

I can also experiment with other flavorings or just nuke some real butter to pour over it. 

I also saw on tv where they used olive oil & parmesan cheese on it. Grated of course. But that also sounds yummy!

If you are like me, you might just want it plain sometimes, with nothing on it. 

Or make it sweet, add a little cinnamon and a little sugar. 

Or salty & sweet with both salt & sugar. 

The spices are your limit! *but I'd not recommend you use every spice in your cabinet*..jest sayin'

So next time I crave it, I'm going to make some of my own! 


Buy plain brown paper lunch bags. 

Measure half a cup of popcorn kernels & put in bag. 

Fold bag over several times. Don't staple or paper clip! That might be a problem with your nuker! Just fold a few times instead.

Microwave for about 3 mins - paying attention to the sounds of the popping.



I tried it - it was probably some of the best popcorn I've ever had! No oils, no greasy bag to contend with. 
1/2 a cup is too much though, that makes a great big bowl. Next time, I'll try 1/4 cup. I also used the cheesy jalapeno sprinkles & melted some real butter. Oh man, this was some good stuff! Now back to my movie I'm watching....  

~As always, be kind to your pets (they can have some plain popcorn too), clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oh 2 Cool!

Welcome to kaholly! I don't see a blog on your profile, but I'm glad to have you aboard! 

So today's post is actually about a little fan that is making a big difference! 

Not huge, but big enough. 

My little motorhome has 3 roof vents. Which is pretty good for a rig this size. 

One over my bathroom, with the little exhaust fan. 

One in the center. 

One over my overhead bed area. 

B - U - T

I do not have one of those wonderful vent fans that the lucky folks get to use to help cool their rigs down. 
A 12 volt fan would be a dream -- but is not in the current budget. 

Soooo, I went out yesterday in search of some kind of fan that I could possibly attach to my center roof vent. 

Went to Academy first to look at tent fans. They didn't have any. 

So then I went to Walmart. They actually had one on clearance! 


I looked at it, inspected it, debated over it, put it in my cart & let it take a ride all over the store while I debated. 

Problem is, it ran off of 4 D cell batteries. Fine, I'll get some rechargable batteries, right?
They have 4 on the shelf! OkeyDokey. Put batteries in cart too. 
Then I look for a charger for D cell batteries as mine only charges AA & AAA batteries. 
Nope, they don't have one. 
The tent fan, which is made to suspend from the top of a tent has a couple of problems.
3 actually. 
It comes with an attached battery port, which you put 4 D cell batteries in. 
BUT  if you want to use electrical power, you have to buy that port!
And if you want a rechargable port, well, you can buy that too! 
Hmmmm, at this rate, I might as well buy a 12 volt vent fan & install it because this thing is costing nearly as much. 

I put it back. 

I go to the fan dept & find this little jewel  -- the O2Cool Fan. Cool! 
It's lightweight. It's small. But not too small. And it's cheap!

Alrighty then, it's going home with me! 

And I was able to suspend it from my center vent! 


 So I used those small tiny bungie cords that we all buy & wonder what the heck we'll do with them. Wrapped one end around the vent handle.
 Put the other end of another bungie into the small hole on my vent screen. Perfect!
Attach the other ends of the bungies to the grills & it works fine this way! 

This fan will run off of 8, yes, 8 D cell batteries! Gulp. So I'm using the electric cord that came with it instead. 
It has a stand, but the cord plugs in behind the stand part. Which actually worked fine too because with the stand extended a little bit, it actually aims the fan towards the living area anyhow. 

And the vent is beside my cabinet that contains my TV, which is always open when I'm not traveling, so I just slipped that cord over the top of the cabinet door. 
It's out of the way & this thing has been on all day, helping to keep the rig nice & comfortable today! 

I thought this worth sharing in case some of ya'll don't have the 12 volt vent fans either. 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Swivel Seat = Extra Seating

Hi, hope all is well with everyone! 

Now grab your seat, turn it around & listen up:

I have the luxury of my front seats in my cockpit area being able to turn around. Swivel that is. 

Don't fret -- they don't do that on their own! 

Really, they don't. 

They have bars under them in which you push to turn the seats around. 

However, turning the drivers seat around is rather moot because the steering wheel gets in the way & well, it also would simply turn into the corner of the sofa. Plus I store a folding table behind the drivers seat that I use for various things. Mostly outside things, like when making jewelery or other projects. 
Turning a seat where it's facing a fold up table seems kinda stupid huh?

Sooo, it's still a luxury of being able to swivel the passenger seat! 

I've been sitting on it the past several days while my dogs have been hogging up the sofa. Literally, they've taken my sofa hostage! How dare they! But all in all, the passenger seat is actually more comfortable as it provides back support. To sit on the sofa & stretch your legs out on it, I have to pile pillows on the wall behind it for back support. Then it's a hassle of getting the pillows just right, then they eventually slip between the sofa & back of the drivers seat anyhow. 

OK, back to the passenger seat. 

I've had it swiveled around & have been using my step stool - my most valuable step stool that stays in my RV always! Because I can't reach inside of some of my top storage cabinets without it. 

I digress, back to the seat - someone tell my mind to stay focused please. 

So again, I've been sitting in the passenger seat, turned towards the living area & using the step stool with a pillow on top of it for foot support. If I don't keep my bad foot supported, it swells & gets painful. But I had another problem with that. I didn't have knee support! My knees have started killing me. Literally. They've been stabbing me! Naughty knees, naughty! 

So I was looking online for collapsible ottomans. Trying to figure out how I'd store them when not in use. I found some, but they weren't available right now. So I was getting dressed to head out to the stores to see if they had any in the stores. I then spotted my file box! Hmmmm....that just might work. Looks like the right height. So lets put it in front of the seat & put the step stool in front of that! 

 Perfect! Just the right porridge! Oh wait, that's some little lost girl in a forest eating the bears porridge. 
That's not me, I'm askeered of bears. 
So perfect, just the right height! 

 Ok, now lets put some pillows on top - ohhhh, groovy man! Mundo Perfecto! (I'm practicing my spanish, I only know the simple words - simple minds & all that y'know)
 Now lookee here! Now if I were only 3' tall, then I could sleep here! Ha! Then I'd also only need one stool too huh? Zat's ok, my knees are happy now & they might just spare my life after all. 
This is the perfect computer station for me too. I have a folding camping tray that fits between the front seats that my computer is happy to sit upon. It likes having it's own space too. And the dogs like my sofa.....sigh...

Actually, my new seating area kind of looks like a fat marshmallow. I hope they don't eat it. 

That little round pillow on the back, it's actually one of those folding blankets - I have two. I have lots of blankets. Although I really don't know why? I live in Texas for goodness sake! Texas isn't known as the keep warm blanket state after all! But oh well, at least I don't collect elephants or anything like that...

And furthermore, the striped thing behind the seat on the dash is a curtain I found on clearance. I keep it there to keep the dash clean & dust free. Got tired of constantly cleaning that it stays nice. 

Another Yay please!  

PS, if you feel the need to mail me a bigger rig, I'll keep checking the mailbox daily! ::hint hint:: (think that will work guys? Can I have my couch back then guys?)

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Monday, April 1, 2013

Vent Covers - Cleaning & Replacing Gaskets

Hey, I'm not doing anything at the moment -- just posting this to my blog! 

Aprils Fools! Yea, right...well, it's true, I AM posting instead of working on the RV for a change! 


Soooo, you might be asking if I ever really do leave my roof??? 

Well yes, I do. How do you think I wash the RV, check the tires, drive the RV, etc?  ;-)

Anyhow, yes, I was on the roof again. And yes, I'm careful when I'm up there. Very careful. 

No one wants to fall off an RV rooftop! And I take care of my foot while going up & down that ladder too, so please, don't worry. 

I make sure that I have all my supplies before I get up there & I take the most minimal supplies up there. 

Sooooo, why in the heck was I up there? 

Because I've been looking at dirty roof vent covers for WAY too LONG! 

So I decided to open all of them from the inside & get a bucket of cleaning solution to the rooftop to clean them. My first attempt was a spray bottle of solution & a rag. That didn't work well, I really needed a bucket of the stuff, so that worked way better. 

 Tip: Getting the bucket of cleaning solution was way easier by placing it on top of a ladder, then reaching from the RV ladder to place on the roof. Worked like a charm!
         Bucket of cleaning solution.
 Dirty roof vent. Yukky Poo.
 Clean roof vent! Yay!

Why do my vents get so dirty? Because I adore fresh air, but by keeping them open, they get really, really's pretty dusty here in these parts. It's been dry & windy, thus, my RV becomes a dirt collector. 
I guess even RV's have to collect something?



Another problem. 

I tried washing the gaskets - that didn't go well. 
They were old & weathered. 
Really bad. 

Sooooo, the resolution was to go to an RV supply place & buy new gaskets. 
I did that. 

And I'm glad I did, they really, really needed replaced.

 New gasket - bought 3 since I have 3 roof vents.
 Note old gasket - yukky poo! I also took some wipe sheets up to clean around the frames when I took the old gasket off. Be careful when you do this. The sharp galvanized steel can cut you! I got a paper kind of cut from it.
 Check out the old gasket above & below. It was so brittle that it was cracking.

 Installing new gasket -- FRESH! NEW! IMPROVED! New AND Improved!! CLEAN! YAY!

Inside view - mucho bettero! All nice & clean now - ahhhhhhh.....

And if you are not yet dead of boredom, well, there's even a video! Which is pretty much the same as this post, just live! Yes, folks, live! Because it would be weird dead? 


~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~