Monday, April 30, 2012

Where have I been?

Where have I been???

No where.

No where at all...pathetic.

I have an RV.

I live in an RV.

This RV & I need to leave this driveway!

I swear.


I don't know...

Hopefully soon.

So, what have I been up to then?  I worked on my jewerly blog yesterday, so put some photo jewelry pieces up & new tabs. As ya'll know, Thursday my van was hauled off for repairs. Good news is, that it was only some kind of transmission relay something or nuther that needed replaced, so the damages weren't that bad after all. But it would not pass inspection. They had to reset the check engine light & the sensors would not read till it was driven 30-60 miles. So I picked it up on Friday. They told me to drive it over the weekend...I was nervous about that. I did not want a ticket for driving with an expired inspection sticker. Soooo, in my fashion, what do I do?? Well, it's 10 miles from the repair shop to the RV. So I drove it home. Then on Sat, I drove it around the 2 mile block 10 times!!! Hahaha. I'm pretty sure folks thought I was nuts. Oh & did you know that turtles can RUN!! Yep, they can. On my 8th go around a  red eared slider turkle was crossing the road. I didn't want it to get hit, so I stopped the van, went to pick it up to get it across the road, it RAN!!! Ran under my van & out the other side! But I guess that's as far as it could run.So I picked it up & put it on the grass. Then a guy came walking briskly down his driveway.

Him - Can I help you?
Me - No, I'm just moving a turtle.
Him - Are you lost?
Me - I laugh, no.
Him - Well do you need help?
Me - No.
Him - Are you sure? I've seen you going around this road a few times now!
Me - Now I'm really laughing & thinking oh boy, he's gonna send me to the funny farm! So I tell him that I have to drive the van at least 30 miles to recalibrate it.
Him - Oh ok.
Me - thanks for your concern though!

One of my friends said I should have told him, I'm not lost, just confused...

So I go around 2 more times, then done. And there's a small ranch down the road that has ponies & donkeys. Even the blasted Donkeys are now looking at me going WTF??? Really, I could hear their minds. And of course, this place also had pony parties on weekends for families & their kids. So here I am looking like a predator. Circling the block 10 times. Ok, ya'll can stop laughing at me now! Or with me...cause I was laughing at myself too. But good news, the van ran great!!

A few other things to pass inspection - new windshield wipers. (which were a pia to install), a new low beam head light (which is easy to install), a new lug nut & lug nut stem (forget what it's really called), which they will install. I took van back today. They are to install the lug nut & post. And inspect the van for the inspection. I also asked for an oil change & new air filter. So she'll be good to go -- hopefully! They didn't get to fix it today, they said they were waiting for a lift to lift it onto so they can change the lug nut & post. Van is nearly as heavy as my RV! No one here wants to work on it or do oil changes on it. Probably also because it's a hi-top & doesn't fit in most garages. It's old, but it's paid for & mine. As is the RV. As am I...yes, I'm paid for too. I was way cheaper when I was born than kids are now! :-p

So maybe tomorrow, I will get my van back. A friend of mine calls it "The Green Hornet". Actually it did have a hornet's nest in it!! I had my trusty vacuum as I was vacuuming it & a hornet got sucked into the vacuum. Then the nest. Then a few more hornets. Then I wilted because I'm allergic to them, but I was brave. A brave Sucker. And the tow truck driver was happy too when I told him I saved him from them going after him too.

Here is my van parked beside my RV when I still lived in Galveston County. It snowed that day! Really! A rare snowstorm in 2008.

The van says, what the heck is this stuff?

Ellie says, what the heck is this stuff? Hello, I'm not winterized!

 Hey Zeus says, what the heck is this stuff??

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mags, planes & vans

Mags as in Magnolias.

I love photographing these.

They are so brilliant.

They give the perfect lighting without having to do any editing other than sizing & putting my name on the photo.

And they smell nice.

The magnolia tree, you can see the white blooms on it.

Then I saw a plane when shooting the tree, so I shot it too:

Then this guy came & took my van. He's towing it to a shop to see what's wrong with it. It's El Deado. Unfortunately, I got in the bad habit of putting things in it & using it for storage. Maybe it's a good thing it went into the shop because that was a bad habit. Now I'll be forced to go through the stuff that's piled in the driveway beside my RV to either send to storage or get rid of.

In fact, of those items are some refridgerator shelves, two drawers & a glass shelf for a Norcold N641 model RV fridge. If anyone needs them, let me know. Otherwise, I'll list them on Craigslist. I was told to take them out when I ordered my new fridge, but it came with them.

I told the tow place to bring a BIG TRUCK! Not a small truck. My van is big, weighs 7000 pounds. Almost all the roadside services send me the small trucks. That's a waste of time for the tow companies & they don't get paid when they come out & can't tow the vehicle. The front tires of this tow truck lifted slightly off the ground when he loaded my van -- El Yike-os!

And no, this guy is not pushing my van onto the ramp, although it looks like it huh? ;-)

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Monday, April 23, 2012

Step + Stool = Step Stool

Is step stool one word or two?

Ah, it's two.
Had to peeksey at the package.

Soooo today's post is about stools!

NO! Not *that* kind!

I'll leave *that* kind up to other bloggers to bring up.

Not me.

No thanks.

So I went to WalMart to get some other things & while there, I thought I'd pick up spray paint & primer to redo my old step stool. I have new rubber (no, not *that* kind) feetseys for the old stool (no, not *that* kind). I'll take off the rubber (no, not *that* kind) mat off the stool (no, not *that* kind)& refinish it. I'll get my sander out, sand it, prime it, paint it, make it like new again! Yay! :-)) Big happy face.

Uh oh...:-( Big happy face goners.

Stool (no, not *that kind) is in bad shape.

First, take off the rubber (no, not *that* kind) mat off. It breaks to pieces.

OK, no problem, I'll just buy something new to put over that surface. Should not be hard to find something. Well, ok, this doesn't look good. Not good at all.

But I think, OK, I'll still sand it off, prime it, paint it.

It will be fine.

I flip it over.

OK, it's cracked up. All the way through. OK, take paint back, get money back. No sense in trying to restore this project stool. (no, not *that kind)

So I took paint back to WalMart & bought a new stool! (no, not *that* kind. That kind is free)

OK, so you say new stool (no, not *that* kind) is rather useless? It's no more than a flat brick on the ground?

OK, I'll unfold it then.

Happy now?

Unfortunately, there might be one small problem with new ...step. Whew, now I don't have to type that phrase anymore.

It's only rated for 200 pounds. Not a problem for me, but it could be a problem for friends & others. (ok, so who are the others??, I don't know)

Or if I had a sick dog & had to pick it up & carry it inside of the RV. My dogs are big, so their weight plus mine then could be a problem. This sto....step was only $13.00. So I'm debating on keep it? Take it back? Go to Camping World & spend money I really don't have on a better more heavy duty sto....step? Or go to CW just to see what they have first? Maybe that's my best option. Spend the gas $$ to go to CW to check out their stoo...steps.

I'm tempted to keep this one since it folds for other things around the RV. But I also have two smaller step stools that I already use inside of the RV because I can't reach inside of some of my top cabinets.

Wow. Life is hard.

PS, I've heard that if you use those carpet strips over your RV steps, that they too can rust out under them & you don't realize it till it's too late.
I don't use my RV steps because there's "give" to them when you step on them & I don't like that. So I use a st--- instead
~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Great Weather - Beads & Blooms

Hi everyone, hope all is well with ya'll. When Blogger said they were going to change, they meant it! But before we all know it, we'll get used to the new format.

I did some work on my jewelry blog yesterday, the old blogger was there. Then I came back last night to totally find it all changed & different. If I wasn't used to the RV blog network, then it would have been really strange to me, but I find some things a little similiar there. Anyhow, it is what it is huh?

I still have work do to on the jewelry blog, I'm trying to organize it. Got my bracelets up yesterday. And I figured out how to do tabs. I did a post, then discovered that you had to create a page, not a post, so had to redo it, in order to create a tab. At least I was able to copy & paste the fonts & carry that over, but had to reload all the photos. If you care to take a look, I'd like some feedback. I need to get myself organized & probably build a real website, but for now, I'm experimenting with it in blogger first. 
So far, I only have the home page & a bracelet tab.

We had a storm roll through yesterday. I am HAPPY to, ELATED, that no leaks were to be found in Ellie! Yay! Yipeee!! Yahooo! The rain didn't last but maybe an hour or so, it did rain hard. Afterwards, the cool air moved in, thus making for a lovely day today.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby & bought more beads. Yikes! Can't resist them. They are sooo purdee..ooOOOooo...shiny things! I bought too many, so now really need to get to work creating things with them!

The Afghans are back for grooming too, so they will be my chore for tomorrow. I hoped I could sit down & organize the beads as I bought a bunch of plastic bead boxes, but that will probably have to wait till Monday. I've started calling myself the bag lady. I have bags & bags of beads & such & shove all them in a duffle bag. Now I want to get them all in the bead boxes & put them neatly in the duffle bag. Plus that will give me a better view of what I have instead of rooting around in bags & driving myself nuts. (nuttier?)

Anyhow, I've finally gotten my creative side rolling again. Here is a custom pair of earrings I did for a friend. They really turned out neat. I still need to take photos & get the photo jewelry up as well.

       These are photo stones. Some were turned into pendants, some pins & some paperweights.

A lot of our wildflowers are starting to fade now, but the magnolia trees are starting to bloom as well as some of the other blooming things around here. I think the Magnolia tree is about my favorite tree! Their blooms are just so magnificent!  We worked hard to save the three Magnolia trees on the lot here last year during the drought. My friends told me they lost two other Magnolia trees a few years back in another drought. Well time to go feed the dogsters here, so have a good evening everyone!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brushy posey tree & bell peppas

Welcome to Mike & Gerri - Happytrails.  they are fulltimers & have beautiful photography on their blog. They have some little pupper dogs as well. I've not checked out their blog too far back yet, but the photography & appreciation of nature really comes through. :-)
Glad to have ya'll along!

Yesterday, I noticed something red out of the corner of my eye (no, not in the corner of my eye, that could be bad) when looking out a window in my friend's house. Ohhhh, what is that? What are those red things I see? I must go see! So I went out & saw this! Very pretty & what a treat!

This is the red brush bloomin' tree. I have no idea what it is really called. I'm too lazy to look it up right now. So I'll just dub it a red brush tree. Funny, from a distance, you don't really see the blooms, so they can go easily missed. Up close, WOW, beautiful! The little pedals off of them are waxy feeling. At first look, I thought they were hard shelled, but no, they were very soft & pliable. And hot pink on the inside, soft pink on the outside. Very pretty!

Weather has been so beautiful the past few days. In the high 70's outside, 82 inside the RV. Comfortable with windows open & fans blowing. I have no complaints.

Yesterday, we bought some goldfish for the pond. Last year, we bought some fancy fish, but the frogs & birds got them. So this year, we opted for just feeder goldfish! I did buy two last fall & one is still living. So it was very happy for the new company. They've been swimming around enjoying the pond. No pics because they rush to the bottom of the pond when they see me.
Around the pond, it's just a small pond that is made out of a manmade plastic pond. So around it, we built a flower/veggie bed. We put two bell pepper plants, some flowers & two grape vines that climb up on the support fence behind it. We didn't have a hard winter this year, so the pepper plants survived. Now they are bearing peppers!
I miss the beautiful flower beds I had in my house at the bay. Well, they weren't actually in my house. We had a pool & I had a few flower beds planted around it & lots of potted flowers as well. So I was glad when my friends decided to redo their pond last year.
They have a cute little sign hanging over the pond:
Frog Parking
All others will be Toad.

Here are the pepper plants:

I hope everyone is having beautiful weather like we are having here.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm 64...6'4"...64"...confused & blonde

Heehee, ok, not really confused.

But yes, blonde.

And not 64 years old.

And not 6'4".

But I AM 64 inches tall!!


I got a copy of all my doctors files the other day as I had an appointment yesterday from a 2nd opinion doctor that the Gov assigned for me to go for a visit. So when scanning, I saw that I was 64. I thought what?? Well it turned out to be my height by inches. Whew! I wondered when I became Rumplestiltskin & fell asleep for a few years...

And at least I'm not 64 inches wide.


At least I don't have a beard.


I hope I never grow one actually.

Or become 64" wide.

Or 64" round.

None of the above would look good on me.

Really. Not.

So as it turns out, 2nd opinion doctor seems to think I'm doing pretty good. Till he examined me. Then his assessment turns towards not as good as he thought. I'm stronger than he thought. But why wouldn't I be? I'm a country girl. Country raised & corn fed. Strong sorta kid that never ate junk food as a kid. They don't put McDonald's in corn fields, so no fast food places around. Too bad because they'd of made a killing off us kids. Well that is, if they sold burgers for a quarter back then ;-) 
That made me think of my Mom sending us to the store as an occasional treat with a quarter. We got to buy ourselves a soft drink & a cupcake! YUM! That was always a great treat & a nice surprise when it would happen. (cupcakes are not junk food - yum)

OK, back to reality.

Now I want a cupcake.

So as the doc is going along with his evaulation, can't understand why I still have pain. He picks up my MRI films. INSTANTLY, he sees ligament damage!! So that's my problem. So he has requested more paperwork from the clinic & we'll go from there.

So this means that I must remain here longer :-(((  So no trip to Pa yet. But honestly, I drove over 130 miles yesterday & am still paying for that one. So no, I'm not healed yet & have a ways to go still. Bummer.

But in the bigger picture of things, life could be a whole lot worse! I've survived through a lot, so a foot problem is small compared to the big picture. Especially when others have really serious health issues.

I found these pics this morning.

One is of Ellie right after we bought her. Year, 2006. She was 10 years old then. Not 64. Her side window displays an orange sold sign! I was sooo happy! She had her issues, but at that time, I wasn't aware of them. I was just happy. She's been a big learning experience on how to care for & maintain your RV.  It's all been valuable experiences though. And she saved us after Hurricane Ike. Year, 2008. So I'll always be grateful for that. Ike ripped a hole in the roof, thus flooding all ceilings & insulation. I could barely enter that house, let alone live in it. It also destroyed the master bedroom. It ripped a big hole in the ceiling.  And a few other things destroyed. Like all bedroom furniture. So I lived in this valuable RV for a year before I left that place. I won't go into the details of all that. It's one my lifes black moments that I don't really care to revisit. But the purpose of buying Ellie was for hurricane evacuations (thank goodness) & for dog shows. Another fun thing that I've not been able to partake of much in the past few years. But I will be back!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Winds & strands

Welcome to Jim & Rosie!!
They are being plunged into fulltiming into their Fiver a little sooner than they had planned. They were preparing their house for sale & going into the full time lifestyle. Looks like things are moving very quickly for them as their 5th wheel is also having some work done on it. So note to yourselves, if you have a house for sale & want to sell it quickly, get your RV's worked on -- when it's most inconvienient to do so!! Good luck to ya'll. I'll be following along.

It's been a really windy day here. Windows open, windows closed. Wait, open those windows, it's getting stuffy in here. Wait, close the windows, it's too windy in here. That was pretty much my day ;-)

I had a down type of day today. Just did a little bit of crocheting & spent lots of time on the computer, just wasting time for a change. Tomorrow, I'll be shoulder deep in paper work. Shredding, scanning, etc.
All the stuff that is much easier to put off then to address.

Here are some pics of my great resale shop finds! My friend has an ebay business, so I get dragged along to resale shops from time to time. But sometimes I find things too! I found this basket & stuffed it with yarns. I think the entire thing cost me around $8. Not a bad deal! The little green thing, I bought a few years back at our little local grocery store in Galveston County. For a buck. It folds up when I'm not using it. It comes in handy when I'm working on a yarn project as I can stuff the project in there & set it aside.

When I leave, I'll put the bigger basket into storage with other items that won't be traveling with me. It only cost me 50 cents! But I think it's cute & makes a cute yarn basket, so want to keep it for now.

I need to go find the url of someone that suggested how to maintain yarn in your RV. It was a great suggestion as the space bags tend to open back up when they are not supposed to!
I need to space bag some blankets too. If anyone knows of any kind of bags like them that work better, please let me know. Blankets are harder to stuff than yarn is.

OH, I found it! Yay! I can't believe I found it ;-)
Thank you Karen for the great idea.
Here is her blog if you'd like to read what I'm talking about for storage ideas that resolved her space bag issue.

She doesn't know it yet, but I'm stealing her husband to work on my RV! Shhhh, don't tell her....

So it's been a ho hum day. I can't complain. We all need these kind of days from time to time!
Plus my foot could use the down time today too. It told me so. It talks. Sometimes I even listen to it.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm a dude - pass the longnecks!

OK, really, I'm not a dude but pretended to be one yesterday!

I believe that all women should be able to check these things though.

And check those tires often too!

Especially on an RV that has to carry so much weight.

I popped the hoods on 4 vehicles yesterday! I felt rather like grunting like Tim Taylor of Home Improvement.

Remember that old TV sitcom?

I think I was supposed to grunt & scratch...instead, I opened hoods, cleaned battery terminals with the spray cleaner stuff.  Cleaned that up, let it all dry, then checked battery levels.

And fluids.

Oh wait!

Now I'm a car doctor!

I did open a nice cold beer because it just seemed fitting.

The SUV is El Sicko car. I discovered when I opened the hood that her radiator fan is split & cracked in several places. I let her know about it yesterday. It's not safe to drive in my opinion. Her adjuster called me to see when he could come view it. He'll come on Monday. She flies back on Monday. He started to discuss details with me, but I cut him off & told him it's better to discuss that with the owner of the vehicle. Not me!

I need to fill the holding reservoir of the RV's coolant but didn't feel like it then. The radiator is ok, but the coolant level in the holding reservoir needs to be filled. That requires a tall stool. Why they practically hid it under the frame in a barely  inaccessible space is beyond me.

Ha, try checking the windshield washer fluids! Now that's almost impossible. I swear, it's hidden under an area that you can't see through.

It was interesting on the difference between the 3 big vans. That includes the RV as a van too.

2 Fords, 1 Dodge. The Dodge is mine. It's El Deado. It's beyond El Sicko. It needs a real El Mechanico.
Not me.

One day, I'll get it into a shop. For now, it has somehow become a storage unit. It would be embarrassing to take it in with all the stuff I have stowed inside of it! I swear, I don't know where that stuff comes from. Once you put in one single item, it reproduces like bunnies! Fortunately, so far, I've not found any bunnies in there...yet.

Speaking of critters, these are the 2 Afghan Hounds, 1 Italian Greyhound & 1 Borzoi (also known as a Russian Wolfhound) that we've been boarding & that I groom.

The Afghans really do have eyes....they are like little hippie girls. There should be flowers in their hair huh?

I'd better go when the gettin' is good here. The wifi signal goes from 3 bars to 1 bar, to no bars, all up & down like the stock market. Usually I lose.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Good Deed Goes......Unpunished...

Hi all, hope everyone is well.

Today was an interesting one.

A friend needed me to take her to the airport, Houston Intercontinental. An hour + away. She picks me up in her car, we go over there. Drop her off & bring her car back. It has to be started once a day, so bascially, I'm car sitting. BUT WAIT! The story doesn't stop here! Now why would it? I keep Murphy in my pocket y'know. His darn law caught me again! Go away Murphy!

I'm about halfway back. Service Engine Soon Light comes on. Oh goodie. An extra light that I'd prefer NOT to see! Then the temp gauge rises. Oh goodie, even better! My life has gotten stale & boring, so why not add a little spice to it??? Gee thanks Murphy. I pass my docs office on the way & need to pick up all medical data from them, plus other things for a "surprise" doc appointment that was made for me for next Monday with another doctor. So anyhow, I'm grateful to pull over & go in to let the el-sicko car cool down. Hmmm, I never thought to ask the doc to come out & take a look at the car! My bad. Then after I get paperwork, I need to head over to another clinic for more things. OK, put that addy in phone's gps. OK, it shows me the way. Then it shows me how well el-sicko car can do little tiny turns. It's so impressed with little tiny turns that it keeps asking me to do them! Grrrr, stop it gps! Tell me where I really need to go! Well it can't. So I pull over again, turn off car that says, hey, stop making me dizzy or I'll blow my hood! (thanks Murphy)  So I call docs office, as it turns out, they didn't have what I needed anyhow.

OK el-sicko car, lets try to limp home without firing up...literally. I look around just in case. Nope, no fire extinguisher on board. Isn't it funny how us RVers come to depend on those? Although I hope to NEVER have to actually use one, I still want them on board!

Roll down windows, turn heat on full blast. Once I find the heater. This car is new fangled. The a/c is the same as the heat. You just turn the little arrow button to make it hot or cold. The hottest it goes is 85. So down go all the windows & off we go. Zooom...well, not really. But we go. We go back roads so I can pull over easily if I have to. Did I say easily!?? I get within 4 miles of the RV. I get a light. There's a long line of cars sitting at this light. Oh goodie!! Construction! Just what I need! NOT!
Car says, hey, I think I'm gonna puke. I have a fever! Oh joy. Ok, get out of line & drive to the closest pull over point! I find one about 3 miles down the road. Pull over in the shade, wait a half hour, then get back on the road. Whew, I'm the first car at that light. I don't want el-sicko to idle too long! Light turns green, all other lights amazingly are green, so I'm soooo relieved to pull into that lovely driveway!

All was not lost. We had a very interesting sunset, so I grab camera & head to the back pasture to shoot it.

Then I shot Wrinkles (not with that, with a camera!)

Then when I was by the RV, I noticed little white posies, so I had to shoot them too!
I think they are jasmine.
They are hanging off the big tree & caught my eye. I grabbed my eye back, got the camera & shot them.

Yes, the cat is that blurry in real life. Really. And the tree was planted here years ago. Many years ago. With me in mind. It likes to trip me with it's big fat roots. And it makes me go circles & circles & circles around it with the riding mower. It has a natural gps built into it that makes the riding mower do that. Really.

So all in all, the evening was a beautiful one. I even took time to stop & smell the jasmine. And well for the cat, he's planning on attending an AA meeting tonight.

PS, El Sicko car also has a bunch of windshield wipers. A rear one to wipe it's hiney too. I bumped the secret button that turned it on. Do you know how hard it is to find that secret button? Almost as hard as it was to find the heat button! So here I am driving El Sicko down the highway, it's wiping it's hiney on a bright sunny day. And I have the heat on. Going full blast. It's 85 outside & I have the heat on..Fun.  El Sicko car is staying in the driveway & I will be picking Amy up with the big gas guzzling van instead! I'd surprise her with the RV (which would not thrill her one bit) but I'd have to take a loan out for gas. I feel the need to pay her back...maybe I'll take the riding lawn mower instead.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little privacy please

Hi everyone, hope all is well today.

And Welcome to Arkansas Travelers! And to Sue of the eBay/RV life!

Arkansas Travelers have a 5th wheel which they take out when they can. They have a goal of going fulltime after retirement. I hope all works out well for ya'll - it's a great lifestyle! I am also glad that ya'll have opened your blog to public so we can all share your adventures getting there & the fun you will have in the meantime before you get there.

And Sue is a fulltimer, with her little kitty. And she drives a guppy. Well, that's the name of her Toyota Dolphin ;-) Sue collects vintage scarves & sells them on ebay. She also was selling eclectic western wear at one point. I'm sure she can dig up some for ya'll if you need that. She does wonderful mosaic artwork as well. Check out her blogs here:

Now for my privacy: (don't peek)

(You peeked didn't you)

I took down my curtains before the great rebuild.

Then washed them.

Then put them in a plastic bin for safe keeping.

Then I opened the bin.

They smelled of plastic.

Then I tortured them again.

This time more extensively.

I rewashed them.

Then I hung them. Hanged them? Clipped them up to dry. Did you know that is the real purpose of plastic pant hangers & RV showers?? Did you really think the hangers were for hanging slacks?
And that showers were really for taking a shower in? No silly. They are for washing items & hanging them in there. So stop using your showers improperly!!


The shower police will be after you.


Then I tortured them more. BUT before I could do that, my camera tortured me first! This is what it did to me when I first turned it on this morning....made my face all sads. I thought, oh no. A new camera is NOT in the budget. But I need a good camera. A good camera that WORKS! Uh oh.

Fortunately, turning the camera off & back on got it working properly again.

So I went back to curtain torture.

Actually, I think it's torture for me, not the freakin' curtains!

Then I started to rehang the curtains after the heat torture.

Well, again.

Torture for me.

Did you know that you have to become a contortionist to hang these things??


You do.

So if you've ever worked for a circus, I'd hire you.

Ok, job done. Now my Teddy Bear & little Afghan Hound Puppy can close those curtains & play till their hearts are content. Doesn't that just warm your heart??

And one of these days, I'll get new curtains made for my overhead window & the two little side windows....o-n-e  o-f   t-h-e-s-e   d-a-y-s....

Also one of these days, I'll actually have some real traveling to share instead of just RV stuff!! I probably should dig into archives of past travels so ya'll don't think I'm just stealing pics of a neighbors RV or something.

OK, gotta go. I'm going to some more chores now.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Monday, April 9, 2012


Oh blast it anyhow! I've been trying the past several days to leave comments on blogs, but I keep losing my internet connections. Then I have to give up. So I just wanted to let folks know that I've been reading & if you get any comments from me, consider yourself lucky (yes, I am that important! haha). Otherwise, I tried, but got dumped again! Too bad they don't get saved, but nope. I just get a stupid blank window with IE telling me I have no connection - again.
And again.
 And again.
 And grrrrr

Today was a busy day for me. I cleaned out two junk bags that I toss stuff into today. One had two flashlights in it, a tiny radio, stuff like that. I have a bad habit of when I'm cleaning, if I don't know where to put something, I'll toss it into a bag & deal with it later. Today was that later day.

Then I went through my dogs leash/collar bag & cleaned it out. Washed the leads & collars, then laid them out in the sun to dry.

Then I went insane & mowed the lawn. My friends have a riding mower, so it's not really that bad of a chore to do. In fact, I kind of like mowing as long as it's not too hot outside. It would not be possible for me to mow if they didn't have the riding mower though. I don't have to use the foot at all for that job. So I mowed the front yard, both side yards. Then went into the house & fixed dinner. Then fed dogs. It was still light out, so I mowed the back yard...then the mower died. It needs gas. Gas can empty, so I left it sitting there.
Then decided to rake up the pile of dirt/leaves/weeds. I worked till I went blind. Well actually, it got dark & I could not see anymore. So I quit. Now I have fans blowing on me to cool off.

Did I mention they have 3 acres here? I mowed 2 of them.

I think it's time to take a shower. And if you are still reading this, then you need a life like me ;-) 

Hope ya'll have had a great day!!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

~*~ Happy Easter to all ~*~

 I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter Day!

And don't eat too much wabbit my case, it would be chocolate wabbit stew ;-)

Baby Birdie in her easter bonnet! 4 weeks old

And another easter photo - I've sent this one before, but after all, it's Easter & this is a wabbit, right?

 ~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Friday, April 6, 2012

Shells of a different kind

One shell bites, the other just rips off.

One is easier to fix than the other though.

If one falls off, nothing really dies (although you think you just may have!).

The other, if it falls off or even cracks, it dies.

One snaps.

One bites.

One eats, pees & poos.

The other one just eats people & well, ok, it kinda pees & poos too.

One you don't want to embrace.

The other you do  - especially in a storm!

From ya'll - "OK enough already, what in the Sam Hell are you talking about"? (And who is Sam Hell?)

Ok, here is what I'm talking about:

This shell

VS this shell:

This is the final finish on this shell. It's done now. They cleaned up the edging too, which I'm glad they did! This is the passenger side. I spoke of this the other day, but was asked for pics. I finally got them uploaded to share.

Drivers side. All properly lined up now. Thank goodness. Note the lack of decals on the passenger side. I'm planning on stripping all the striping off the RV eventually anyhow. There's just not much attraction for me on faded, cracked decals. So I will remove them. I will probably save that project if I ever make it up to Pa this summer. It will be much cooler weather wise for a project like that up there than down here in Texas.

Front all done now. Window was taken out, glass removed, the entire thing resealed & reseated. All clearance lights were taken off & properly sealed under them, then caulked around them. We've only had one rain storm since. It only lasted about 10 mins, but so far, so good. It didn't leak then.

~~OK, so enough about that shell. Back to the snapping shell!~~

This thing was smack on the other side of the dog yard. With it's head buried into the bottom rail on the fence. The dogs were going insane. I thought it was the neighbors dog barking as he likes to come over & have a bark-a-thon with my friend's dogs. Then my friend told me there was a snapping turtle hanging out on the fence. (?!?)  He didn't think much of it. They can bite & hold & rip & tear skin & break toes & eat your house & pee on your roof & ...ok, just checking to see if you are still paying attention.

So me being the responsible kinda soul I am, I go about removing & relocating the snapper. Last year, I bought one of those BIG Pooper Scoopers. But I've never used it. It's jumbo sized. It's the perfect size for a jumbo sized turtle. Especially if that turtle bites. So I take the scoop part, roll the turtle over, then scoop it onto the shovel part of the scooper. Or something like that. Then I drag it, or rather give it a ride away from the dogs. It's pissed. It's on it's back. It's helpless. But the dogs are now safe, the roof is safe, the house is safe (just checking again). BUT WAIT! I can't do this deed without a camera! So I have to go grab both cameras. One that does video & one that does pictures. Poor turtle. Laying there, belly up. Nothing to hide it's "southern side". No wonder it's pissed...well, it did do that too while I was giving it a ride to the back pasture. Where there are no horses. Just birds & snakes. And crickets. And fire ants. And bugs.

So I took it back to the pasture, took pics of it, took video of it. Let it eat a stick. Let it eat the scooper. But I didn't let it eat me. At least I didn't have to run away from it. I could have crawled away from it if I wanted to! But I didn't want to.

I will eat your blasted scooper! Never do that to me again! I am going to be laughed at by the entire turkle community! You mean person you. Just wait, I will be sleeping under your bed tonight! Yep. I am. So there. What? You have video? Ok, that does it. I am sleeping UNDER YOUR SHEETS!!

~As always, be kind to your pets (& turkles), clean up after them on your travels (not necessary for the turkles) & respect your neighbor (& turkles)~