Monday, December 26, 2011

A most lazy day, leak update & heating the RV

I am having a most lazy kinda day! Been sitting here trying to catch up on blogs, watching old movies on tv, eating cheese & crackers because I'm too lazy to fix anything real to eat. Maybe I need a life? Maybe not...don't want to over extend myself!

Lookie! That's what the sun looks like! Yay!

The SUN is trying to come out! Yay  & Yipee! We NEED that! The overhead in the RV still needs some desperate drying out. I've taken all the curtains off, the cushions have dried & are still in my friends studio. Those things are huge & I have no idea yet how long they will have to stay out there. I hope they don't mind! My friends that is, I doubt the cushions care much. I sprayed the over head area with clorox clean up to help prevent mold, but I know the water went deep down into the wood.  I remembered my small shop vac the other day when it was once again flooding up there, so got it out & sucked up 3 gallons of water! I also had two big towels there, they too were full of water. I have a micro mini tool kit to use with the shop vac, so that helped as I was able to go down a bit of a ways into the edging & suck up water with it. I also know it'll be a few days yet till the insurance company actually sends someone back out again. :-/  I sure hope they'll take care of this for me. The damages from a few weeks back caused this.

Right now, I've had a heater going in here 24/7. It's been cold outside & dreary. But the heat is good to help keep the RV drier as well. Last year, I made a collosial mistake of closing off the cab area (classC RV) while trying to keep the RV warm. Why was that a mistake? Because condensation moved in! It was nasty, it was bad. The cab area mildewed! It took me two shampooings & dropping baking soda on the carpeting to dry it all back up again. I'll never make that mistake again. And I've discovered that the RV actually stays warmer with the heater sitting between my front seats on a stool to keep the RV nice & warm. The kitchen/bathroom area stay a little cooler, but that's ok. The actual living area stays warm. I try to keep the bathroom door open this time of year too so condensation doesn't build in there. At least now that it seems to be done raining, I can probably close the bathroom door more.

This photo shows where my space heater is located. Geez, look at all those cords. Why haven't I strangled myself by now on those? Ha!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I had a good one. I'm grateful for friends & spent some time on the phone with family. We had a great Christmas dinner too, life is good. I miss my family & plan on going to Pa for the summer to spend it with them. I've not told them yet though & now everything depends on the situation with the RV.

~ As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day - Great fun video!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope ya'll have a Super Wonderful Christmas!!!
For those that like vids, this one is just too cute. Enjoy!

We just opened presents, now the cooking must begin. Yum!

~ As Always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor ~

Saturday, December 24, 2011

~~Merry Christmas~~

I'm wishing a Safe & Happy Holiday Season for All!!

Feather Christmas 2011

***What do you call people that are afraid of Santa Claus?....
(sorry, just saw that on tv & could not resist!)
~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Not a good kind of water :-( & other things

Welcome to new blogger friends! I welcomed Duck Bob the other day & he does indeed have a blog:   His blog has cute little rubber Duckies that get spotted all over the place - you can even upload pics of your own little rubber duckies. Check out his blog, it's really cute! Thanks for bringing the url to my attention. Quack on!

Welcome to T (Just call me T). It appears that he is in the works of creating his blog, so I hope he'll share the url when he's ready. T is a transplanted Okie, now residing in Wa state. He sold his ClassA RV & is currently looking for a ClassC. He hopes to launch a fulltiming lifestyle around May/June of 2012 - Good luck T. Let us know when you get that blog up & running!

Welcome to bsg. I don't see a blog url for you, so if you have one, please share it & I'll be happy to log it here. Glad to have you along!

Welcome to Jim & Sandy of Where Are The Dixons Today! I'm sure many of you already know them & I'm happy to have them along!   they also have two adorable little Doxies that get to travel along with them.

As promised, the two things I was to do today was share a photo of Feather & add DuckBob's url here, so the url is done, now for a photo of Feather for Jim & Sandy.

"Feather"  SCOA National SBIS Ch ReignBeaus Feather In Her Cap, JC
To Jim & Sandie, I show & breed Saluki dogs. I don't breed often though, & only when I want to keep my line going & want a new puppy to show. First & foremost, they are my buds, my companions & my life. For me, they are never just dogs. Each one has their own unique character, which I love about them!

OK, now for the not so pleasant stuff. Remember a few weeks back, I blogged about the damages to the passenger cabover side to my RV? Well, we got rain. Lots of rain. And the rain found it's way in! If I had not planned on washing my bedding, it may have gone un noticed even longer than it did! I've not been sleeping in my overhead bed partly due to my surgery & mostly due to the damages. It just kind of freaks me out right now. I tried to sleep up there two nights, but wasn't comfortable with it. So I told myself I was being silly, that I should sleep up there. So I decided to freshen up the bedding. Stripped off the comforter, started to take the sheets off & noticed something WET! Oh, not only wet, but SOAKING WET!! Crap. I'll spare you the details of the insurance company right now, but we're pending. Now this comes up in the meantime. I sure hope they'll come through & cover this. Camping World says yes, this is due to road debris hitting me while I was driving on my way home. Now I have to wait till Tuesday to get hold of anyone about the rain damages. The entire deck is soaked where the bed area is. Unfortunately, when I took off the soaked & holding water (!) cushions, the decking had been soaking up water for awhile & now is totally ruined. I don't even have the heart to edit the photos for sharing right now. So I'll only share the ones of the cushions while they were still covered with a sheet. The sheet tells the story of how wet that deck got. I discovered this yesterday & there is still water draining out onto a towel this evening from that area. This is not good! This is my house. I am really bummed. I lost my real house to Hurricane Ike & I don't want to lose my little house now too. I have to have faith that things WILL GET BETTER SOON!!! Enough is enough!

Side of cushion bedding soaked. When I lifted this to take it out, water POURED out of it!!! I had to quickly grab it & toss it out my door, Oh but wait, not so easy. It got stuck, pouring water out everywhere!

You can see along the wall, how wet the edges are.

Definitely not a good thing. I got the cushions outside, stripped the covers off & put the padding inside to dry out. Fortunately, my friend has a studio & allowed me to put the cushions in there to dry out. Sun would be good, but it's decided to go into hiding for now..

So on another note, this is what I saw the other day in town. There were two of these big Lincoln Continentals. The other was white, but this one was more interesting of the two. Too bad all I had was my cell phone to shoot with. I could have gotten detailed shots with my real camera, but I don't tag it along everywhere as it's a big camera.

Subject change again - more on my recovery. I finally started physical therapy this week & I'm excited about it. Why? Because it means that I am FINALLY MOVING FORWARD! YAY!
So I took pics of the office building where my docs office resides. I like the reflections that are in the windows. Apparently when you are inside, you see the parking lot. When outside, you can see it twice! The real parking lot & the window images of the parking lot!

I like the angle of this last shot. These were shot from my cell phone, so really, not too bad.

And across the parking lot is the Channel 2 News Station. Again, taken by cell phone...but shhhh, don't tell them. These are shots of her, ahem... "southern side"..

Above these two cars, you can see the "Chopper Pad". One day while there, they were taking off, but I could not get the phone's video camera working in time to catch it.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life in 145 Square Feet

Eagles Point RV Park, San Leon, Texas.

~~~Someone had asked me some questions about my rig as she is looking for a rig for herself & keeps coming back to the Coachmen Catalina Sport 220RK like I have. I wrote her a long letter about things related to my rig & what I've been looking for myself, as she's considering full timing in her future & is a foodie, so likes to cook. If I had a different lifestyle then my rig would be perfect for me. But I have dogs & cats, which make the small rig a bit crowded at times. They are my loves though & my pets aren't disposable just to make life easier. In fact, in my case, it would make life more miserable for me without their souls to share life with! So I've started looking for a bigger ClassC. Right now, I'm checking out my options as to what's out there & what I'd like to live in next. But it will be very hard for me to say goodbye to Ellie, my RV, in the future too!  So I've decided to share my letter back to her here, but I'll keep her anonymous as I think it's the right thing to do.~~~ 
**My rig all in all, is only around 145 square feet. **

Yes, mine is a 220RK, which means Rear Kitchen. For the size of this unit, it does have decent cabinet space, but I'm running short on storage space lately! But since it's only 22' long, that's part of the problem. I am amazed over the cabinet space though for the size of this rig. I've been looking at other rigs lately & so many lack closet & cabinet space. For fulltiming, closet space is kind of necessary. I show dogs, so have suits that I have to wear in the show ring, ouch, they take up space. The rest of my suits & clothes are in a box & hanging wardrobe boxes in my friends house. I need to decide what to do with those as I'm planning on leaving here in May of 2012. So that's one of my issues, I have the double wardrobe closet & two large drawers for folding clothes underneath. It has a generous pantry, which so many don't have. There's a pantry door beside the closet that one shelf holds food items. The pantry has 4 adjustable shelves. The top shelf, I have silly awning lights stored in because I'm silly enough to like those ;-) A space heater/fan that stores up there when not in use. The 2nd shelf holds a tiny crock pot for sauces And an electric skillet. I use the skillet when possible to save on propane when I can plug in for power. The next shelf contains food items, canned soups, stuff like that. Bottom shelf contains dog supplies & towels. Then there's a small long drawer under that cabinet that I store accessories in. Plugs, extension cords, bulbs, etc in.
The rear kitchen has decent cabinet space too. I don't know what you'll get in that regard to a non-rear kitchen, so check that out. But I'd imagine with a bedroom, the cabinets above the bed could hold things & you'd still have adequate cabinet space then. I have a stove, oven, vent hood with light & a double sink. I can't imagine not having the double sink like some of the new RV's lack. Some only have the one sink bowl. I also can't imagine not having the oven! Oh & I have a microwave. Some RV's have done away with the oven in lieu of a convection microwave/oven. I have no idea how to use those! So I want an oven! Most RV ovens are small inside though, so don't expect much. They do have two sizes, but I think in most ClassC's, you get the smaller one if they have one. I like my big windows on both sides of my rear kitchen. I like cooking in my RV too, but it would be easier if I didn't have so much stuff on the counter tops, but that can be moved for cooking too. The Jayco Greyhawk has a nice kitchen set up though that is to the left of the entry door generally.

My sofa is nice & long, which is something that I notice about many newer RV's are shorter sofas. My dinette is nice & long too. I've taken my table & one of the boot seats out of it, but in my case, it was for dog crates. I can always set the table back up though as it sets up on poles & use chairs on the one side if I so wished. The other bench had to stay in because it's where my converter & furnace are located. Under my sofa is my water tank, water heater & water pump.

My RV has been pretty much maintenace free, so I've liked that very much! But it also has it's issues. I did replace the converter a couple of months ago, but then, my rig is a 1996 model, so that's pretty reasonalbe that it ran that long. It was not hard to replace, so I did it myself. I had a new fridge put in last summer. That, I took to an RV center to replace. I had new tires put on it in fall of 2009. My entry step has always been "iffy". I discovered that it had been broken at one time though, not the step it's self, but the entry floor! It was not fixed properly, so it fell through one day. I had it rebuilt, but not by a RV guy, so it fell through again while at the RV shop when they were installing the fridge! So they propped it up, but it still needs rebuilt.

The generator works, I change the oil myself & I use it once a month to keep it exercised. My floors don't give & creek, which I'm glad for as many rigs seem to do that. The bathroom is small, but easy & functional. BUT because of lack of storage for my personal needs, the vacuum, a bin of cleaning supplies & my clothes hamper live in the tub too. So I take them out when I shower & dry my shower afterwards to put them all back in again.

Because mine is older, the ladder supports deterioated. I wondered why my ladder was crimping up & discovered it was because of the supports, which made the ladder weak & break. So I bought a new ladder & the RV place installed that as well. I maintain the roof myself too, which needs done yearly as far as resurfacing. But that's a matter of cleaning it & putting on a new layer of roof stuff with a paint roller. Not a hard job.

I don't have a basement, nor ducted air. I have a simple manual roof air conditioner, which is all that is needed for a rig of this size. I love the manual a/c though because if there's a power surge, it turns right back on. And always have a surge protector that you plug your rig into as well to protect the a/c & electrical system. Mine saved my A/C this summer, thank goodness!

I don't really get claustrophobic, but I wasn't planning on living in my rig at the time that I bought it. Circumstances & a hurricane changed my life suddenly & I found myself, the dogs & cats living in my small rig! Then it became tiny. Then I do jewerly & crocheting, so I have supplies to tend with. I am now to the point where I want a bedroom & basement storage, but still want to keep within a ClassC. Why a C? Because they'd be easier for most mechanics to deal with when traveling. ClassA's need someone experienced with buses & those systems. And most people I know that have them seem to have break downs, so although an A would make my life easier, I think a bigger C still would work. I want a bedroom. But in my case, I want a bedroom for my dogs so I have more room in my rig for myself. I could keep my dinette then & take out the bed to arrange living quarters for the dogs better.

I fell in love with a Jayco Designer ClassC last summer, but it got sold 20 mins before I got there to put a down payment on it. Bummer! I was so bummed! It had great basement storage & a big enough bedroom for my needs.

So since I've decided to live in an RV rather than a house, I'm kind of keeping my eyes peeled for a bigger C with a bedroom & lots of storage! I don't think you should have any issues with kitchen items though since I carry dogs, crates & supplies which would weigh more than kitchen items. (& I have kitchen items too, but maybe not as much weight on those)

Another thing to note if you are looking for a C with a bedroom, & are planning on taking out the bed for office space. Lift & look under the bed to see if that's possible. Some have the water tanks & electrical panel under there. thus not making it possible to do that then.

I don't have slides, but I kind of think one would be nice in the living area now...but then you lose CCC capacity, so I don't really know...

One of the things I like about older rigs too is that some of the front seats turn around for extra seating! The newer one's don't have that option. BUT if they have basement storage, then the step down to the cab area is pretty significant too, so then the seats would not be functional to turn around. Older rigs/newer rigs, anything can happen & go out. I'd prefer to have something of this century now though ;-)

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask & I'll try to answer you sooner! I'll go find the links to my RV so you can see it better from my blog & videos. I'll send those in another email.

Cyn Peace
We'll be friends until we are old & senile...then we'll be new friends
Then I wrote back to her again & told her this too:
You're welcome. IF I knew I'd be living in my RV when I bought it, I would have bought bigger for better space for me & the dogs. If it was just me & one dog, then mine would be perfect for me. It's all about what one needs & can live with in comfort.
Also when you look at RV's check around the windows for leaks. Any stains or soft wood is a leak. Any delamination is a leak! Check internally around ceiling seams & such for tell tale stains. Those are leaks. Leaks are bad, very bad....I've dealt with them personally & they are not fun! Rotted wood spreads like a bad disease.
I looked at some RV's today & one ClassC's overhead window was actually sunken in due to a leak. Bad news for it! Feel free to ask me any questions as they arise. I don't mind at all. :-)
Cyn Peace
We'll be friends until we are old & senile...then we'll be new friends  

****12-21-2011  One more thing to add, I forgot to mention if you are looking at ClassC's, lift the cushions & insepct the decking of the overhead bed area for tale tell signs of water damages as well. And the overhead windows, especially the big front one if the RV has one.
OK, so I've also shared my goofy tag line with ya'll as well. Heehee. If anyone has anything to add in comments please feel free to do so. This girl is looking for a ClassC, no longer than 28'.
No offense intended for those that live in other types of RV's either. I know not ALL Rv's break down, I've only shared my esperiences of those that I know of & what my personal fears of me personally thinking of a ClassA would be for myself.
~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Friday, December 16, 2011

Uncommand the Command & my RV kitchen got cuter

Hello everyone, hope all is well with everyone today!
Wow, I now have 30 followers! Probably doesn't sound like much to some of you, but to me, it's fun & cool :-)
So welcome to the newest blog friends - Michael Ultra  Michael is working towards becoming a full time RVer. He is also very much into music - check out his site for cool music vids! Good luck the the RV dream Michael, always follow those dreams..
Welcome to Suzanne who has two sites, for her Greyhound dogs & the other for her photography.
 Suzanne has greyhounds, so she's a dog person like I am. Greys are so cool. Such sweet hearts & gentle spirits. But they are also sighthounds, which means they hunt by sight & can get themselves in trouble from time to time! Check out the fun photos on her dog site & the cool photos on her photography site too.
Welcome to Duck Bob. I don't see a blog for you, so if you have one, I'll be happy to share it. Thanks for following along - glad to have you around!
And welcome to Russ Krecklow! Russ is the other half of Russ & Donna, they travel in a ClassC Lazy Daze motorhome & I love following their blog! They named their RV Therapy because she is great therapy for them!

I have a lot to share today. First off, I'll share the red moon pic that I took on Tuesday night. I have better ones from last year, but I'd have to hunt for them, so I'll share the recent one instead. Red Moons are so cool looking! The two stripes running over it are the power lines, which I could not see in the camera at night.

OK, now remember my post on These eyes are watching you on the neighbors big ClassA RV that has eyes painted on it? I also showed you the beginning of their HUGE RV garage, it's nearly finished now & they've had the RV parked over there inside of it. No more storage fees for them as far as keeping it in storage anymore. They will eventually build a home on their lot too, but they wanted to get the garage up first for the RV & probably other items as well. Click on the photos for larger images. Actually, if you click on them, you well see eyes on the rear of the RV as well! 8-}

OK, now for the point of today's blog...command strips. :-((((   They can & DO damages! I've had wallpaper tear because of them, not only did the wallpaper tear, but part of the soft wood that the wall paper is adheared to tore as well. I had to resolve that problem with a plaque to hang my welcome sign off of that I shared in a post in October. So here is what they can also do to the faux wood surface to your RV. Bummer. Now I'll have to find a way to fix it. When I do, I'll share that. I'm thinking of getting the markers that are designed for furniture nicks to cover the spots with. Suggestions are welcomed though! Really, they are! Truly. Ugh! I don't like marks & scuffs & stuch. Such even...
Yep, those two little square marks are what the command strips tore off. The upper one, I thought it happened just because that hook had been up there for a few years. But nope! The bottom one I had just put up, but didn't like where my bag holder was laying, so removed it to relocate. Bad idea, the new one did the same damages as the old one. So I figured I'd just nail a picture hanger hook up instead as I'll just leave that hook for anyone else if I ever sell the RV in the future. A small hole is easier to patch up too...The wood isn't real, it's like a picture of wood on some kind of particleboard, so the command strips simply strip off a layer. Bummer. But I'll move on now to more fun stuffers!

Thanks to Donna K,  & JoJo, they told me about wall puddy! I found some & of all places, found it at the 99cent store! So it was only a dollar...hmmm, cheated out of that penny again! Actually, I bought $18.00 worth of stuff, so I was cheated out of 18 pennies! ha! But it's the cheapest gig around.  
OK, ready? Set? Go! Look at the adorable wall plaques! I had not even been thinking about doing anything else to my kitchen as I already liked it, but saw those cute plaques & instantly knew where they belonged - on my kitchen walls. Not on a store shelf! So I went back & sucked them up. Even spent an extra 45 mins digging & digging for the maroon coffee one. I don't even drink coffee, but still thought they were cute. So my kitchen got even cuter!

Handi tak, reusable wall puddy. And only dollar. I tacked up all the plaques with this stuff. I think it'll work fine with no holes in the walls!

The coffee & biscuit plaques. Too cute huh? Click on photos for larger images.

The cupcake plaques. Love them! So darn cute!

Marsala wine deco plaque on wall beside fridge & stove. I think maybe putting the puddy on that wall may have been a mistake. I think maybe it too will pull off the finish? Not sure, but the plaque will stay there anyhow.

A tortilla warmer & a bag holder. I had the bag holder hanging off a kitchen cupboard handle, but I like it better on the wall. It's out of the way now. I put it on the hook in the previous photo above of the picture hook. They are part of my pepper theme.

The right side of my shelf in my kitchen. I already had those items up there, but cleaned them up the other day, then realized how it kind of looks like old country decorations, so when I saw the plaques, that's when I thought they'd tie in nicely with the rest of the kitchen atmosphere. I like the look! Some people would probably think too much clutter, but I like objects & decorating. So to me, it's a look I love. And some of the items were gifts from friends of when I bought the RV, they gave me gifts. The Don't mess with Texas cups, teas, playing cards & a cheeseboard are such gifts. Friends are cool!

The left side of the shelf.

And below, a complete photo of my cute rear kitchen!

Those aren't marks on the above cabinet doors, it's just light bouncing off  of them.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I'm going to go fix myself a nice cup of tea now. It's a little chilly today. So weird. Yesterday, it got to 81. Today, it's not supposed to go above 55. But I love sweats, so am comfy today in my sweats & lined moccasins :-)  And I'm staying off the foot today as it's pretty sore from doing too much lately.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If Herman Munster can, then so can I!

Good Morning Everyone! I hope ya'll are living the good life & living great days!

Welcome to caterina serra! I don't seem to see a blog on you, but I'm glad to have you along :-)

Life has been really busy lately, so I've not even had the time to blog.
I've been friend's husband had surgery, so I've been taking care of all their dogs, the boarding dogs & my own. It's been a lot of work, but it's my part in helping out with things around here. And I took Birdie back out to Lure Coursing this weekend. She wasn't up to her greatest though, then on Sunday, judging from the way she ran, I assessed that she has not fully recovered from her coursing accident from a few weeks back, so she'll be taking a nice long break now. IF you asked her if she was hurting though, she'd lie to you just so she could run more! Salukis love to run! So why the Herman Munster title? Well I had to go get Dog Food yesterday, then go to WalMart to get a few things. They are in one of those strip mall type of parking lots, but a little too far from each other & seperated by a road that cuts through the parking lot, so I had to drive to each place. I'm still in the big boot. And of course, it's on my right foot (I'm getting better though so long as I don't over do it -- as I've unfortunately been forced to do so lately). So in order to drive, I take a shoe along for my right foot (that of course doesn't match the left foot shoe so if I get pulled over, I can look like a total idiot & lose all respect from anybody pulling me over...thus perhaps getting a nice long vacation at the funny farm), -- oops back to driving. So I have to walk to the van with the boot on, get in van, take boot off, put shoe on, drive, get there, take shoe off, put boot on, go in store, shop, come back out & do the same steenkin' process over again. So at PetSmart yesterday, I thought, oh hell, if Herman Munster could drive with those big fat platform shoes, then so can I! And I did! And it worked! But I don't think it would be a good idea if I had to drive in real traffic. I'm only 4 miles from WM, so I was able to drive back to the RV with the boot on because the drive back is back on a quiet parkway & a straight shot, so that wasn't too hard. AND ya'll should be proud of me because I didn't gets cornfused & put the shoe on my foot before I got out of the van! Yay!

Here are a couple of vids that I did of lure coursing. Lure Coursing is a test of a sight hounds ability of hunting without the use of live game. The dogs get scored on their runs towards their LC titles.

And if you don't wish to or can't watch the vids, here are a couple of photos of dogs coursing: Click on photos for larger images.

Releasing Rodesian Ridgebacks.

Ridgebacks running!

Releasing Afghan Hounds.

Afghan Hounds running!

OK, now I have to go groom 2 Afghan hounds for someone. So I hope ya'll have a nice day & thanks for stopping by!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Burn Ban dishonored & C'mas Deccies

Welcome to Judy & Emma! I think a lot of folks that blog in the RV world know of them - what a fascinating blog they have! Judy has a dog, Emma that she adopted, or rather adopted Judy & she lives her RV life as a volunteer. Currently working on the Texas Gulf Coast (my favorite place). If you haven't met them virtually yet, please follow their link:

Hi Everyone, hope life is being good to ya'll. I have to share this photo with everyone from Saturday morning at the 7IL Ranch in Cat Springs, Texas. We had our big AKC national lure coursing event there, but I'll write another blog about that later as I also want to share a little bit about the ranch as well.

Seems the new neighbor ignored the burn ban this morning! I went out to walk Feather & smelled it & thought, hmmmm, smoke...looked & saw the fire burning! Came back in to grab the camera when done with Feather & the fire department showed up. They came out & discussed the fire with the crew over there & the fire was put out. They had to dump a bunch of dirt on it & will now have to cut up the trees & haul them off. BUT everyone knows we're under a burn ban! Even other out of state RVers know that as they are not happy that they can't even fire up their bbq grills here at most places.

Firetruck stopped at side of road. The firemen came out to discuss the situation.

Firemen discussing with crew member.

Yep, tis a fire a'burnin' thar!

Fire snuffed!

And now onto my cheapie C'mas decs. Stopped by the 99cent store to get zip lock bags on my way back from Doc office yesterday. Well, that may have been  a mistake! Or a near mistake? Anyhow, I had a cart full of cheapie C'mas deccies, so I had to go back & dump most of them back onto the shelves as I was getting carried away! I have no idea why they call it a 99cent store because my bill usually ends up somewhere around $20 or so ;-)  Oh & I also got two foam things that kids float on for 99 cents each, a plastic blue tarp for 99cents, (come to think of it, I think everything rings up at $1.00), some velcro as there's always use for velcro in an RV & a few items like that. I have some leftover reflectix & thought maybe I'd try to make my own vent covers. Will share that project if it works out. I have big stuffy ones, but they are hard to pop in & keep popped in because they were made for a different kind of vent than what I have.
So here are my deccies! Just little things to make me smile each day! :-D

The tapestry I bought last year, but it helps block out light when I want it to. The new thing is the little bell snowflake, I thought it would ring when I'd open & close the door. But the screen blocks it from doing that. No biggie though. And the thing under is a chinese calender that fits the length of the window. I keep meaning to do something with it as in glueing some fabric or something to it or making some kind of design on it, but so far,, I've not gotten to it. But I've only had it for 5 years, so I'll get to it one of these days!

This is in the picture window above my sofa. Cute isn't it!

I also have two bunched strands of pepper lights in the kitchen that stay up year round. One of them fell off during a rough trip on some bad highway roads & kind of fell apart, so I have to fix that & get it hanging back up soon. Love my pepper lights! And I spotted some really cute old timey looking plaques with pics on them that would be adorable in my kitchen. So I'm procrastinating on going back to get some as I'm not sure that I really want to put any holes in the walls. Nor do I want to use any kind of permanent adhesive pads. When it comes time to resell this RV, I don't want to plug it full of holes! And the kitchen deco may not be to someone else's liking if I did that.
I still kind of want to get a little tree, BUT if the RV goes into the shop for repairs, then most of the C'mas season with a little tree would be gone. So I'll probably skip the tree idea. I do love Christmas & all holidays! As a child, I used to sit by our real C'mas trees & just gaze at them. They were so glorious! Especially in a child's eyes. I find it sad that many don't do this for their kids anymore. So I'm satisfying my inner kid!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Friday, December 2, 2011

Get Hooked & those eyes are watching you!

Howdy, Hope everyone is well & are having a great day!

Got up this morning, got the RV road ready, put stuff away, turned the passenger seat back to where it's supposed to seat for driving, Armor-alled the dash, etc (because I always get carried away). Drove RV to Camping World, they were really nice to deal with (so far anyhow). They took notes & said they'd fax back an estimate & I also gave them the business card from the Insurance Agent. Then I called the Ins. Agent & left a message that I got the RV over to CW. He called back to confirm that he got my message & actually took the time to ask me how I was doing & about my ankle. What a nice guy! He said he'd be back in contact once the estimate got to him & he sends it in for approval. Fingers crossed - everyone please! I hope they will approve & get the damages fixed!

Then I came back, hooked the RV back up & drove the van to Walmart for some more shirts, jeans & a rain coat as I'm going to go coursing again this weekend. Good luck little Birdie! Run well & don't get hurt this time. I felt so bad when she fell the last time, but these things happen & she really didn't get hurt badly. She was herself in a few days & she so loves to run! And she runs well.

So ok, time to get hooked? What am I talking about this time? A towel hook for the RV bathroom of course! Since I don't like putting holes in RV walls to put a hook on, I use a hook that I can hang from the shower curtain rod. Plus I wouldn't want a damp towel hanging on the walls anyhow. So here are some pics of my bathroom - I finally got to take my first shower this morning since the surgery! It felt good, I would have loved to stay in there longer, but I'm not hooked up to water & don't have a dump here either. And I forgot to dump at CW, so I'll have to remember to do that when I go back!

Inexpensive plastic hook that hangs over curtain rod.
A photo of the towel hanging from the hook. The black bag, I forgot to take down. It got wet, so I hanged it there to dry.
These are my cute little Texas Flags that hold my curtain up!

And of course, had to have a Texas Hand towel too! Actually, I also have 2 big Texas bath towels as well.

The scraper with the green on it. I use that to scrape the water down after I shower. I have to store things in the tub, so I scrape away the water & sometimes dry the shower with an old hand towel to dry it if I need to put the items back into my tub quicker.

My Tub.

A container of items that I have to store in the tub due to lack of storage for them. I also keep one of those pop up hampers in the tub when I have dirty clothes to toss into it. Right now, I usually use the shower in my friends house, so my shower doesn't get used that much. But while I'm recovering & can't step into the big garden tub in my friend's house, I'll use the RV shower. I don't mind, I like using my little shower!

Now, this is the sight I saw on my way home! I nearly stopped dead on the road when I saw this! But I realized it was next door, I did not need to stop to take a photo. I could pull in the driveway, put my things away & take the pics! Someone bought the acreage next door & they are putting up an RV garage to store their RV in. They will eventually put a house on the lot too, but they are tired of paying storage on it, so they are building their own.
Soooo, look out, these eyes are watching you!!

The neighbors big ClassA RV!

The RV garage they are constructing right now.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~