Monday, May 19, 2014

Ellie Sparkles

Just playing around with the features in my camera. 

Pretty cool!

I'm having fun learning new things about this camera. 

Please enjoy the star filter photos!

Hope all is well with everyone...

Ellie Sparkles!

 This is my favorite. Star filter combined with lens flare, makes it interesting. 


  1. Hi Cin, will you be heading to PA this summer? Have been laid up most of winter and spring, but on the mend now. Need to have several things fixed on my rv, but hope to go again this fall. Hope all s well.

  2. Hi Cyn, Was just visiting some old blogging friends and wanted to say hi. Hope you are doing well. Thank you for the Christmas wish, I know this is really really late to respond. We are still camp hosting and travelings. Seems we stay so busy all the time. Expecting our third grandchild in Feb a boy this time. So things will definitely get busy. Stop in and say hi anytime, I still get my comments. Take care.


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