Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Taking a break -- Horsing around

I'm taking a break from RV stuff for today. 

I hope I can accomplish that. 

Bought some rubbing compound for the hood & side scrape marks from Feltons ladder, but it's 50 degrees outside. 

Plus I could barely walk yesterday, so I really need to give my body a break. Which is frustrating because in the past, I could wash & wax my entire RV in 2 days time! Yea, it hurt, but nothing like I am now.

Now I'm in pain & can barely move after just washing it! 

That sucks, but I'll get better. 

So I need to give myself at least another day before trying to remove the scuffs, caulk & sap. 

I called the local RV place to see if they could work me in for the generator repair. That's not gonna happen, the first reservation they have is April 1st! I don't want to wait that long & well, why would I want it repaired on April Fools day!! No thanks! I got hurt on Friday the 13th, lesson learned! Ha!

It's lunch time now at PPL, I'll give them a call to see when they can work me in. I can wait there & browse through RV's while they work. Hopefully, it won't be a very big job. Hopefully. Cross those fingers! But don't type while they are crossed -- that creates typos. 
OK, time to horse around!

Ever seen a brindle horse? Me neither. I found these images on the internet. 

Which above image isn't actually a brindle horse? ;-)  

The possum I did myself when a friend told me he had a dream about brindle possums. 

                           Yes, this one you can stare at for hours. Amazing isn't it!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. The spots on the horse that spell horse is way cool!

    Thank you for taking a break today and taking care of yourself. Enjoy your time doing nothing!

    1. I suspect the painted horse might be a photo shop job. but if not, then it's really cool!

  2. Beautiful snow sculpture, and the others are pretty cool, too! You surely need and deserve a break after all that hard work. I took a break today, even though I didn't really deserve it and had lunch with Jo of Tin Can Cabin! Taco salad at a Mexican restaurant... delicious!

    1. Oh how fun Sunny! I'll bet you had a great time with Jo!

  3. Beautiful horses, by I would love any horse. I remember this cow once on TV that had a big heart on its side. It lived out its life showing off that heart. You are right that sculpture is ""amazing."" I am laughing because you were talking about the awards show, they said that 101 times the work amazing what said on the red carpet. Like, amazing hair, amazing dress, amazing suit....isn't that funny! I like your April fools day, and we may be leaving March 31st, depending on when they get the power back on in the park. By the way your blog is amazing, I'm sorry couldn't resist :))))

    1. Here I go again...it should read "but" I would.....and "was" said on the red....I did to start proof reading. My minds works faster than my fingers can type.

    2. Yes, leave March 31, avoid April 1!! :-) Hope you have an amazing departure! heehee
      Like the cow story. I also have a photo of, I think Alpaca, with a rooster on it's side.

  4. Love the horse pictures but that sculpture is amazing.
    Yes we all needed a break today and lunch was fun.


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