Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mah cloudy head - DIY RV window screens

Welcome Donna - my newest blogger friend (sounds better than follower, no?). Check out her blog, WOW, amazing photos there!

Another nice day here, a little muggy, but still nice. It's so good that those triple digits are gone now & that we are in the 80's today. I can live with that! BUT I can't seem to get my head out of the clouds & when they look like this, can you blame me?

Wanted to share another RV idea with ya'll today. I have a bonnet that does have screens on it, but when I'm not using that bonnet, I've wanted some sort of screen over my cab windows. I kept wondering where I could find such things. Then it dawned on me, I have screen cloth, lots of it, more than I needed to repair my screen door with. I have white duct tape. I also have stick on magnets...hmmmm...ok, a creation is in the works! So I measured the windows, cut the screen cloth to size, cut the duct tape to fit over the edges of the screen cloth & simply placed the sticky backed magnets on the tape! But the magnets really aren't strong enough, so I'll go buy some of the round ones (found in craft sections of stores) & put them on instead. I'm pretty sure that all I have to do is put a strip of duct tape over the magnet to hold it in place, thus protecting the paint on the RV doors with no scratches from the magnets. Pretty clever huh?

Note the screen that rests by magnets on the frame outside of the window.

How the magnets look on the back side of the tape.

I can't take total credit for this idea as I saw something similiar on youtube. But the one I saw on youtube, they actually taped the screen onto the door's window. I didn't want to do that, so thought of using the magnets instead. This way, no gummy damages to the metal & the screens are no way permanent.

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.


  1. There is a company that sews the screening material into a "pillowcase", it slips over the door frame and then the door is closed. I guess its thin enough that it does not interfere with the door closing. I think the name of the company is "skreenz".

  2. I have the pillowcase! but I got ones for a Honda Passport and I have a Honda Odyssey! duh ;)

    And, Cyn! you're a genius!

  3. Thank you Cyn!! Appreciate the kind words!
    Love your idea!!
    Have a great night!

  4. Thanks Teri, those are a bit out of my budget. The ones I made actually work very well.

    Oh Carolyn, did you try to return them for an exchange?

    Thanks Donna & thanks for the camera info as well. I'm still using an old adobe photo program that came with a computer from years ago. Adobe Photo Deluxe. I just put it on all my computers. Easy to use & edit from.
    My point & shoot is a Canon Power Shot A590. I'm guessing that yours is a newer model?

  5. I would only worry about the magnets scratching the paint, otherwise looks great!


  6. Apparently I don't remember what I read. You're covering the magnets... my wife was right, I don't pay attention! :)~


  7. Great job! I Never would have thought of that.

  8. Haha Erik, you just made my day! heehee

    Thanks Merikay.


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