Friday, June 7, 2013

Computer Troubles

I'm behind on blog reading.


Very, very behind.

I'm missing everyone's posts. My fan on my computer quit working, so now I'm computer-less until I get it fixed.

I try reading on the phone, but trying to comment is a hassle and getting WiFi is a hassle here on the phone.

I might go find a cheap tablet to use in the meantime, Best Buy had some the last time I was there.

Just so ya'll know, I've not abandoned ship!

Hope all is well with everyone.

Last nights skies. It did not get bad here though.


  1. We'll wait patiently for your return.

  2. I'm with Shoeless - we'll be waiting. So frustrating when the machines quit working.

  3. Sorry your computer is misbehaving. I've had times I wish I could spank mine.

  4. Same here....just glad to know you are ok!

  5. Here's to hoping you find a solution and a cheap posting is never fun! Hope to see you back in full force soon!

  6. I had a fan go out and it was very easy to fix. I did it myself.
    Love you picture.

    1. Hi Jo, I tried to fix it, but after realizing I had to take off the keyboard, take this & that apart, many pieces everywhere, I chickened out! They should build them all to have an access bay to the fan. They collect dust!


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