Friday, June 28, 2013

Back to sofa mode

Today, I'm hoisting my air mattress onto my overhead bed area & going back to sofa mode! Yay.

After several days of laying in bed, propping myself up onto the wall against pillows & such, I want to get out of bed now. Plus the sheets tended to slide while trying to sit on the bed to use in sitting mode. And you kind of have to crawl into it. My phone & remote control would also fall off the bed. Which resulted in the phone's case to break. The cover for it that is, so that's replaceable. But I'd rather it didn't break at all!

I won't be able to climb up into the overhead bed for a few weeks yet, plus the portable a/c really doesn't seem to reach cool enough air up there. So I'll just hoist the air mattress up & down each morning & evening. My last surgery, I deflated it & inflated it till I realized how silly that was when I could just plop it up there & pull it down each evening. And setting the sofa back into sofa mode will do wonders on how I feel each day too. The jack knife sofa is not comfortable to use as a regular bed. I sleep better on the air mattress on top of it. If I ever get a real bed again, I think a sleep number bed would be perfect for me.

My leg has two different wraps on it. One is to cover the suture area. The other is to cover where the pain pump is connected. The pain pump is inserted into my leg via a catheter. I'm not sure even where it's inserted. But today, that wrap nearly fell off, so I had to rewrap it. And I have bandaids all holding the tubing down as the tape they used is falling off. I'm falling to pieces -- literally!

If you see my leg laying around in pieces, please put it in a baggie & return it to me. ;-)

I had a pretty bad spell for awhile yesterday, but finally ate a bowl of cereal for dinner & felt MUCH better. Of course, I also took my pain meds, so that may have contributed too. I think I might've forgotten to take my antibiotic at noon? I can't remember. So I might've felt a little ill from not taking it too?

Slidy bed mode...great for night. Not so much for day.

Comfy sofa mode. Much better for day use.

Air Bed in over head bed storage mode.

Hide a bed mode. Plus the RV stays cooler if these curtains are closed during the day.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. You ought to be ready for a good nights sleep after doing all that rearranging. Hoping your leg stays attached.

    1. We'll see. I can't seem to sleep well. You are hoping my leg stays attached because you don't want to be the one picking up the pieces!

  2. Love how flexible our RVs can be. LIke you said--good place to recuperate.

  3. Eating properly . . . YES! Your body needs fuel, and the higher quality, the better.

    1. I finally figured out why I feel sick & nauseated in the afternoons. It hit me again today. It's probably the antibiotics I'm taking. Fortunately, just 3 more pills & I'm done with that.

  4. Thanks for explaining about your wraps and pumps. They just keep coming up with more and better healing methods. But you must eat when you take antibiotics. But sounds like your doing better everyday.

  5. Home is for sure the best place to get well. When do you go back to the doctor? Follow doctors orders...things just go better that way!

    Hope you have a nice weekend.....with lots of rest and no pain!

  6. Step by step you're getting there! Hopefully the recovery goes faster than the doctors say.



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