Sunday, June 16, 2013

Best Buy's Best Deal!! My Netbook just got cooler.

First of all, welcome to yobobe! She has two blogger sites. This one: Planting Along The Verge is about her new life she's about to embark on. And her 2nd blog: yobobe  where she shares her arts & such. Really cool items at that. I'm anxious to follow along. Have lots of fun!
Welcome, glad that you've joined up!

So, I'm loving my new netbook. Picked it up on Thursday afternoon. Set it up Thursday night. Friday, my Bluetooth dongle came in, so I added it to the netbook. It will come in handy for my laptop too since it's not Bluetooth enabled either. I wanted to be able to use Bluetooth wireless speakers & also, add pics from my phone to both computers via Bluetooth as well.

I got a cute little pair of Bluetooth wireless speakers, but am going to return them. They are cool on my phone, but for the Acer Netbook One AO756, they are not powerful enough. The downside to the netbook are it's speakers. They rather suck. They aren't powerful at all, you can barely hear them on some sites. Not good. So I wanted a better alternative. I could not find my headphones (not wireless), so I bought a pair at the Dollar General Store for $10. Not a bad deal, plus if I ever choose to set up Skype & use the Acer's camera, the headphones act as a speaker too. Below is a photo of the Diamond speakers. They daisy chain together, which is a nice feature, because it allows you to connect two speakers for better sound, but I didn't find them all that pleasing. They are probably just too small to do what I want them to though.

OK, so now the new Bluetooth speakers must be returned. I paid way too much for them as it was. Then I was in Big Lots the other day & saw that they had two different types of Bluetooth speakers. So I bought the bigger of the two for $30.00.  They are much better, louder for sure. Not the quality I like as for smooth sound, but for the price, they are decent. The best price I could find online for the speaker box was around $60, so I feel I got a good deal from Big Lots. Funny, most of the reviews said they bought theirs from Big Lots too.

It's the Hype Audio Blox. Big Lots had it in red -- yay! So it can go with my red netbook! It also has speaker phone capability, so again, it could be used in lieu of the netbooks speakers for Skype too.

So now for the REALLY COOL NEWS! Best Buy has fallen into my good graces today!

I also wanted to upgrade the memory on the Acer Netbook as it's capable of holding 8 RAMS of memory. I also wanted to add my Sprint aircard to the netbook, but had to have a DVD drive to do that. Netbooks don't come with DVD drives. So here is what came into play today.

I go to Best Buy just to price memory & the DVD usb drive.

They show me the drive. It's $39.99. I thank the sales person & told him I'll order it online as I saw it for around $19.00 online. He asked if it was the same brand. I told him I didn't know. He said they match online prices! I thought cool, & told him I'd check it out. Started to walk to an area in the store so I could google it, then remembered I have the amazon scanner app on my phone. Why not use it? So I went back to the DVD player & scanned it. It came up with $9.25! Whoop! Really? Really, really??  So I went to the counter with the DVD player & my phone showing the price. They honored it!! COOL BEANS!!! So then I paid, then went to look at memory. $69.99, scan it, $49.99 -- SOLD!

Bought it too! YAY!!! I took my netbook with me to be sure I'd get the right type of memory & all. The sales people all loved my little netbook. They don't sell them there. They were impressed that it came with Windows8, that it has a 320gig hard drive & is upgradable to 8 gigs of RAM. And the entire back comes off to make it all so much easier to work with. They passed it along to each other & were quite impressed. They were wishing their store sold these things. I told them if they had, I would have bought one from the last weekend!

I saw the sales guy on the way out & thanked him again for letting me know about their comparison shopping. He was happy to share that & thanked me for keeping my business with Best Buy.

I'm happy.

Now my cute little netbook is all geared up. New external usb DVD drive, more RAM, a new external wireless Bluetooth speaker, a new wired headset, a Bluetooth dongle & my old wireless mouse works on it. Oh & a cute new carry case that I also found at Big Lots. Now to get my laptop fixed. I hope it can be fixed. The netbook is only for fun, surfing & youtube. But not for the big heavy duty stuff of photo & video editing.

I'm now learning my way around windows8. Need to figure out how to install my aircard as the DVD isn't compatible. Which is really why I bought the external DVD player. But I did watch a movie on it!

Below is my cute little netbook set up! Again, I'm happy :-)  And this is perfect for RVing Too!!!

Netbook with the slim external usb DVD player!
Oh yea, check out that price. Got it for $9.25! How cool is that??
Woohoo, got this for $45.00. This is better than Mexico!!

My Big Lot buys. Case, $12.00, Audio Box, $30.00 ($60.00 online at other outlets)
~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Next time I go shopping will you come with me. Cool beans is right!!

    1. Sure, let's go! I was ready to scan everything in that store ;-)

  2. Super Cool! Congratulations! and thanks for such a nice welcome!

  3. Wow. Nicely done. I guess I should stop calling them "Worst Buy"?

  4. Thanks for teaching us all how to shop.

    1. Yes, but I don't think this will work at the grocery stores?

  5. WOW You sure got a lot of stuff to go with your new Netbook.
    I found a nice little case for my Kindel at Big Lots it was for something else but I made it work. I was not about to pay over $36 for the kindle cover.

    1. What's up with these grossly overpriced carriers?? It's insane. I priced them at Fry's, no way was I going to pay that! But I do like Big Lots, they usually have decent prices.

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