Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Therapy*CrazyPeople*Bloody Shirts

What's up with a crazy subject line like that?

Well Hey, it's me!

First of all, I hope everyone fared well through The Big Storm, Sandy. I very well know what those storms are like.

Today was another therapy and doctor session.
Lunch was a mushroom and onion pizza ...not exactly diet food, but yummy.

Today's mental therapy was full of challenges brought on by a few men that have mind sets set back into 1950's thinking. I do find it interesting how some people think..so much of it has to do with how they were raised.
So, the usual welcome sign on the door was changed from a pleasant invite to this; ha, at my suggestion.

Y'know...blogging from this phone has it's challenges.

Much easier on the computer.

When I got home, I checked on my Halloween project --
Bloody shirts! I was given this project and I have to admit, they turned out pretty cool.

OK, done with this post.

Again, a challenge to do with cell phone.


  1. Um, those shirts look a little too real. Real bloody real.

    1. I took a stick that I stirred the paint with & sloshed it all over the shirts. Funny thing, a neighbor wanted to do his yard work, but wanted to be sure that he didn't get my "laundry" all dirty! haha

  2. Enjoy your Halloween. >;) that my devil art.

    1. Thanks JoJo, had a nice quiet evening. Those were done for a friend. Like your little devil art though ;-)

  3. Happy Halloween!!! I feel your pain blogging on your phone but I will take the challenges since that means I am out in the Crackerbox Palace. We head back home tomorrow and will have my computer back.

    Great job on the shirts.

    1. I think it's still pretty cool to be able to do blogging on the phone, but the phone's keyboard presents challenges as it wants to hit double lettering & such. Boo, back home already?


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