Monday, October 1, 2012

Beautiful day

A gorgeous day here.

Last night was an eaiser sleeping night with temps in the low 60's to high 50's. Did not even need to open vents or the overhead cab windows. Just had two windows open on each side of the rig, so that kept me comfortable all night long.


It's always nice to actually be able to sleep under the comforter rather than having it pushed aside.

Another ahhhh.

Night before was so humid, that sleeping required the use of air conditioning. What a difference a day makes huh?

Day before, rain, high humidity, just yukky. But in the big picture of things, the environment needs days like that as well.

I'm hoping for a nice cool (well Texas cool that is) fall.


Roper says "Celebrate Life!"

All appropriate phone calls have been made. All important tasks have been done. So now onto the next thing.

Time to go clean this pig of a rig. It's amazing how quickly 145 square feet can get soo messy!

And it's a nice day to do this project.
~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Dogs and birds all happy? Check!

    1. Haha, that's right Kim. As long as their world is happy, then so is everyone else's. ;-)

  2. That's a good name for Feather! Do you have to shave the hair on her body, or do they look like that naturally? Just curious. :)

    1. Judy, her real name is Ch ReignBeau's Feather in Her Cap...rather fits her. They are naturally like that (usually). Some you have to take a little hair off here & there.
      There's also a smooth variety, which has all short hair. She is the feahter'd variety.

  3. I'm sure hoping some of that fall sleeping weather shows up here some day. Roper looks so happy!! And,of course, Feather is just gorgeous.

  4. I know what you mean about sleeping weather. We've had some nights here in NJ when the comforter feels good and I can leave a window open just a bit by my bed. Love sleeping with a bit of fresh, cool air coming in!

  5. Weather is good over here in Fredericksburg also, I'll keep sending it your way.

  6. We are even cooling down at bit in Congress,Az...we are at 3,000 foot elevation so a bit cooler than Phoenix. I can't wait to turn the AC off for good this year and open all the windows!

  7. We have had day temps as low as in the 50's nd nights in the high 30's and 40's. I was glad today that it warmed up to the mid-sixty's! However, glad you got temps in which you can get better rest.
    Feather looks gorgeous! They both look happy to be "off the leash"!

  8. Your dogs are so beautiful.
    At night I am using electric heating during the day using a fan. Crazy weather here. And Tucson is still triple digits. YUCK!


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