Saturday, October 20, 2012 I know it...for now

Hi, hope all is well with everyone.

Just an update on things around here.

Nothing much going on, looks like I'll be staying in therapy for awhile.

Downside is, my foot is worse. The nerve problem is back.


The podiatrist has ordered a nerve test, I've not heard back about when that will happen.

I could possibly be facing another episode of Tarsal Tunnel again.

Not happy about that.

Once again, I can't walk far, I'm back in my boot if I have to walk very far.

This is NOT the direction I want to go in life - that's for sure.

I'm pretty disappointed as I'm so ready to move on, get to work & get on with my life. I thought that this last round of therapy was going to take me that direction....but it's not happening that way.

This stinks. I keep telling myself that there are so many people that are way worse off than I am.
And that is totally true!
This is a hinderance, not a life threatening illness. Another set back.
But darn it!
Still going to therapy 3x's a week.
What therapy consists of:
   2 hours of exercise on the foot in the mornings. But not constant exercise as they want you to take breaks.
  2 hours of mental therapy. Since I'm in group therapy, it's been interesting listening to other's problems & situations. Some folks really have some big issues. I feel bad for them. Some have been crippled for life due to job related accidents, which are way worse than mine is.
 1 hour of lunch, then 1 hour of game/relax time. They want people to interact, play games or just chill out for an hour.
1 more hour of exercise.
Then onto electro therapy & massage therapy.
So that's what the schedule of the Chronic Pain Program is. They've set me up for 30 sessions, I've done 9 so far. This is my new part time job! But wait, no pay for all this work? Oh yea, I forgot, the pay is to get better!
I actually do like doing the exercises & using the equipment though.
A view of the exercise area

The electro therapy machine. Usually, ankles range around the 10-12 scale. I hit higher, sometimes, depending on which machine they use, I hit 32. Which is maximum.  This machine I hit 24 on. They have two machines & for whatever reason, one is stronger than the other. This is the stronger machine. 24 is still pretty high though.
I like Fridays!!
Friday is a more relaxed atmosphere. It's Fun day!
We still do the exercises & such, but after lunch, it's movie time! They play a movie & we can choose to just sit & relax. Watch the movie. I like that! For me, this is a real treat. I'm not doing anything for anyone except myself during this time. Yea, that works for me!
So I pick my 3 days a week. I pick my weekdays according to what works best for me, but I always pick Friday!
Movie time! Now, where's the fancy comfy home theater seats & popcorn?? Oh, can't have everything. ;-)

This morning, we did some garage sales. I geared my foot up in my brace, didn't do the boot since I was going to be in & out of the car constantly.
I bought a shower tension rod to hang in my shower area, but it was too big. Only 50 cents lost on that purchase though, so no biggie.
A tire repair kit for my bicycle, only 50 cents. Actually, it was a kit to fix motorcycle tires, so if I can't use it for my bike, I'll send it to my brother who has a Harley.
A really gorgeous jacket, suit type of jacket! And a really neat macrame belt made of leather.
I don't usually buy clothes at garage sales, but this jacket was beautiful.
When we got back, I was in pretty bad shape. A lot of pain, so I took my meds & put the TENS unit on. Ran through it twice. I like the TENS unit. It helps & feels like a big hug around my foot.
Then I took a nap, so I do feel better. But that nagging nerve thing kind of drives me crazy. It's the same feeling as when your foot falls asleep, but it doesn't stop. I'll have to get used to it till we find out what to do next. It does go away if I stay put for awhile & just sit without walking. But the moment I walk it comes back. So if I quit walking....maybe I'll be healed! Ah well, it doesn't quite work that way does it?
The doctor also gave me a new slip for a new handicapped placard. Usually, they last for 6 months, then I have to ask for a new one. I didn't pay attention to it, just took the paperwork over to get the new placard. Then found out this time, he gave me a permanent one. :-(  That actually kind of hit me wrong & when I left, I pulled over & felt sorry for myself. Which was stupid, but it was just a reaction. I'm over it now. Kinda.
Again, there are way worse things to happen to one's health then a bum foot & I can still walk. And I will get better!!!
My next splurge purchase will be a killer pair of cowgirl boots!!! Yep! (maybe I should not use the word killer huh?)
Ellie (my motorhome) wants to go on a trip, but I keep telling her to be patient. We will take one when we can.
Again, I hope all is well with everyone -- cheers to good health & happiness!!
~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. TexCyn,

    I'm so sorry to hear this news. You must be feeling really discouraged right now. But you have such a great attitude! You deserve some very lucky breaks in the very near future. Keep us posted.

    1. Thanks Kim. I know I'll get past this...but after dealing with this for 2 years, I'm getting frustrated. And broke...I am really happy for you though!!

  2. So sorry you're having so many problems. Sometimes life just really isn't quite how we want it to be. But I'm praying that the doctors can figure out something to help you. Keep up the therapy. Maybe not fun but worthwhile in the end.

    1. Thanks, I just hope it doesn't mean a repeat of the surgery again. But Sandie, you've been through the mill yourself lately! You looked great in your photo on today's blog :-)

  3. What a bummer! Hope those therapy sessions do the job and put you back to "good". You do have a great attitude & there's no doubt that will go a long way for you towards recovery. Take Care!

  4. So sorry, I know it has got to be frustrating. Keep that sweet attitude of yours and hopefully things will turn around for you. Maybe work on your jewelry in the mean time? I just love my bracelet that you made!!

    1. It is frustrating Sunny. I was so glad to have taken my trip to Pa. At least I got that in before this happened & it didn't happen while I was up there. Thanks on the bracelet :-) That makes me feel good!

  5. I know it's not easy, but if you can focus on the positive in your life it will help minimize the problems. I still admire the fact that you seem to be keeping your chin up.

    1. Thank you John. I always appreciate your kind words.

  6. Think of the permanent permit as a temp you don't have to renew.

    1. It's probably why the doctor gave me a permanent one, he probably got tired of handing out the temporary one! They said I could either get two placards or one placard & a handicapped license plate. That kind of freaked me out a little, so I opted for the two placards.

  7. I am praying that all your hard work in therapy pays off with huge dividends and that your foot is well soon.

  8. You are looking at it the right way I think. I understand the feeling of getting something that makes it seem as if it will be permanent, that can shake you up a bit.

    I hope the road gets better soon, you deserve it. :)


    1. Thank you Erik...but the road? Is it hurt too?? ;-)

  9. Sounds frustrating, but at least you are taking advantage of the Friday movies. I hope the Dr's can get this figured out for you. The TENS unit is a good thing, I have used it on an ankle injury.

  10. You will get better, I just know it. You have the will. I have the handi thing. They never bothered with the 6mth thing. But know I don't always have to use it and that makes me feel good.
    Just keep up the good work and be all you can be. :)


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