Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunrise, today, sunset

Hi, hope all is good with everyone.

Not much going on here.

Woke up to this:

The little white dot in the sky is a bright star.

A closer view of the morning clouds. Really cool looking huh?
Got up before light, took care of my dogs, shot this picture as I was heading back to the RV to get ready to leave for therapy.
Went to therapy today, had Schlotskys' for lunch - YUM!
Left therapy this afternoon, headed back to Ellie. But had to make a pit stop first.
Went to Walmart to get some items to fix my bike with. Like me, my RV & my life, it's getting old too!
I swear.
So bought new brake pads, a new tire tube & some spray paint for some touch ups on it.
That project will probably be taken care of on Thursday.
Therapy again tomorrow & Friday.
Then when I got back, I spotted something odd looking on the van.
So I grabbed my camera & stalked it.
Well, it was dinner time!
I'll spare ya'll, you can click on the photo to enlarge if you like. But I'll keep it small on this page.
Poor grasshopper. Wonder what it ate before it got eaten??
Then I trodded out to the field after running my dogs & tending to my kitties for the sunset.
Ha, trodded! Ha, I jest. I limped like a drunk.
Then I spotted the moon over Ellie.
Now it's dark. I'd take a pic, but it would be black.
Time to go feed the hungry pupper dawgs. I skipped dinner tonight. Sometimes I get nauseated when I'm hurting. This is one of those sometimes. But I did have a good lunch, so I'm good.
Hope everyone had a wonderful day!
~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Actually I think it is a neat lizard picture. Hope your pain gets less over time.

  2. I believe the lizard was smiling with his full mouth. I agree it's a neat picture.

  3. I like the lizard. Looks like he had a good dinner! Nice shies you have there too.

  4. Good catch on the lizard. The sky's are beautiful.

  5. I liked the BIG picture. What a colorful fellow that lizard is! Good shot of the morning star, too! Take care, Cyn .....

  6. I like that lizard!!!

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  7. Have you told the group therapist about the nausea? She might have some helpful suggestions.


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