Friday, October 5, 2012

New RV related tab added + therapy

Hi all, About a week or so ago, I started a list as an aide on what to look for when looking for a new or your first RV. 

I worked on that list again tonight & finalized it.
I added it as a tab "What type of RV is good for you", so if interested, please take a look.
Please feel free to add comments as well. I'll be happy to add to the list!


As for today, this is what I wrote from my cell phone earlier, but could not figure out how to use the clip board on it to add to my blog, so am adding it now:
3rd day of therapy. Must pace sitting for a spell. (What does that mean? I'm spelling words?). OK, back to the countrified (countryfried?) part of me:
......forgot what I was going to say....

Oh well.

They started me on upper body exercises along with my foot therapy exercises. I think it's a plot. Y'see, if they make my upper parts hurt, then I "might" just stop thinking about my footsey. Ha, slow down Cowboys...ain't gonna happen. I'll just hurt in both places, so there!

Then I sound like a train wreck..."Oh, but that will hurt my neck because of an old whiplash injury".
"Oh, but that will hurt the nerve/calcium deposit issues with my shoulder"
"Oh, that will hurt my elbow that I crammed into a doorknob in 'o7"....etc. too many things to list...unless you really want me to!

And they aren't buying my pathetic act neithers. Humps! Agggh, Humpf! Blasted auto correct!

And they asked me what I want for lunch at 8:30am?? Dang that's hard when food is my morning enemy. I'm not a morning foodie. But they have to call in the orders by 10...or something like that.

Oh, I forgot, I'm in therapy. Oops, back to exercising! With wankle I don't weigh snuff.... grr auto correct again...enuff. 

OK, so all that was from my cell phone. The pain management program is odd stuff.
2 hours of exercise, then mental group therapy, then lunch. On Fridays, they also have movie time, I guess this is a way of mentally detoxing at the end of the week's therapy. Actually, the movie was kind of fun. And for lunch, you choose what you want off of the day's restrauant menu. After the movie, back to more exercises, then electro therapy (I call that shock therapy - ha) & massage ye olde footsey.
The group therapy is interesting as you get to know the other patients & their issues. And the sad, vicious political edge of workmans comp & work places. Wow, those adjusters can really mess with some folks heads!
Ha, I like to mess with one of the physical therapists. He's young & is always joking/laughing. So when he finished with my band exercises on my right foot, I said, OK, now the other foot. He started working on the other foot, then stopped & said, which foot did you hurt again??? I laughed because I pulled one over him! It was funny. Today, I grabbed a bottle of febreze & sprayed my foot because he once told me how some people don't maintain very good grooming habits. He laughed over that too. He's just so much fun to mess with!
After 3 days of therapy in a row though, my foot feels beaten & bruised. I'm glad it's the weekend! Won't have to do that again till Monday.
Have a great weekend everyone!!
~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~ 


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon. I know when we're in Therapy, we always begin to feel better. Sorry things are difficult for you right now.

    1. Thanks Russ! I have to admit that when I write about Therapy, I always think of Your Therapy! haha! Want to trade?? sure you do! Of course you do? What? No???

  2. This is some therapy. Are they thinking its all in your head but aren't sure? This must cost a fortune. And lunch too. I sure hope this all works for you its time.

  3. I never heard off all-day therapy. Wow, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I remember the first time my husband went to a chiropractor - he said "she beat me up". She told him it would hurt at first and then he would get used to it.

  4. Sounds like fun (not) but at least having a fun person to joke with makes the time go faster and brightens the day! hoping it will make an improvement for you!


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