Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Job search

I've decided to apply for another position at the school rather than the previous one I was interviewed for. The first job was a part time position, which appealed to me, but after thinking it through, it was also a job that I was to be at 5 days a week. 4.5 hours a day at a pay rate that isn't really all that great.

So I've applied for a sub position instead. The pay is better, hours are longer, which makes the pay better. But I will have freedom of choosing what school, what type of position & if I want to work the next day or not.

Since the pay is better, I can work the  school year & put a lot back for savings. Get the two new tires for the RV & get the rest of the generator repairs done.

I can also work the rest of the season & work towards getting the jewelry business going. Doing craft shows & perhaps taking the summer months to do some traveling & craft shows along the way. Now that appeals to me! And it also appeals to me to get away to cooler climates to beat the dreaded Texas summer heat!

I want the freedom of not being stuck at a job all year long, thus losing freedom to live life. I think that's a big part of what attracts us into the world of RVing! We want to explore, have our freedom, go where we can, when we can. But one can't do that without a budget of some sort.

I don't want a stifling life of being dragged down to having to work every single week of the year.

My injury & RV repairs over the past two years have pretty much depleated me. But I can rebuild & attempt to enjoy a good life in the meantime!

On the side, I've finally gotten all the apps I needed/wanted for my new phone. It's fun that I can read blogger on it! I can comment on some blogs, but not others through it though. It just depends on how the comments are set up. But I don't think anyone will miss my comments terribly from time to time.
I've found I can comment on most, so that's good at least. This will help when I travel or don't have access to my computer. It's amazing how phones are now like little mini computers!

~~Live life to the fullest - live each day in appreciation of it - you never know what your future may bring.~~

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I have done so many Craft Shows over the years that I never want to see another street with a pop up on it!

    Too many morning up before dawn. I'm retired!

    1. Ah well, I've not even started yet. So we'll see how it goes for me once I get it all going...

  2. Wishing you the best of luck with the job. Sounds like you have a good plan going.

  3. Sounds good, Cyn... craft shows can be a lot of fun. The trick is to keep it simple. An easy table and maybe an umbrella ... something that is different but efficient -- you're an artist and you can design a unique place that will invite people to come to your table or tent or whatever you will set up.

    I just had one table ... a plain nice tablecloth and lots of pretty colored jewelry ... A little hanging twirling attention getting thing is always fun. Some used those little automatic bubble blower things... the other vendors didn't quite take to it because it may burst in their faces... hahaa... but I never like being next to anyone.

    Did you say you had or have not been to First Monday in Canton...? those First Monday things can really be fun. If you get into juried arts shows ... they do demand that you be there the hours they post. I don't like that. But then you really pay a lot of money for a weekend at one of those shows but the possibility of making a lot of money too, exists. I've known people who have made a bunch of thousands at one of those shows.

    It will all work out. Just enjoy what you're doing and stick to a GET OUTTA DODGE plan... and it will happen. I mean, really... it will happen. Subbing is quite a todo.... I did that. Y'gotta have a sense of humor with them there kids. They do try one's patience. But then it's always fun to prove you're smarter than the average fifth grader... HAhaaaaa

    1. I've never done or been to Canton. I plan on starting out small in the Houston area first to see how it all goes. Driving the RV to Canton, then paying for space might be out of reach for me till I get some money to get it all going first. But it doesn't seem the kind of place I want to go to...don't like to be at places where they sell animals like that :-(
      No flea markets either. Just strictly craft shows for me.

  4. Good luck with getting a subbing job. It's nice to have a little steady money you can count on.

    1. Thanks! I won't actually be teaching kids. I'll be more of a teachers aide & probably be doing clerical work as well. Yes, steady money will definitely help at this time. Hugs to the hounds.

  5. TexCyn,

    Your comments are always valued and appreciated!!!


  6. Sounds like you got a plan :) Every time I see a coachman up here (saw 3 the other day) I think of you. Used to do the craft-show thing. It can pay off. Best of luck on the job!


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