Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dog Match + Sunset

Hi, hope all is well with everyone.

Today, I've not done much of anything. But I did have a fridge scare!

My fridge is fairly new. It's a Norcold N641.

I got a drink out this morning & noticed that it had a lot of condensation on it.

Checked the freezer, the back of it was totally frosted over with a heavy sheet of ice.

Uh oh, my bad.

So I took stuff out of the freezer & took it into the freezer in my friend's house.

Put the ice packs that I keep in my freezer & placed them in the fridge.

Fridge was around 42 degrees. Fortunately, I really don't have anything in it that it would ruin, but still, we all need a good running fridge at proper temps!

So I defrosted the freezer, then switched the fridge over to LP to be sure it wasn't some electrical issue. Started the fridge back up. Freezer is now back to the proper temps, the fridge is still running  a little warm, but I've not given it enough hours yet. So hopefully, it's only because I let the freezer build up too much for the fridge to function properly. I hope that's all it is!!

To clarify from the last post, I do not have any new leaks. The wall damages are from an old leak. But I did leave the windows open the other day & it poured rain. I didn't know because I wasn't at the RV at the time, so the rain getting in, combined with the old damage, probably caused my eye to see the mess it all made. Always something! I hate it when I leave windows open, then the skies break loose.

Yesterday, I mowed about an acre & half at my friends house -- riding mower of course.
Then took an allergy pill to be on the safe side.

Then my faux daughter & I went to a dog match. She was judging. We pretend we're mother & daughter sometimes because  a judge thought she was my daughter at a real dog show. So we joke about it. In fact, someone asked us yesterday if we were related, so we got a laugh out of it. I'm glad she's not because she's in college right now & I don't want to foot that bill!! Ha!

So here's some pics of her judging at the match:

2 Basenjis in their class

A little black & tan longhaired Dachshund...note that the little legs dissapear in the grass!
And without further adieu, last nights sunset - beautiful!!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Hopefully, your fridge/freezer problem is solved. No more problems for you for a long time.... no more. Nada.... not allowed.
    Bet the little dog match was fun for you!
    Izzy had a "meet n' greet" with a little min. poodle named Cocoa the other day. She just was all about that!

    1. Fridge is good now, I have to watch for that ice build up in the future & not let it get that way again. Good for Izzy, bet she liked it better than me ;-)

  2. Your friend is young to be a judge. Looks like she knows what she's doing. Nice photos. And a beautiful sunset.

    1. Donna, this is a match & not a real dog show. So anyone with experience in dogs can judge them...but the club has to ask them first. I've judged, but I really don't care for it. I'd rather be in the ring showing the dogs. Thanks for the nice compliments. Hugs to poppy!

  3. I wonder if I could put Fred in a show. hahah Yea right.
    Nice sunsets.

    1. If he's registered with AKC & not neutered, yes, he can be shown! Or you can do obedience...or agility...or...

      Thanks. :-)

  4. I don't see why you couldn't, Jo! I mean ...

    Cyn! Beautiful sunset pictures! What fun going dog shows must be ... Should keep you from hating and stuff

    1. Ha, I still hate you! Humpf! (to others reading this, it's an inside joke)


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