Friday, September 21, 2012

Rockin' RV - new stereo idea

If this RV's a'rockin - please come a'knockin'

It's party time!

Heehee, I'm into music today.

I've never figured out how the dash radio is wired up. To the coach battery or engine battery? It's one of those things that baffles me. But then, it doesn't matter anyhow since it doesn't have a CD player, nor is it ipod capable or anything like that. It's an old radio that came with the rig in 1996. Only plays radio (poorly) or cassette tapes, when it's not eating them. 

 Well could be worse, it could be an 8 track huh?

One day, I'll get a new radio & new speakers installed. On each side of my sofa are nice big speakers that are also connected to that system. They need replaced too.

So today's music is being presented by my new cell phone!

Pretty clever huh?

Last year, I bought this set of speakers. It has the regular type of plug that you plug into your head set plugs. Pin type, not usb type. I was thrilled when I found them.

When I watch movies on the computer, I hate the poor quality sound of the computers speakers. Just doesn't add to the movie experience. So I got these speakers to use with the computer. And I've used them with my small CD player. Downside, they do take electrical power, but that's ok. My computer's battery is getting old anyhow, so I watch movies with it plugged in too.

I ripped all my CD's into my computer, then uploaded them into the phone. Another alternative to music lovers is to go to the library & rip music into your laptop to save for your electronical devices. I just take my laptop along & do it there. The program I use for this is itunes. I always hook my headset up to the computer too just in case. Of course, with uploading the music, it's silent, but I don't want to annoy anyone in case my comptuer decides to "speak".

Hold on, one of my favorite songs is on now: Duran Duran - Ordinary World.

That songs' meaning changed profoundley for me when I used it for a video of Hurricane Ike.

Hurricane Ike Extreme Destruction, San Leon, Texas from Cyn Najera on Vimeo.

Course, that steers far, FAR from their version of the song!

But this storm changed my life....forever.

On another note.

Who wants to start an RV repair park?

I swear, I think one would be fantastic!

A central place where RVers could meet & help each other with issues of their rigs.

Could be fun too!

Kind of like Homes for Humanity. We'd have to pitch in & help each other with our rigs.

I found damages in a corner of my kitchen wall from an old leak.

Goodie. Grrrrrr - just another thing to address in this RV lifestyle I guess!

I'll just enjoy the music for awhile while I clean in here instead of worrying about that small part of my wall for now.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Someday I would like a Sirius XM radio in the rig. Not sure when or if that will happen but we can always dream.

    1. Lots of people have that & seem to like it. I'd just like a working radio ;-)

  2. Your video reminds me of the terrible life people went through at that time and yours too. The song really brought it home.
    Sorry about finding another leak problem.

  3. Joe and I adore the Sirius radio in our Silverado, especially since the first 6 months are free. It also came with OnStar and I couldn't believe.. the TRUCK has its OWN phone number ... how cool is that . Lord willing we will keep the services when the free period runs out.

  4. You're in heaven I can tell. Nothing better than listening to great music and doing things you want to be doing at the same time (or don't want to be doing because they are so much fun with great music). I like your RV Camp idea! Want to start planning for it now? Take care then and have a very great weekend!

  5. Jeez that's awful! I guess it did chansge your life forever .., what an ordeal!

  6. Some elements of an RV repair camp tend to happen wherever like minded people gather. Friends of ours helped install our cell phone booster in a casino parking lot. Another friend helped us install a battery monitor in another park. The Skinnie Winnie group has a teach rally each year at Quartzsite. Wherever a group of RVers gather the talk turns to what needs doing and soon everyone is brainstorming solutions.


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