Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The day the eagle cried

I'll never forget that dreaded day of 9-11. How horrifying it was & I was just observing the horrors of that day through the TV & news stations. I was working in my grooming shop, when I looked up at the TV to see the Twin Towers under attack. What a shocker that was...for the entire country.
My heart still goes out to those directly effected. Although we all were in one way or another, it had to be tougher on those directly involved. My brother in law lived in the Bronx at the time & worked in NYC. He & many, many others walked home that day as they don't typically have cars in NYC.

I was in NYC sometime after that, but it was winter time. My friends went to see ground zero, but I was kind of glad that I could not go see that sight. I don't think I could bear the thought of all the pain involved at that particular place.

We really do live in a great country!!
~Blessings to all~


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