Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nuturing Nature - another sunrise

Welcome to Joe & Betty! of Joe and Betty's Adventures. They have a 32' ClassA Rexall Aerbus, which satisfies their travel needs. I'm sure many of you already know of them. Glad to have ya'll join up with me. And it's great that ya'll take care of family like you do. I don't live near mine & I do miss them at times, but don't miss the winters where they live.

This is why I don't miss winters! Butterflies, flowers & nature. Course, there's nature in the winter, which holds it's own marvels as well. And of course, it's not winter yet, but there's snow out there in some parts of the country already, so to me, that's winter! Ha. And it's cold out there in somewhere else world. Not here. In fact, it's in the low 80's inside of my rig right now with the windows open & fan blowing. I don't mind, I like warm weather! But the 70's are nice & sleeping in the 60's at night are nice.

I love fresh air & have my windows open every chance I get when it's tolerable to do so.

And I should rename my blog because there's no adventures happening right now.

Well actually, my blog doesn't have adventures in it's title anyhow does it?

So there, it's just my little life in my little RV, parked in a big driveway, beside a big house that doesn't belong to me -- thank goodness. I love my little RV!

When I get time, I'll do a tab on it to show ya'll what it really looks like on the inside too.

But for now, I'm going to toss another sunrise - I'm seeing way too many of those lately! Not that that's a bad thing, but getting up o'dark 30 almost every morning is a drag...I'd rather get up at o'light 30!

So here's a sunrise that I shot on Oct 27th. Just got around to uploading it into the computer.

Too bad the camera can't really seem to see the blazing red sun! It's so pretty, but it just sees it as light instead.

And as I've been sitting here all day, taking the day off to catch up on emails & computer stuff, I've had my entry door open, with the screen door closed of course.

My eye keeps catching these cute little yellow fluttering butterflies, so I had to grab the camera & shoot them. I tried to catch them in flight as they swirl & dance around in the air, but they are too fast & I can't get them to flutter around slowly so I can focus on them!

I think the flowering plant that is attracting them is Virginia Creeper, but not positive about that.

Then this little guy dropped down onto the pavement & said, please shoot me too! So I did.

The bees were also hard at work today:

There's a black bee in the corner of a flower. He was camera shy...
So it was nice to have the day off from therapy. To relax in my RV & read mail. Work on photos, create things. However, the pay scale sucks ;-)
Well maybe not..the mental pay scale is nice. Monetary one, not so much.
Back to therapy again tomorrow. It will end some day, right???
I'm restless & need a road trip. That won't happen any time soon though as Bravo, my 13 year old Saluki can't be in the RV for now. His old body gets kinked up & he needs space around him. I won't leave him in anyone else's hands, so I need to be with him at this time in his life.
It's times like this that I wish I had a bigger RV, but he'd not be able to do the steps either. I have a ramp, but he will not use it. I will do what is best for him. I'll do anything for my boy...
~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I'm glad you love your little RV! You must be enormously frustrated right now. But you sound hopeful that, in time, the adventures will begin again.

    1. Thanks Kim, yes, in time I will get back out there :-)

  2. beautiful pictures, Cyn... what app do you use for blogger? I can not post between pictures.

    I can do text then load pictures... driving me insane... I just have the app Blogger.. put the pictures in little tee tiny boxes at the bottom with a horizontal line on top.

    I can only type in the box above! I wish I had spent more time while I was in the motel figuring this out... now my wifi is hanging on by fumes... haha... can't believe I still have it ... any minute now... poof!

    1. Carolyn,I don't use an app. I discovered I Could go to the site & use it like I do on the computer, so I do it that way.
      Todays post was done on the computer though.
      I find when I blog via phone, things don't always line up,so I have to keep saving & going back. So ot works best for shorter posts.

  3. Oh I Thiught you said this was a phone post! .. Must have been the one before this ...

    This was a beautiful post and I just can't seem to do that on my iPhone ... so back to the drawing board ;)

    1. Yes,the previous post was a phone post, but not this one. My phone can't take pics like that. I can put font between pix tho.But to do anything fancy, it would take longer & more patience than I care to practice with. ;-)

  4. Love the colors in your pictures. I know getting those great reds of sunrise are just about impossible unless we buy those $1,000. cameras LOL

  5. I don't know if they have a different name in Texas but that's not Virginia creeper. Virginia Creeper is a vine with 5 palmate leaf structure and very small insignificant flowers. Similar to poison ivy only with 5 leaves instead of 3. That flower looks like a penstemon to me. Very pretty.

  6. Great pictures! I keep wanting to take sunrise and sunset photo's and I keep forgetting!


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    P.S. My condolences for Bravo.


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