Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Metro Bus meets freight truck

And I didn't think to take pics...go figure Although it wasn't as exciting as it may have sounded.

Had a doc appointment today.
A few feet on the road to the parking lot, a metro bus and freight truck sideswipped each other. BUT instead of moving metro bus so traffic could pass, they rudely - as in attitude -- made traffic back up and cut through parking lots.

You could bet if I had an accident there, they would make me move out of the way. I believe it's the law here that if a vehicle is moveable, that it has to be moved off to the side.
It did not appear that the bus had any passengers, fortunately.

Anyhow, made it through, did the doc appointment.

Scheduled 5 more sessions of therapy....the accident that will never end...ugh.

Left and went to the Dollar General Store. Got my items, am standing in line, a nervous, freaked out young man is sputtering things. I asked him if there was a problem.

He  said he saw a car chase that ended in the store's parking lot and saw guns being pulled. We did not see the cars he was talking about. He did not want to leave the store. I think perhaps he angered someone and they threatened him, so he ran into the store. The clerk did not seem concerned. I paid, observed and left. Did not notice any kind of action around.

Sure made for an interesting day though!


  1. Sounds like an exciting day, but at least, for a change, it was someone else having the excitement and you were were just observing.

  2. Glad the excitement was on the other foot for once ;-) oh, yes.... your foot, hope that is getting better. Hang in there Cyn! Got to get better eventually. Hope your breakthrough comes soon, cuz we're all praying, hoping, waiting for some good news from your end :)

  3. You just never know what the day is gonna bring, do you? Are you making progress? Ditto what Sunny said.

  4. Another Ditto for Sunny's remarks. We're all praying for you to get this mess over with. You may have been just an observer but that is way too much excitement for me. Especially with the guy acting so strangely.

  5. Another Ditto for Sunny's comment.
    You sure did have an exciting day today. Maybe the guy was high on something.

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  7. Looks like Laira is one of the people who get paid to post links in odd places. Please, everyone, resist the urge to click on the link. Cyn does not need to have increased traffic indicating her blog is a good place to post those.

  8. Thank you everyone for your prayers & well wishes. I truly appreciate all of you! :-)


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