Monday, March 26, 2012

Tired -- is there any cheese for that whine?

Hi everyone, hope all is well.

Yesterday was spent redoing all my moving windows. I'm beat. It was a long day of removing the glazing bead, soaking & cleaning the glazing bead & cleaning window tracks. But it stopped one window from leaking! So I thought I'd do them all & am glad I did. I could not believe how much "stuff" gets embedded around the window frames under that glazing bead & on the track! So although some windows weren't leaking, I did it for all of them as preventative maintenance.

I took pics & vids of the process. I'll try to share that with ya'll tomorrow.

I am beat.

Too tired right now to even get the RV ready to take back in.

Have to do that today!

And I have to move my dogs back into the kennel again. :-( 

I really like having them in here with me, not in a kennel. It's my friend's kennel here on the property. I know I should be grateful to have that convience, but I hate not having them with me in the same space. One of them is nearly 13 years old. It just makes me want to cry. But I need to suck it up & do what I need to for now. I'm just being emotional right now, probably just from exhaustion.

I spoke with Mitch at Felton's this morning, he says he knows what needs to be done with my RV. I told him I wanted him to be there when I drop it off tomorrow. He said he will be & that it will take 2 days to fix.
So today, I begin the process of once again, cleaning out the fridge, taking essential items out of the RV, including important paper work. Just in case. And stripping the bed off again! Who has the energy for all this! I swear, I just want it to be done. No more leaks. No more problems. Please!

I also have a doc appointment tomorrow. I kind of hope they just release me. I'm tired of being held back. Had major foot spasms for hours last night though. But I was on my feet nearly the entire day yesterday too.

Anyhow, sorry to be whiney. I just want to load up & leave. Travel through Texas, visiting friends on the way out & enjoy the bluebonnets before they are gone!

And I really need to mentally detox. Badly!

The other day, I aired up the tires on my bike. Oiled what needed to be oiled, grabbed my point & shoot camera & took a bike ride around the block. The block here is 2 miles. Spotted the wildflowers, unfortunately, no bluebonnets here, but caught the Indian Paint. And fireants!! Yikes! Feet are covered in them. So I'm doing a jig in the middle of the road. Toss my camera bag on the road, rip off my shoes, realize anyone can run over my camera, scoot it over. A lady slows down, she probably can't decide if I'm crazy or need help. So she goes on. I now have a zillion fire ant bites & could not wait to get back to the RV to get my benedryl cream!
So here's a picture of the Indian Paint. The quality isn't as good as it would be had I grabbed the bigger camera. But I love driving the highways spotting the bluebonnets & the indian paint blooms. Need to do that soon!!

I have no idea what kind of bee that is. Anyone know?

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Ouch, sorry about the fire ants. I did that down on the Laguna Madre, walked in an undeveloped area and got a ton of bites. Hopefully everything will get back to normal for you soon, so you can start your journey and relax.

  2. I believe that's a butterfly or a moth, but don't know what kind. :(

  3. Hang in there TexCyn, things have got to get better soon. I hope the trip to the RV place is the beginning of the end to your problems. Oh, and in the future avoid the fire ants.

  4. Goodness woman. I admire you for all the things you do on your RV but you need to learn to pace yourself before you do some permanent damage. No wonder you are exhausted and overwhelmed. You are getting close to getting things pulled together. Your dogs will be okay for a couple of days--mama is just next door. At least you don't have to board them some place else while the RV is gone. I hope you don't have some kind of a reaction to the fire ant bites. If there were a lot of bites, you might need to see a doctor to counteract all that poison. Hang in there.

  5. No wonder you are tired!! Sure hope they finally get that leak fixed once and for all. Sorry to hear about the fire ants - ouch! But the picture of the Indian Paintbrush turned out nice.

  6. I hate ants especially the fire ants, nasty little ......
    That sure is a pretty flower.
    And I hope he gets you all fixed this time and the Dr. releases you. My last app. is on April 16. I told them I wanted to leave on the 15th don't think they cared much what I wanted.

  7. Hi Everyone, thanks for your comments. The fireant bites are now reduced to little pimple looking things. They are nearly impossible to avoid. When I walk my dogs after dark (what is after dark, during dark!), I take a flashlight with me to avoid them.
    Took the RV in today. He agreed that the work isn't good. He apologized & said that's not the quality of work that he wants going out of there. He told his crew to replace the new piece of fiberglass & to fix the other side. And the window of course.
    I miss my bed!! Aggh, I have a hard time sleeping in other people's homes.

  8. Hi TexCyn! Just finally able to check back in. Fire-ants?? Ouch! There is a creature calledthe butterfly moth, however don't know if this is it. My Grandmom always talked bout how she loved the Indian Paint.

    I am getting settled in my new home in PA but also anxious to get out in the RV again. I need to get to an RV place first and have a few things gone over. When do you figure on being up this way? I sure hope things smooth out for you. BTW, My knee has been stiffer since leaving KY. Hopefully its just from being on my feet so much! Take care...


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