Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dumb bell - got boots?

Welcome Bargirl2381   I'd love to share your blog, but one doesn't show up on your name. Glad to have you along!

Hey everyone, hope all are well & ya'll are having a great day!

Once again, I'm leaking!! ARGH!! Maybe I'll just put a tarp over my overhead cab window! grrrrr. So another call needs to be made to the RV place & this time, it has to be fixed right! At least it was another drip & this time, in 2 spots instead of the whole length of the window, but still. I want to be dry! What's the point of having the overhead rebuilt if it's still leaking somewhere :-((  So this happened around 7:30 yesterday morning. It was pouring outside! I knew it was coming & actually got up at 5 & walked my dogs before the rains came. It was thundering & lightning then, so I wanted to get them out asap.
Went back to bed, then the rains came. And came. And came.
I wake up & think, oh, check the window. I turn over & the body pillow I have under it is WET! Again! So I'm thinking, oh forgot to grab my tarps. They are in the van. I don't want to go out in the downpour to get them. Then I think, OH, shower curtain! So I go & grab it. Grab a towel & some bowls. Secure the area...once again. Lets hope this is the LAST TIME! It's supposed to rain more today, so the area is still secured. :::grrrrrumble:::  

So I thought I'd focus on essential items today. Items that are essential for the RV lifestyle & yet keeping things healthy & clean.

So here are the healthy items:

Yes, I carry dumb bells.

They work well.

They are even better for things other than your arms.

They work GREAT for this!!

Heehee, I use area rugs in the RV. I actually have two different vacuums. When I use the shark, I drag out the rugs outside & put the dumb bells on them to hold them down. Then I can do a deep vacuuming with the Shark vacuum. That thing rocks! Or sucks. Sucks well! Might even suck a rock?

Here are my two vacuums:
The Shark really deep cleans. It's the lavender one.
The Hoover NanoVac does a decent job, but isn't as intense as the Shark.
So for weekly or bi-weekly vacuuming, I use it in the RV. It doesn't eat the rugs.
For deeper cleaning, I drag out the rugs & pull out the Shark to really vacuum the carpeting in the rig deeper & use the dumb bell on the rugs to vacuum them outside. My RV doesn't have slides, so it's easier to take the rugs outside to vacuum for the deeper cleaning when using the Shark.

I LOVE the Shark. If I didn't use area rugs, then I'd only be using the Shark. Both vacuums have cleaning tools & the hoses come loose for the use of the tools. That way, I can use the brush assemblies for cleaning the a/c & other things as well. I think when I take my trip, the Hoover will have to stay behind & I'll take the Shark with me. After all, I'm from the Texas gulf coast, why not take a Shark along my travels?

Now for the BOOT! Or boots in this case!

It's been a pretty wet season the past month or so. Too wet. One day, I soaked 3 pair of shoes just walking the dogs. So I took off for WalMart to get a pair of rubber boots. (which still kind of hurt to put on & even moreso to take off due to my wankle). I find the last pair of rubber boots that I can still fit. They are one size bigger than I wear, but I realized that would make it easier to get them off & on. And I can wear thicker socks in them when I need to. So I bought them. Then on my way to another dept in the store, I pass hiking boots on clearance! Woah, STOP! Look! BUY!
I planned on buying a pair once I got up to Pa, but wait! These are on SALE! Clearance! Cheap!

So I bought two pair. They had a waterproof pair & a regular type. The waterproof $10. The other $8.50. WooHoo! I'm buying! So I did! Glad to find that score. So I walked the dogs in the waterproof ones to test them & they work well.

Oh & I bought this rug after I picked Ellie up at the RV place. They took my rugs out. They SHOULD have put my rugs in the hall of the RV, but nooo, they took them out. So they had to find them. They could not find my entry rug though. Which was a nice cute little grass mat. -- then later I discovered they also took out all my drivers & passenger floor mats too. Those are gone. grrrrr

So I bought a new entry rug as I like to use them to catch dirt as I enter the RV. But honestly, although it's really cool. The grass mats work better. So I might use this one as an outdoor mat eventually.

Thanks for stopping by ya'll & have a great day!
**OH, I almost forgot. I learned how to address another type of window leak. I'll share that later as I fixed one window & it works! So I'll do a video & photos to share on another blog. **

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. My impression of this RV repair place is sinking and sinking. I think you are being way too nice. They need to fix your RV and replace the "lost" rugs too.

  2. Hi Longdog2, yes, I'm not happy about the window. I think it needs to be reseated. But the other stuff is a matter of my being able to make the time to leave the RV there a few days. I will be letting them know of the extra gas expense. I blew off the first rug, but that was before I realized that the floor mats were missing too! I really, really don't want to leave it over night. But I'm afraid I will have to. I do NOT want to stay there overnight. It's not a safe area to stay the night at - too many vagrants on that part of town. In an old part of Houston.

  3. I called, Mitch is upset & very apologetic over my situation. I need to find time to reserve to take the RV back to them to leave it. I will do that one day this week. I told him I can't be driving my rig back & forth for this stuff. It has to be fixed right. I do feel he should have inspected it before he let it go off his lot. I would have left it had I been able to at the time, but I could not. He said the window should have been taken out & reseated, just as I thought.

  4. By this time, I'd be very stern with them. Civil, but stern. That's just me, though. :) After they reseat the window, have 'em take a garden hose and spray over the area for a while to see if it leaks! :) Sure hope they get it done right this time; you've been through more than enough!

  5. I would have been absolutely livid awakening to wet! unbelievable! I'm with TYR have them spray with the garden hose --- whatever it takes ... and pay for m'damn rug! and Gas!

    I understand about staying in an area that you feel unsafe but I'd be awfully tempted to stay there until everyone KNOWS Ellie is fixed! man!

  6. Good grief, this is ridiculous. I would be very upset and I agree with TYR - make sure they test it thoroughly before you drive away.

    Great buys on the boots - those are looking good.

  7. Hi Texcyn!! It's been a while since I've visited! Wow, you've been Busy... LOVE those boots and at such a great price as well.
    Hope all those leaks got fixed up and you remain dry! It Has really been raining here lately as well. I can't gripe though, we sure do need it!
    Safe travels!!

  8. The water issue is driving me crazy so I can only imagine how it is effecting you.

    At least buying the boots made you happy and yes the hiking boots was a heck of a buy.
    I hope those guys get that leak fixed so you can get on the road.

  9. Love your blog! You must be my sista from another mutha... Even our RV's are having similar problems. Very strange indeed! We must get together.

    I used to have an original first edition Shark when I lived in the Caribbean. I sold it to move to USA. I miss it something awful! It really cleaned super well. I don't know how you have room for 2 vacs, soooo I will take the Shark off your hands. :)

  10. PS... the ONLY way to get them to fix your RV right, is to simply move in there with your RV and pet family and insist they fix it right. Tell them you can wait all day while they work on it. Don't just leave them with the Rv to ignore for a few days and loot more stuff. Also, they owe you back all the stuff they looted. You might be missing even more stuff. THis is very sloppy on their part. Very ridiculous. They aren't treating you right. I've had my share of nightmares too. I feel for you. Document everything. If all else fails... there is JUDGE JUDY (my hero!)

  11. Dear Sister DMM, I got lucky, I bought my shark at a garage sale for $10. So great deal! I keep them in my van. My poor old van has become a storage unit. I can't even take it in to have repairs done on it now till I get the stuff out of it! But when I leave for Pa, I'll probably ask, beg, threaten my friends to let me leave the van in their driveway. The shark along with my laundry hamper & a basket of cleaning products will live in my tub. It drives me crazy to have to move them to shower, but I have no choice with no storage.

    I won't be staying in the RV during the repairs because it's a REALLY bad part of town. Not safe at all. Even with the razor wire fencing & such, it's still not a place that I'd wish to stay at. Too many homeless people over there. And no safe place to walk my dogs either.

  12. I came across your blog and I LOVE your texas floor mat. Where can I buy one?

    1. Thank you Sally, I bought mine at Home Depot in March 2012. In Texas of course. Hope you can find one, not sure if they still have the same pattern anymore.


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