Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Get Waxed - I'm half free!

Hi Everyone, hope all is well with ya'll.

I'm HALF FREE!! Huh? Only half? Which half? Left or right? Top or bottom? What the heck do you mean? OK, so the podiatrist released me today. So that's one doc down, two more to go! Actually, although I still have pain, the initial nerve pain is now gone due to the Tarsal Tunnel Surgery. The rest will have to heal in time. I have ligament pain, therapy will continue on depending on approval. The next step involves 10 sessions of heavy duty therapy - if it's approved. If not, I'll get on with my life either way. I'm ready to move on. I'm ready to put all this behind me. But I swear, sometimes someone does NEED to stick me in a big dog crate & LOCK THE DOOR!!! Why? Because I tend to over do things. It doesn't matter if I can or can not do things. I'll still try.

So, what did I do this time? Yes, I spent Monday washing the RV & waxing the truck part. You'd think that's enough, right? Well no. Because I tend to keep a supply of RV items. In those items is not only RV wash, but there's RV wax for the fiberglass too. Yep, I got carried away & tried to WAX the entire RV yesterday! I waxed till it got dark...but at that point, I had worn out the applicator. So it quit on the job. I threw it away, leaving myself with no applicator. Oh well. It was dark by now, so the rest would not have turned out very well anyhow. But I got most of it done. Just have to do the very top part of the back where it curves & the bottom section of the passenger side. Then done. And really, it's not that bad because I waxed the RV sometime within the past 6 months.
Am I paying for it? Yep. Ouch. Yep. But mostly in the foot & hand & a little in the right shoulder. But all in all, not bad. The foot is already used to abuse. As is my body because I don't know when to quit!

The wax I use & the pathetic sick, disgusted applicator that was mad at me at this point.
Ohhhhh, shiny! Unfortunately, the ripple on the edge by the drivers door pretty much stays the way it is. So long as all is good underneath though, it's ok. Bugs me, but it's really ok under there.

One good thing about paying attention to your rig & doing the maintenace stuff is that you notice things that need to be done! Such as this clearance light. Well, all the orange clearance lights on the overhead area. None were caulked down after the rebuild! So I ran caulk along all of them to keep moisture out. As we know, moisture is not good & this is one of the area's that it finds it's way inside to search & destroy! I stopped the little demons - hopefully.

I called Felton's RV service & we talked about the issues of the overhead cab area. He asked me to call him back for an appointment to bring Ellie back over to him so we could discuss these issues. He did promise me if there were any problems, to please let him know when he did the work on it. I hope I won't be without her again like I was before. I've moved some of the dogs back inside & am trying to get my things settled & organized back inside as well. Well, most of the stuff is still laying about. Tomorrow thunderstorms & no appointments, so I hope to get those things put away tomorrow! I will feel much better when that's accomplished!
 Oh & last year, I replaced all the rear clearance lights. What an improvement that was, plus they all show the light up so much better at night. I've done upgrades to her as I've gone along. I admit that I get insulted when people drive in the driveway here & ask if I want to sell them my OLD CAMPER! Grrrrrr. They have no idea what I've put into this rig, nor how much I keep it maintained. They think they can just pick her up at the drop of a dime. Ain't gonna happen. She'll be in better shape than some of the newer ones I've toured over this past summer. In fact, she is in better shape than some of them!
Another funny thing was Felton's wanted to check all my systems to see if everything was in working order. I know it all works. I live in it! But I said, sure go ahead. They could only find one thing they wanted to change. They wanted to disconnect my detectors because they run off my battery continually & wanted to put a shut off switch on them. I said no, I want them on all the time. I live in her! Plus if I were to store her, I'd shut off the battery switch & disconnect the cable. It's pretty easy when you are only running off of one battery anyhow.

I was alone tonight. I was hungry, so needed to cook something. Last night, I bought breakfast stuff, so I made breakfast for dinner  - yum! I fried up some OreIda hash brown O'brien potatoes (frozen with veggies in them), then mixed in scrambled egg & cheddar cheese. And of course, had to top a little picante on top! Had that with 3 slices of turkey bacon. I love turkey bacon. It was quite a yummy dinner! And not terribly heavy. I do like cooking & doing things in my little house :-) 

Oh & another thing I need to do tomorrow is get my dogs brushed out. Bravo thinks he looks great this way though! I went out to get him & he had a halo, which was, well, the entire way around his head & wrapped nicely into his ears. When I got it off, he tried to take it back! Silly dog! He said he liked his neat headress! Maybe he's actually a child of the 60's, but those were't posies. They were stickers!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. You definitely do have a tendency to "overdo". These Type A personalities have a touch time slowing down. But the rig looks beautiful. And you won't need to do it again for another six months. And I think it's time for you to make Bravo a flower headband so he can really join the Peace Generation.

    1. Hi Sandie, I had to get this done. I needed to see what else needed to be done & had good weather, so had to take advantage of that! I plan on taking Ellie on the road in April, so am trying to get her road ready now while I can. Thanks on the comments. Yes, I think I should make Bravo a flower headband too. ;-) He was proud of the one he made.

  2. Wow.... I have to take a nap after reading this!!!

    Hope you slept well - Ellie looks beautiful ;)

    1. Question is, did you have a nice nap? ;-)

  3. Talk about shiny! It's amazing how even the good shops forget stuff, hopefully they make good on everything.


  4. WOW Ellie looks good. I need to buy some of that wax. So Mom's Little Runaway looks good for the sale.


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