Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shock-ing news & a picture of me!

Hi, hope all is well with everyone.

So today, I took Ellie to town...or rather she took me. There's no way I can carry a motorhome to town, not even a small one. Nope. No way. No matter how shocking the image might be.
Beautiful entry to Rosenberg, where it states on the sign:
Something like shop in Rosenberg first
Alrighty then. I say buy Rosenberg some flowers & make that welcome a bit more purdy. And more welcoming. I digress.

First we went to Bluebonnet RV repair to get their opinion on a few things. I was hoping I could order new glazing bead for my windows. He came out, we discussed it. He thinks if I remove the old glazing bead (Only on the moving parts of the two leaking windows), soak it in water to give it a good cleaning, the glazing bead that is (can't soak moving parts, because they keep moving I guess). And clean the window channels really well, then they'll probably be ok. Debris works it's way into there & he thinks that's the problem. So I'll give that a try next week. I tore off the white tape I had over the windows to finally let some fresh air breeze through them.
Ahhhh, mucho nicer.

Shocked yet?


Me neither.

Want the shock-ing news yet?

So OK, here it is:

Then we went across the street to Tucker's Tire Shop to discuss getting new Shocks! Yes, that's the Shock-ing news!
So here's Ellie awaiting on her new shocks. She was a little afraid when I told her she was getting a new shock treatment though...but hey, at least she didn't try to run & jump on that tow truck passing behind her!

We show up at Bluebonnet around 11am. Tim, the owner had just left for lunch. I say that's ok, I'll go across the street & talk to Bo at Tuckers for new shocks. Good then. I go across the street, discuss what I need with Tuckers, they say they can work me in at 2. So I agree to come back. I go back across the street (we're well traveled huh?), & sit & wait for Tim to return at Bluebonnet. He returns after an hour's wait. Good thing I have an RV to wait in huh? We discuss things, then I go back across the street to Tuckers. I wait. And wait. And wait. And wait...well, it's around 12:30 now. I think, where can I go? Um. Nowhere. So I wait. Had the door & windows open, cool breezes are flowing through, so at least the dogs were comfy. I should have taken my laptop out, but nooo, why should I make myself comfortable! I'll read mail on my phone. But I can't read blogger on my phone. So oh well. They finally come around at 2:25 for me to pull Ellie into a bay. They start to take tires off, they order the shocks, they come in within 15 mins. I thought that was pretty cool. So I'm thinking, OK, I'll be out of here in about an hour...or...2. Or.....2.5   So yes, it was a looooong day.

Then I spy a tire. Woah, now that's a REAL tire! Oh yes, a tire all other RV's would envy!! I want one. No,  one won't do. I need 6! Because who ever heard of a motorhome rolling on one tire?? Then reality smacks me back to my senses. So no new tires. I got new tires on Dec 2010. Besides, I'm paying for new shocks. Not tires. So ok, I'm back, I think I kinda left here for a min too ;-)

But wow, whatta tire!
Now just imagine Ellie in those shoes!

And well, while I'm waiting, waiting, waiting...this again is before they took me in. I spyed myself! Oh what fun!! Oh, it's really fun! Oh wow!

So, I take out my phone to shoot a picture.


Card full.

So I delete pictures so I can take a pic of myownself.









Now aren't I just what you imagined me to be??!! :-*

Oh & the drive home was much, much more pleasant!! A much smooooother ride, so it was worth the cost & time! Actually, the cost was really good. I could not believe that they only charged me a $60 installation fee! Wow! If you are ever near Rosenberg, Texas & need new tires or tire related items/service. Check them out. They also service all the city trucks & such. Including the fire trucks. Down to earth type of folks. They were also the ones that put on my new tires in 12/10 & the tire extensions last spring. Best thing I ever had put on my RV. It's so nice to fill my own tires when needed!  

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~
(& avoid crazy people)


  1. Boy you were on a roll today, keep working on delivery and you'll soon be ready to take your act on the road.

    1. Ack, Feather brought me back to reality John! She just went through the screen door, so now I have to replace the screen fabric. Grrrrr She did that coming back inside of the RV. Just one more thing for the list huh? By the time I'm done, I'll just open my own RV repair shop!

  2. Only $60 for the installation is a fabulous price. And I hope the glazing bead cure works for you. Hope Feather didn't get hurt on her journey through the screen door.


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