Saturday, March 10, 2012

Drowning in drips - waaaahhhh

Hi everyone, yes, it's me again. Boohooing again! This has got to STOP! Maybe that's it. Maybe I need to paint a stop sign on the overhead cab?'s a thought!
I hope all is well with everyone here.

So yesterday, the rains came. And came. And came. And I thought I'd take a look at my overhead bed area. Uh oh. Not good! Oh Blast it anyhow! (actually, I said much stronger words)

Oh No! Water is dripping on my bed! Yep, from the upper part of the overhead cab front window. Waaaahhhh!! So I jump to work. Again. Dammit.
Half soaked body pillow.

Containers collecting the drips...drips...drips...

Fortunately, the body pillow took the brunt of the leak before I discovered it. All things could have been way worse! Not that any of this is good. I'm so upset! Another night spent on the RV couch. This time I did not even inflate the air bed. Ironically, earlier that day, I wondered if I should take the airbed out of the RV or just keep it in here. After all, did I really need it anymore? Well, yes. I guess I do.

Body pillow went to the dryer. It's lucky for me that I'm where I have access to a washer & dryer.
All bedding was stripped off the bed (boohoo, again, boohoo). Folded & placed on my drivers & passenger seats. Cept the wet sheets, those went into the washer. Fortunately again, the pillow saved the comforter & the rest of the bedding from getting soaked too. (oh great, the news is on now & they say more storms on the way - NOT music to my ears!)
It was pouring down rain, I rolled up the memory foam pad (folded it actually) & moved it out of the way. Whew, it didn't get wet. Plus I keep a plastic zip bag over it since I tried to drown it once by forgetting to close my vent over it. oops. So after that, I bought a plastic cover for it. Much safer for it that way. I might forget to close the vent again someday. I like to open the vent at night & look up at the stars. Otherwise, I'd put a vent cover thing on it, but that would block any views, so I don't have one for that reason.

So I grabbed any plastic garbage bag I could find in the RV & put them to use. Then used plastic food containers to grab the drips that were coming off of the window's upper ledge. What a mess! I don't need this. I thought things were good & they told me they tested it. It didn't show any signs of leaks when I washed it, but then, I don't use a whole lot of water when I wash the rig either. No power washer hits my rig! Ever. (I think you might understand why huh?) I use a long pole auto brush to wash Ellie with, even behind her ears. Yes, they have ears. What do you think those things are on the sides of your motorhomes? Side mirrors? Nah, they are ears silly!
So anyhow, as time progresses & I get a break in the rains, I grab the tarps out of my van & put them to use. Today, had a nice long break in the rain & took the memory foam pad into the house & propped it up in one of the spare bedrooms of my friend's house. Then got to prep that area better. Monday morning, it's a call to the RV place. Bummer, and another night on the sofa.
Here's a couple of vids I did of the water leaks. One is a short video just to show what was happening. The other is a detailed documentation of the leak. I wanted to keep a very detailed documentation of it for future use if needed.

I was going to share what I had for dinner tonight, but I'll save that for a later post. This blog is getting long enough. But it was comfort food & yummy!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. How awful for you. I hope the place you had it rebuilt will step up and fix the problems! I guess it wasn't a good bargain after all.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about more leaks. At least you caught it quickly before more permanent damage. I'd get back to the RV repair place right away on Monday so they can get it fixed.

  3. I know what you are going through. In the 80's I had a Southwind that should have been called a pita. It leaked so bad and I did so much to stop it, I finally sold it to Old Mexico. Do you still have you tarps?

  4. I couldn't believe it when I read your header. All I could think was NO, No, No!!! I am so sorry you are still going through this.

  5. So sorry this happened to you...again!!! I know it's not funny, but I can't stop myself from thinking you've got a water bed in your class C...that's pretty unique! Like I said, I know it's not funny, especially for you now that you have to go through that whole thing all over again. It's no fun, and you certainly don't deserve that. Hope the rain stops soon!

  6. TexCyn I'm amazed that you are keeping your sense of humor about all this, I hope it's resolved soon.

  7. So sorry you are still having problems with this. Leaks are no fun at all.

  8. Thank you everyone for your concerns & comments. It does suck, but at least this time, it's only the window leaking & not anything else! I have no idea how those windows are constructed, I think I need to do some googling to learn more. I caught it before it did any damages, thank goodness!! When I pulled the bolster back, nothing at all got wet under there, so that pillow saved it all. I can't figure this leak out. They reset the window & you can clearly see that the rubber butyl tape is there. Unless there's one spot that is open somewhere? I'll take it back on Monday & stay with it while they fix it. I don't want to move everything out again yet. Then I'll take it back later for the fiberglass reset. I want to leave here at the end of March - time is ticking on!
    Russ, aren't water beds bad for 2nd stories?? Hmmmm, must tell Ellie that. She must stop. Besides, I'd prefer a sleep number bed!

    And speaking of time ticking on, will tomorrow morn make it one hour closer to when I can take the RV back in? EEks, does it also rob us one hour of our lives??

  9. What a bummer! Somewhere the seal is not right on the window if that is where it is coming in...I think it would just be easier to move to Arizona! where we haven't had rain for months...good luck..let us know what happens

  10. ACK! ACK, ACK, ACK! Get to the desert!!! Except, get the window fixed, 'cuz they do have monsoons out here.


    The Good Luck Duck

  11. Yep Judy, again. But at least this time, it's just the top of that window & NOT the entire over head area leaking!! Sheryl & Roxanne, yes, if I came to the desert, ya'll would boot me back out of thar. The Monsoons would be guaranteed to follow me there!! It's the first thing I thought of when I read Sheryl's comment ;-)

    OK, rains let up. I'm going to try a test. going to tape over the top of that window with white duct tape to see if that makes any difference. I'm pretty sure it's leaking from the top of the window. hmmm, maybe not. Might not be safe when it's still thundering??

  12. Good Grief, what a mess. I am so sorry your are having to deal with this yet again even if it is only the window. I sure hope the get this figured out and fixed.

  13. Crap!! You sure are having a time. I feel for you. Hope you get it fixed soon. Seems like all the people I know that have RV's are having trouble with them, so, you are not alone! Take heart.

  14. Sure hope you got that leak fixed today. so sorry this is happening to you again.

  15. Complete bummer... somehow I missed this post! I don't understand my blog updater thing..

    anyway... jeeeez ... I'm sorry to read this and I agree I don't know how you maintain any sense of humor... ain't funny

    but then if you didn't have your sense of humor - you'd probably be on LOTS of medication...


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