Friday, December 16, 2011

Uncommand the Command & my RV kitchen got cuter

Hello everyone, hope all is well with everyone today!
Wow, I now have 30 followers! Probably doesn't sound like much to some of you, but to me, it's fun & cool :-)
So welcome to the newest blog friends - Michael Ultra  Michael is working towards becoming a full time RVer. He is also very much into music - check out his site for cool music vids! Good luck the the RV dream Michael, always follow those dreams..
Welcome to Suzanne who has two sites, for her Greyhound dogs & the other for her photography.
 Suzanne has greyhounds, so she's a dog person like I am. Greys are so cool. Such sweet hearts & gentle spirits. But they are also sighthounds, which means they hunt by sight & can get themselves in trouble from time to time! Check out the fun photos on her dog site & the cool photos on her photography site too.
Welcome to Duck Bob. I don't see a blog for you, so if you have one, I'll be happy to share it. Thanks for following along - glad to have you around!
And welcome to Russ Krecklow! Russ is the other half of Russ & Donna, they travel in a ClassC Lazy Daze motorhome & I love following their blog! They named their RV Therapy because she is great therapy for them!

I have a lot to share today. First off, I'll share the red moon pic that I took on Tuesday night. I have better ones from last year, but I'd have to hunt for them, so I'll share the recent one instead. Red Moons are so cool looking! The two stripes running over it are the power lines, which I could not see in the camera at night.

OK, now remember my post on These eyes are watching you on the neighbors big ClassA RV that has eyes painted on it? I also showed you the beginning of their HUGE RV garage, it's nearly finished now & they've had the RV parked over there inside of it. No more storage fees for them as far as keeping it in storage anymore. They will eventually build a home on their lot too, but they wanted to get the garage up first for the RV & probably other items as well. Click on the photos for larger images. Actually, if you click on them, you well see eyes on the rear of the RV as well! 8-}

OK, now for the point of today's blog...command strips. :-((((   They can & DO damages! I've had wallpaper tear because of them, not only did the wallpaper tear, but part of the soft wood that the wall paper is adheared to tore as well. I had to resolve that problem with a plaque to hang my welcome sign off of that I shared in a post in October. So here is what they can also do to the faux wood surface to your RV. Bummer. Now I'll have to find a way to fix it. When I do, I'll share that. I'm thinking of getting the markers that are designed for furniture nicks to cover the spots with. Suggestions are welcomed though! Really, they are! Truly. Ugh! I don't like marks & scuffs & stuch. Such even...
Yep, those two little square marks are what the command strips tore off. The upper one, I thought it happened just because that hook had been up there for a few years. But nope! The bottom one I had just put up, but didn't like where my bag holder was laying, so removed it to relocate. Bad idea, the new one did the same damages as the old one. So I figured I'd just nail a picture hanger hook up instead as I'll just leave that hook for anyone else if I ever sell the RV in the future. A small hole is easier to patch up too...The wood isn't real, it's like a picture of wood on some kind of particleboard, so the command strips simply strip off a layer. Bummer. But I'll move on now to more fun stuffers!

Thanks to Donna K,  & JoJo, they told me about wall puddy! I found some & of all places, found it at the 99cent store! So it was only a dollar...hmmm, cheated out of that penny again! Actually, I bought $18.00 worth of stuff, so I was cheated out of 18 pennies! ha! But it's the cheapest gig around.  
OK, ready? Set? Go! Look at the adorable wall plaques! I had not even been thinking about doing anything else to my kitchen as I already liked it, but saw those cute plaques & instantly knew where they belonged - on my kitchen walls. Not on a store shelf! So I went back & sucked them up. Even spent an extra 45 mins digging & digging for the maroon coffee one. I don't even drink coffee, but still thought they were cute. So my kitchen got even cuter!

Handi tak, reusable wall puddy. And only dollar. I tacked up all the plaques with this stuff. I think it'll work fine with no holes in the walls!

The coffee & biscuit plaques. Too cute huh? Click on photos for larger images.

The cupcake plaques. Love them! So darn cute!

Marsala wine deco plaque on wall beside fridge & stove. I think maybe putting the puddy on that wall may have been a mistake. I think maybe it too will pull off the finish? Not sure, but the plaque will stay there anyhow.

A tortilla warmer & a bag holder. I had the bag holder hanging off a kitchen cupboard handle, but I like it better on the wall. It's out of the way now. I put it on the hook in the previous photo above of the picture hook. They are part of my pepper theme.

The right side of my shelf in my kitchen. I already had those items up there, but cleaned them up the other day, then realized how it kind of looks like old country decorations, so when I saw the plaques, that's when I thought they'd tie in nicely with the rest of the kitchen atmosphere. I like the look! Some people would probably think too much clutter, but I like objects & decorating. So to me, it's a look I love. And some of the items were gifts from friends of when I bought the RV, they gave me gifts. The Don't mess with Texas cups, teas, playing cards & a cheeseboard are such gifts. Friends are cool!

The left side of the shelf.

And below, a complete photo of my cute rear kitchen!

Those aren't marks on the above cabinet doors, it's just light bouncing off  of them.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I'm going to go fix myself a nice cup of tea now. It's a little chilly today. So weird. Yesterday, it got to 81. Today, it's not supposed to go above 55. But I love sweats, so am comfy today in my sweats & lined moccasins :-)  And I'm staying off the foot today as it's pretty sore from doing too much lately.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I should hire you as an interior decorator. Nice job.

  2. Thank you for your kind welcome. Your kitchen looks great!

  3. Your kitchen looks absolutely great--not cluttered--like a real home. I was orginally told this stuff was called earthquake putty. I got some strange looks when I was looking for it in San Antonio. It also works great for keeping things in place on your counters when moving.

  4. Thanks longdog2! I love the Doxie sleigh on your blog. I can't comment on your blog or I would. It's adorable, I'd want it on my house too if I were you! :-)

  5. I haven't added much of anything to the Alfa yet. Several cotton throw rugs in the bathroom, b the kitchen sink, up front between the driver's and passenger's seat, and two longer ones on the ugly carpet of the slide.

    I'v put up a few hooks and hangers, and some storage bins in the closet, but that's about it. I think things will come along as we travel. For now I like the simplicity of the space.

  6. Great shots of your kitchen. Don't you just love that wall putty? Thanks for the shout out. the link you posted is no longer valid...don't know why it still shows on my profile, I'll check it out. Had to change my name early on as someone had a copyright on it. Anyway, here is the correct link. Thanks ...

  7. Hi Merikay, yes, sometimes simple is better & easier. less to clean too! Mine was pretty simple till I moved into it. Sometimes I just have to make it more like a little house.

    Donna, I'll fix that. Thanks. I kind of thought I had the url wrong as I was working from memory. Oops!

  8. Love your kitchen! So cozy and homey. What a wonderful place! Thanks for posting these pics, and for the heads up on the putty to use and not to use!

  9. I like your coffee pics, I have coffee stuff in all 3 of my kitchens.
    Decorations makes a house a home even the ones on wheels. Your kitchen has that feel. Nice job.

  10. The decorations look great!

    Thanks for mentioning us. The blog is We've enjoyed reading about your adventures.

  11. Oh and I am so sorry about the glue thing. I took one off but I did it real slow. Maybe I just got lucky but I have more on still.

  12. I love the fact that you've taken the time to make your RV your own. We've really had fun turning ours into Jim's fishing cabin. And think about waiting til after Christmas to buy the tree for the RV this year. Probably would be cheaper. And welcome to my blog. How about a picture of Feather for those of us who just signed on.

  13. Duck Bob, I'll be sure to add that url on my next blog! Thanks, so cute, duckies!
    Jim & Sandie, thanks for joining up with me - I'll add a photo of Feather for you on my next blog as well. Cute little hounds you have there :-)

  14. Those bell peppers are tempting! This makeover sure made your RV kitchen cooler. I wish I can have an RV as beautiful as yours.

    1. Thank you Hale, this RV has been a big maintenance issue lately. But I keep trying.

  15. That is the cutest RV kitchen I’ve ever seen! I love the way you decorated such a small space. Joe is right, you should be hired as an interior designer of RVs. You have a great taste when it comes to design, and you’re very creative and resourceful when it comes to where to put kitchen stuff. I can’t wait to see how you decorate the whole RV.

  16. You really did a fantastic job on decorating the interior of your RV! Your rear kitchen is indeed beautiful. I guess when my husband sees this, he will definitely say that yours is better than what we have. Haha!

    Rosalinda Rudloff


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