Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not a good kind of water :-( & other things

Welcome to new blogger friends! I welcomed Duck Bob the other day & he does indeed have a blog:   His blog has cute little rubber Duckies that get spotted all over the place - you can even upload pics of your own little rubber duckies. Check out his blog, it's really cute! Thanks for bringing the url to my attention. Quack on!

Welcome to T (Just call me T). It appears that he is in the works of creating his blog, so I hope he'll share the url when he's ready. T is a transplanted Okie, now residing in Wa state. He sold his ClassA RV & is currently looking for a ClassC. He hopes to launch a fulltiming lifestyle around May/June of 2012 - Good luck T. Let us know when you get that blog up & running!

Welcome to bsg. I don't see a blog url for you, so if you have one, please share it & I'll be happy to log it here. Glad to have you along!

Welcome to Jim & Sandy of Where Are The Dixons Today! I'm sure many of you already know them & I'm happy to have them along!   they also have two adorable little Doxies that get to travel along with them.

As promised, the two things I was to do today was share a photo of Feather & add DuckBob's url here, so the url is done, now for a photo of Feather for Jim & Sandy.

"Feather"  SCOA National SBIS Ch ReignBeaus Feather In Her Cap, JC
To Jim & Sandie, I show & breed Saluki dogs. I don't breed often though, & only when I want to keep my line going & want a new puppy to show. First & foremost, they are my buds, my companions & my life. For me, they are never just dogs. Each one has their own unique character, which I love about them!

OK, now for the not so pleasant stuff. Remember a few weeks back, I blogged about the damages to the passenger cabover side to my RV? Well, we got rain. Lots of rain. And the rain found it's way in! If I had not planned on washing my bedding, it may have gone un noticed even longer than it did! I've not been sleeping in my overhead bed partly due to my surgery & mostly due to the damages. It just kind of freaks me out right now. I tried to sleep up there two nights, but wasn't comfortable with it. So I told myself I was being silly, that I should sleep up there. So I decided to freshen up the bedding. Stripped off the comforter, started to take the sheets off & noticed something WET! Oh, not only wet, but SOAKING WET!! Crap. I'll spare you the details of the insurance company right now, but we're pending. Now this comes up in the meantime. I sure hope they'll come through & cover this. Camping World says yes, this is due to road debris hitting me while I was driving on my way home. Now I have to wait till Tuesday to get hold of anyone about the rain damages. The entire deck is soaked where the bed area is. Unfortunately, when I took off the soaked & holding water (!) cushions, the decking had been soaking up water for awhile & now is totally ruined. I don't even have the heart to edit the photos for sharing right now. So I'll only share the ones of the cushions while they were still covered with a sheet. The sheet tells the story of how wet that deck got. I discovered this yesterday & there is still water draining out onto a towel this evening from that area. This is not good! This is my house. I am really bummed. I lost my real house to Hurricane Ike & I don't want to lose my little house now too. I have to have faith that things WILL GET BETTER SOON!!! Enough is enough!

Side of cushion bedding soaked. When I lifted this to take it out, water POURED out of it!!! I had to quickly grab it & toss it out my door, Oh but wait, not so easy. It got stuck, pouring water out everywhere!

You can see along the wall, how wet the edges are.

Definitely not a good thing. I got the cushions outside, stripped the covers off & put the padding inside to dry out. Fortunately, my friend has a studio & allowed me to put the cushions in there to dry out. Sun would be good, but it's decided to go into hiding for now..

So on another note, this is what I saw the other day in town. There were two of these big Lincoln Continentals. The other was white, but this one was more interesting of the two. Too bad all I had was my cell phone to shoot with. I could have gotten detailed shots with my real camera, but I don't tag it along everywhere as it's a big camera.

Subject change again - more on my recovery. I finally started physical therapy this week & I'm excited about it. Why? Because it means that I am FINALLY MOVING FORWARD! YAY!
So I took pics of the office building where my docs office resides. I like the reflections that are in the windows. Apparently when you are inside, you see the parking lot. When outside, you can see it twice! The real parking lot & the window images of the parking lot!

I like the angle of this last shot. These were shot from my cell phone, so really, not too bad.

And across the parking lot is the Channel 2 News Station. Again, taken by cell phone...but shhhh, don't tell them. These are shots of her, ahem... "southern side"..

Above these two cars, you can see the "Chopper Pad". One day while there, they were taking off, but I could not get the phone's video camera working in time to catch it.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I am sooo sorry about the water issue and totally empathize! Our previous rig had (among other things) roof leaks and then the toilet overflowed (clean water only thank goodness) one night, resulting in our getting up in the wee hours to bail water and dry the bedroom carpet. Water is a scary thing in an RV. Hang in there and hope all goes smoothly and quickly with the insurance company!

  2. Ugh. That water is not a nice Christmas present for sure. :(

  3. Water--how awful for you. I'm sure you have a fan going up there now too. It's good you had a place to put the wet cushions because this damp weather doesn't seem to want to go away. It's raining here right now. I sure hope your insurance company comes through for you but even so, having to deal with the mess when you live in the RV full time is very difficult. Has the outside damage already been fixed or are you still waiting on that too? So glad you have good friends there to support you during this time.

  4. So sorry to learn of your extensive damage... truely hoping the insurance company takes care of it for you, and SOON!

    I am surprised you have not had therapy previous to now. Mine is going well but I am having stomach issues with the pain meds they have me on. I am sure it will all even out eventually. Take care friend and have a blessed Christmas!

  5. Thanks everyone. Sunny, try prevacid. You can get that OTC & it really helps!
    My best wishes to ya'll for a good Christmas!


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